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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 39 # troubled

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

I was free yesterday so wrote long chappy than usual.. but i found this epi boring 😩

Let’s start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

“I am not gonna do this angre ..have u both lost your mind in some fare..” i said again  yelling at him..

“Its god’s order and u have to do this ” he said keeping the heap of Files on bed with thuddd…

He left leaving me behind yelling and shouting like a mad woman..

This N number of files😭 i have to check this in one hour only..

I know u are doing this deliberately Mr.Zulmi raisinghania..

But if u are ziddi than i am ziddi pro max ultra..

Picking a file with a crying face I started checking the files..

U will taste your own medicine Vansh…i flipped my hairs and started reading again..

Pov ends

Scene 2

At study

Vansh’s pov

Now she will come and say herself that she won’t do this job..

I don’t understand in what language i should make u understand riddhima you will get nothing but only pain in this battle..

“She will get that in both the cases ..then what’s the need to keep her away from u ” Angre said passing me a file…

“Don’t u think u talk too much nowdays ” i said almost glaring at him

“Because u talk too less nowdays ” he said leaving closing the door behind..

Come riddhima come i know u must be exhausted till now i said tapping my fingers on table .

And here she comes.. holding that same heap of file in her hands

My jaw dropped seeing her smiling ..why on the earth she is smiling..

Wasn’t she supposed to come here crawling ..tired and exhausted..

” Here are your files vansh” she said keeping the files before me..that too smiling 🙄

“ did all in one hour ” i said looking at her shocked

” Ghost came and did this ” she said passing me a tight smile..

” Do that files also ” i said ignoring her bullshit pointing towards more 30 files in a corner..

“Ok vanshu” she said leaving taking the files with her..

Shit shit shit!!! She is not getting affected by this..

I have to do something else..

Think vansh think…but seems like my brain left for a vacation and stuck in a lockdown..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

His face was worth watching..your plan got fail vansh..

No matter whatever u will do..i am not gonna giving up this time..

If u want to hurt me either by physically or emotionally ..i am ready..

Knock knock !! D’Souza came bowing down her head

” God has ordered u to accompany him in all the meetings

Plz join him in 10 minutes ” she said leaving without waiting for my response

Vansh….i shouted in anger stomping my foot on ground..

Uttering some colorful words for him i got ready and ran towards the hall..

Pov ends

Scene 3

At conference hall

Riddhima’s pov

” Ridhhima riddhima” he said almost yelling at me..

” Present.. present sir “, i said waking up with sudden jerk from my sleep..

Then I realised i slept between the meeting..

He glared me again and i started penning down my work again..

” What do u see in this presentation ” A client asked looking at me..

“Pizza” i said licking my lips imagining the delicious pizza..

” Riddhima” vansh yelled like a hungry lion..

I bowed down my head hitting my forehead with my palm..

I swear if I won’t get food in few seconds i will eat this files ..i am hell hungry now .

Pov ends..

Vansh’s pov

” What was that behaviour riddhima ” i said driving back to our mansion

Its almost 10 pm and we are heading back after completing almost 10 meetings back to back..

” Pizza…burger.. noodles”, she murmured in her sleep

I crancked my neck and saw the most beautiful face ever..

Sleeping like a baby licking her lips..a few hair strands distrubed my view and i tucked them behind smiling at her..

“Wake up riddhima” i said stopping the car in front of a restaurant..

“No u will engage me in a meeting again ” she said turning her face..

” We are here for dinner riddhima ” i said rolling my eyes..

“Khanaaaaaa”, she said almost jumping at her place ..

Very next moment i found her on road jumping in excitement as if she will gonna eat after years…

I had food may be 2 or 3 days ago.. her words echoed in my ears ..she said this on our first meet..i can feel that same pang again in my heart..

I wanna exhaust her but not at the cost of her health..

“Vanshu i want to eat road side food ” she said pouting nodding her head in to and fro motion..

” That’s unhealthy ” i said dragging her few steps towards restaurant

” Then go and eat alone i am not coming” she said sitting on middle of the road crying like a baby..

I mentally chuckled at her kiddo sweetheart..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Fine ” he said huffing in annoyence

As soon as he stopped the car in front of a stall..i jumped from car shouting  ” khana khana” in excitement..

Without waiting for him i ran to stall wale bhaiya ordering almost every dish from his stall

“Pani puri , momos ,wada pav, chote tikiya, veg roll i chanted like a prayer dancing around him

He was hiding his emotions but deep down i know he is enjoying my antics..

“Riddhima calm down ” he said pulling me by my waist..

I crashed with his hard torso and clutched his shirt looking directly into his orbs

“Ahem ahem” the stall wale bhaiya said breaking our eye lock..

We jerked each other in embarrassment..
“Vansh eat na …” I said stuffing another pani puri in my mouth..

I was munching the momos and pani puri enjoying the fullest..and this boring raisinghania was just looking at me..

“Pani pani” he shouted weeping his tears as soon as i stuffed a pani puri in his mouth forcefully

I burst into laughter seeing him..seems like he ate this much spicy food for very first time..

“That was extremely spicy riddhima ” he said gulping down one more bottle of water..

“Better than your marizo wala ubla hua khana”  i said diping the momo in chutney

“Its not that much spicy vansh have it” i said putting a piece of pav bhaji in his mouth..

“Ummmm…this is tasty ” he said moaning in pleasure..

I gulped down listening his moan..damn.. stop arousing me Mr.s*xy raisinghania..

“stop moaning vansh” i said rolling my eyes ..

“Seems like someone is getting horny hmm” he said winking at me..

I dragged him holding his arm towards the car ..

Pov ends

Scene 4

Riddhima’s pov

“Finalllllyyyyy” i said throwing myself on bed ..

U troubled me alot today Mr.zalim i will sleep peacefully..

Knock knock …i cried listening knock on the door..

“Who the hell is distrubing my beauty sleep now ” i said marching towards the bed stomping my foot in anger..

“God is calling u in study now” D’Souza said leaving me burning in anger…

I closed the door with thuddd on her face..

Standing before mirror i looked at myself thinking about some plan…

“Idea” i shouted in excitement patting my back..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I pressed my lips not to laugh thinking about her face..

She must be stomping her feet somewhere or running like drone here and there..

U will yourself quit this job tomorrow sweetheart..

Whatever the situation is i am enjoying this angry bird little panda getting annoyed by his vanshu..

“Boss till when we are gonna work here” angre said yawning

“One more yawn from your mouth and i will make sure u won’t be able to sleep for days” i said passing a deadly glare at him

“Why always i stuck between this two mad people ” he murmured and i chuckled Looking at his bechara type of face..

And the door open and our jaws dropped seeing her petite figure standing leaning on door smiling..

“Ri..riddhima ” i gasped with my mouth perfectly shaping O..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u like it

Mst mst comments tapka dena

Lob u all..

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