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Bewajah (The paths forcefully crossed) Episode 1

Scene shows Riddhima and Vansh in a car.
As he was driving, Riddhima with some small glances looked at her husband,newly wed couple ,who were just tied in the string of arranged marriage 3 days back,
She smiled a bit as how he was trying to handle everything ,inside him and outside him too.
The words he spoke last night,
Flashback showed,
Riddhima, in golden saree ,sitting on the corner of bed.
She was lost somewhere,her gaze affixed to her hands which showed that she was just married.
And indeed it was.
It was second day of her marriage,
Only last night when she had joined that room to her life.
She then got up,and the pin drop silence ,being pierced by her bangles voice,was now broken,by the sound of gate opening.
Vansh entered the room.
She stood there,in front of him,
And was looking at him,as if wanting to ask something.
He didnt look back at her.
Loosening his tie,
Riddhima suddenly felt a jerk by his voice,
He was not that loud,but the silence made his voice being echoed.
Vansh: You can change…if you want. No need for these…formalities.
Riddhima was dressed up as new bride,because on the first night of there marriage ,he didnt come to room.
And hence,when she was made ready,by her mom in law today,
Even after she was seeing Vansh clearly for the first time,he didnt pay any attention to her,clearly showing that he has no interest in this newly formed relation.

As it was their arranged marriage,
And during the wedding functions,
Shy girl like Riddhima ,couldn’t dare to glance at him clearly.
And he,already betrayed by his love,married for the sake of his mom only,had no interest to glance at her.

She slowly turned and started opening the lock of her earrings,
When he turned to her,and she could see him in mirror,just lowered her eyes,and was panicked a bit because of his cold stare.
Vansh:I think that ,you still remember the thing i told you?
Riddhima was stopped as she was not in the state of murmuring any voice due to her unknown fear from a stanger who was made her husband by her parents for the sake of their reputation in society as her younger sister had eloped with someone.
She took deep breath and nodded, closing her eyes.
Vansh nodded and left the room.
He had told her before marriage,that he

is just marrying for as per the pressure build up on him by his mother,and is still just in the love of her ex girlfriend who had betrayed him.
Flashback ended,Riddhima got out of her thoughts with a jerk,as Vansh stopped the car.
Peeping out through the window,
It was a huge mansion decorated,
It was the marriage of Vansh’s cousin brother.
Family had decided to make them marry on the same day,but unfortunately it couldnt be as per their plans.
There was one more thing which differentiated,
His cousin was marrying with his love.
He had been forced in a marriage with unknown girl,whose hand ,he now had to held,as his mom’s eyes clearly signed.
And to the …
To be continued.

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