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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari learns it was Vibhuti behind the smell

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori talking to Vibhu saying whole colony will disrespect us, what will I do for this smell. Vibhu says me and Tiwari was drinking and he was trying to say something and his mouth was smelling same as your room, beleive me try smelling his mouth. Angoori says Tiwari is veg its not possible he smell like flowers, Angoori smells and faint.

Tiwari and Anu doing morning workout. Tiwari was telling his story how he saved himself from fight. Anu says to herself how bad Tiwari’s mouth is stinking, how should I tell him. Tiwari says are you listening and start telling his story and come near to Anu. Anu shouts and says talk from distance, I smell something bad. Tiwari says I cannot smell, let me find what is smelling, Tiwari finds a person sleeping on bench and wakes him up. Anu run away and man says to Tiwari you smell like dead mice and shouting on me run away. Tiwari run for Anu.

Angoori sitting in hall someone knowing on door Angoori open and see Ammaji. Ammaji asks how’s everything going on between you and Tiwari. Angoori says it was all right but I feel bad. Ammaji says tell me everything. Tiwari come and start singing and dancing. Angoori says what are you doing. Ammaji says what is smelling so bad.

Vibhu brings coffee for Anu and says to her how’s this climate its so hot and not even raining. Anu says it happens and reading newspaper. Tippu and Malkhan come to main door and ask we are come in sir. Vibhu says no get lost. Anu says what are you saying they are our guest let them in. Tillu and Malkhan come and says we came here to do survey of toothpastes, we need to know how should be the taste of toothpaste. Vibhu says I like flavour more then taste flavour should be good. Tillu says suggest us what should be flavour. Malkhan says what kind of flavour you like mango, guava, grapes whatever your choice. Vibhu says keep mango as your flavour because world wide women like mango flavour. Anu says I’m women and I don’t like mango flavour. Vibhu says I’m talking about world wide women and they like mango. Anu says why do you care about women world wide I’m your wife you should think about me, Vibhu and Anu start arguing and fighting. Malkhan says to Tillu they are on different track tell me what flavor should i write. Tillu says write banana. Malkhan says come lets go. Vibhu and Anu start laughing. Vibhu says you are good actress and by the way I hate mango. Anu says I love mango.

Ammaji with stick looking for mice. Angoori come and asks what are you looking for. Ammaji says I’m looking for dead mice the time I enter the House its stinking. Angoori says this smell is coming from Tiwari. Ammaji says what are you saying what he eat that he is smelling so bad. Tiwari come and asks what’s going on. Ammaji and Angoori run away and says am I ghost you are scared of me. Tillu and Malkhan come. Tillu says to Malkhan its smelling. Malkhan says to Tiwari our survey is not completed till yet so let us complete our survey. Tillu says give answer to our question. Malkhan asks do you use toothpaste. Tiwari says yes if I get toothpaste I use it or else I got for ash. Malkhan says to Tiwari did you had dead mice and asks Tillu to run away. Tiwari smells his breath and says it’s coming from me.

Vibhu goes to Gupta in his clinic. Vibhu asks why did you called me so urgently. Gupta says give me my 4000rs. Vibhu says what money. Gupta says that day you took medicine. Vibhu says I’ll give you money for that medicine dont worry, first get some tea. Gupta says shop is closed. Vibhu says ok then give me money for tea, Vibhu laughs and says don’t worry I’ll give you money and leaves. Gupta says how could a person be so mean and says what is stinking so bad. Tiwari come and says my mouth is smelling and tell me why is that smelling so bad. Gupta says open your mouth and asks him to shut and mocks him. Tiwari says stop talking nonsense and tell me why is my mouth smelling so much. Gupta says how would I know. Tiwari tells him a story. Gupta says okay if you want to know I’ll give you information but for that I’ll charge 6000rs. Tiwari gets shocked and asks 6000 for what. Gupta says I’ll tell you name who did this. Tiwari says tell me who did this. Gupta says who is the most cunning person in our colony. Tiwari says its Vibhu Narayan Mishra. Gupta says you have your answer. Tiwari says I knew that already now give me those medicine which you gave to Vibhu.

Anu visit temple and says to God I know I come less to meet you but today I’m disturbed, I don’t know why Vibhu ignore me so much. Vibhu listing everything says to himself baby I’m sorry whenever I try to come towards you some kind of energy take me to Bhabhiji. Anu says whats wrong in me am I not beautiful then why Vibhu doesn’t loves me. Vibhu says I’m love you a lot baby and come forward saying I heard you . Anu says Vibhu you here. Vibhu says I heard your pain and from now on 24×7 I’ll love you. Tiwari disguised as baba come to them. Vibhu asks him who are you. Tiwari says god has send me after seeing your love. Vibhu goes to baba and says we did not ask god for this much big gift. Tiwari says hear me carefully god has send me to give you this prashad so that you can do romance with your wife. Anu says don’t think just eat it. Vibhu says after eating this prashad I’ll love my wife but will it reduces my live for other side person too. Tiwari asks who. Vibhu says like mommy daddy and many more. Tiwari says to Vibhu who is the person you talking about.

Prem sitting near tea stall talking on phone saying don’t worry I have hired some experts for survey, my experts are here will call you later. Prem says I was talking to my partner on phone so he was asking did survey is done. Malkhan says to Prem so what did you said. Prem says I told him I have hired experts for this job and tell me is survey done. Tillu says here are the details of all the house. Malkhan says but only one house is left. Tillu says its of Tiwari. Prem asks why did you not do survey of his house is he your relative. Malkhan says Tiwari is very bad person he doesn’t talk nicely. Prem says I don’t know I want report of his house. Tillu says you want report but we want some advance first. Malkhan says we go out hungry from our house and return back in evening and we didn’t do lunch today. Prem says I’ll not pay a single penny. Tillu says what are you talking we are doing hardwork and you are saying that you will not pay us. Prem says when did I said I’ll not pay you give me survey and take money. Tillu says why does that one house matter to you. Prem says my toothpaste price is 200 for 20 days and tells them the figure and says who will pay my loss. Tillu says to Malkhan I think so we will spend money from our pocket we will jot get anything from him. Malkhan says no need to worry we got nothing in our pocket. Prem start shouting on them. Tillu says how should we tell you Tiwari is out of our hands. Malkhan says why don’t you handle Tiwari. Prem says I’ll do survey of Tiwari
Anu shouting on Vibhu says what you had. Vibhu remember and says I didn’t had it was done on purpose.

Angoori says to Vibhu you gave Tiwari that medicine. Vibhu says I’m this way since childhood. Angoori says this means you’re a spoilt brat

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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