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Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 8 ‘Why Vansh?’

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Riddhima turned to see her standing but she was not able to walk. She made her sit again.

“You say here. I will be back with a crape bandage and then leave you to the military camp ok?”

The girl got a wide smile on her face and nodded in yes. Riddhima left the room and went to call to the officials in the camp and told them all of her suspections and her answers.

“You just spoiled her life Vansh, and nothing else.”

Riddhima heard Siya’s voice. She turned to see Vansh standing there talking to Siya.

“Siya I didn’t knew that….”

Vansh was cutted by Siya..

“Even if you didn’t knew, you did na. Not only hers but Kabir’s and mine too!” Siya said.

How is Siya’s life involved in it?

Thoughts arrived in her mind. She opened the door and entered inside and held Siya’s arms tightly.
Vansh and Siya became silent seeing her.

“Don’t say you love Kabir, Siya.” Riddhima looked straight in her eyes.
Siya squeezed her eyes and nodded in yes.
Riddhima left her and took few steps back, but collided with Vansh.

“Riddhima even you were forced to marry him, please have a divorce. We all will be happy.” Siya tried to change her mind.

“Say you and Kabir, not me.” Riddhima said backing off.

“I love him very much Riddhima. Even he does the same. You love Vansh…”

“But Vansh doesn’t!!!” Riddhima tried to control our scream.

“I do Riddhima I do!” Vansh turned Riddhima to him “I love you. I love you Riddhima!” Vansh looked in her eyes.

“Papa I don’t want to marry Kabir.” Riddhima marched inside the house throwing the engagement ring.

“Mm hmm! What is this Rishika! I have fixed it and that’s it. Be happy.” Sunil said not being interested.

“You all know I love Vansh! Then why! Bhaiii!” She saw her brother sitting quietly with his head bowed down.

“He won’t say anything. I have stopped him by your swear only.” Her mother Rekha swings her saree sitting on the sofa.

“I will run away!!” Riddhima shouted

“Listen Rishika. We have talked to Vansh. And he has agreed. So just shut up.” Rekha pulled and locked her in her room.

Riddhima threw his hands off her. Vansh was just looking at her continuously.

“Stop staring at me. Everything happened infront of you and you…. You just watched it happening. You know what, now I really don’t care.” Riddhima left from there hiding her tears.

She left from there, but stopped with a jerk. She forgot about that girl!! She turned back as she had to inform any soldier, and Vansh was there. She came back to Vansh but only found Siya standing there.

“Where is Vansh?” She asked.
“He is leaving..Riddhima ..” Siya was cutted by Riddhima.
“We will talk later…” She ran to gate where Vansh was leaving.

She ran behind him, and after shouting and running, Vansh stopped and she collided with him.

“Woh…(panting) there is a suspect… She..”
“She?” Vansh asked sternly

“Yes she… She is saying she is from Punjab Regiment and telling the motto of Rajput regiment. She is hurt.” Riddhima finally completed.

“You complete her treatment, and don’t let her think something is going on. I will be back with some female soldiers.” Vansh nodded and left from there.

Riddhima turned back and took a crepe bandage and returned to the room. The girl was still sitting there.

“Sorry for being late, the stock was out so had to go to the store room.” Riddhima smiled at her and she nodded.

Riddhima carefully applied soothing gel on the swollen area, plucked out some thorns, and carefully bandaged it.

“Don’t keep your leg down for a week.” Riddhima lied to her so she can stop her.

“A week! Ya..allm..oh no.” She exclaimed.

“What’s your name?” Riddhima asked.

TarfiyaShe replied.

“I will be back with your bed rest form from the camp.” Riddhima started to leave and examined her expression.

“Oh no need! I will go to camp. I will rest there.” She said.

Riddhima smiled and opened the door, two military officers were standing there which was shocking for her. She looked at Riddhima who smirked. She stood up but was unable to.

“I said bedrest.” Riddhima said sternly. “Don’t kill her, we are not here to treat people who are going to be hanged to death.” Riddhima said examining her every single expression, smiled to the soldiers and left.

The soldiers pointed guns at her, and pulled her along with them.

4 months later

Riddhima was sitting on the bench alone, looking at the sunset, thinking about her life.

Riddhima’s POV

What am I even doing with my life? It’s been 4 god damn months, Vansh tried to talk to many times, I listened to him many times. Why is he not able to tell me why he agreed for me marrying Kabir!?
I parted myself from Siya, till I don’t will the battle within. I have my decision, but….. I never talked to Kabir. I am waiting for a that one day. When everything will be sorted out. And everything will be fine. I can feel ..Siya is coming. I turned to see her standing with an envelope. It has my name. Oh! It’s for me!!

I happily took it from Siya and tried to ignore her. She was still standing. I tried my best not to thank her. Ohk, let’s focus on the letter. It’s Bhai’s letter! Wese bhi when did my parents care about me.

HI Rishika! Can’t you even call me once! Parents ke saath Bhai ko bhi bhool gyi?

(You forgot your brother too?)

How can I forget you Bhai. You are my only family. My one and only Rishi Bhai.

Listen, I don’t know what’s going on there but always remember. The first person you should love is yourself. Take decision for yourself not for others.

Just like my Bhai, can get my feelings from any corner of the world. Ok ok. World has no corner.

I have talked to the lawyer. When you will come back, you will give divorce to Kabir. I got to know he loves someone else.

Bhai, Bhai, bhai!! And that someone else is Siya!! I looked at her, she was standing with tears. I want to wipe them… No. Focus on the letter.

Either give me reply or come back home. But talk to me once. Relationship are very delicate Rishika. I miss you very much. Come back soon. Love you.

I love you too Bhai. And I am coming home. Veryy soon. Now it’s time to sort out every single thing. Siya is still standing. I pulled her to sit down near me and she looked at me with disbelief.
Come on Riddhima, you can do it..but what if…do I need to talk to Kabir?… Yes…ok… Let’s say that I need to talk to Kabir first….

“I will give Kabir divorce”

Shit!!! That was not I wanted to say!!! Siya is smiling….she pulled me for a hug, she has tears in her eyes. Now I can’t resist by denying her.

“I will talk to Kabir first.” I said making Siya frown but she agreed.
Get ready Riddhima… You are removing this Sharma finally.
Pov ends

“Kabir will meet you right now, her only. He is coming with Vansh.” Siya said and Riddhima felt an utter shock.

“Vansh?” Riddhima asked Siya.

“Yes… Kabir knows that you love Vansh!” Siya hugged Riddhima.

But not right now. I have some new soldiers to look at. And then we have our night duty. And in morning I will sleep and then….” Riddhima was cutted by Siya.

“We will meet tomorrow Evening. Happy?” Siya said and Riddhima nodded.

PrecapVansh spills the beans

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What do you think Kabir wants to do now? What will be everyone’s reaction? Will everything be destroyed? What can be the reason of Vansh letting Riddhima marry Kabir? 

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