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~And it ends~ (Ishq mein Marjawan 2)


“Vansh Raisinghania” the name that was enough to make a person fear. The reason was that he was different, and that’s what made him unique. He never fell in love. Once, he do fell in love. But, later, he considered that as a mistake. And he still considers loving Ragini as a mistake of his life.

Then, Riddhima came, things changed, he changed. He started thinking, not everyone is as bad as Ragini. And love is not a mistake. Loving a person, who don’t deserve to get loved is a mistake.


“Vansh” Riddhima shouted, running towards him.

Just then, Angre came from behind with his men. And held Kabir. According to Kabir, he made a masterplan to kill Vansh. But, how come all this happened?

Vansh started laughing like a maniac coming forward.

“Kabir! Kabir! Kabir! You know, what’s the only mistake you do it all time!? Your overconfidence! How can you think that your mere spy can trap Vansh Raisinghania!? You did a very silly mistake, dear Kabir. Now, I will provide the peace, the peace which one gets, after dying”

And boom. Vansh killed Kabir.

“You didn’t do ri…..” These were the last words of Kabir. And he died.

Vansh turned towards Riddhima.

Riddhima’s eyes were carrying a sort of relief that she got a chance to justify herself. At the same time, she wasn’t able to digest the fact, that why Vansh killed Kabir!?

She took a deep breath and walked towards Vansh.

“Vansh…listen to me”

“Answer me in whether yes or no! You came in my life as a spy?”


“Marrying me was a part of stupid plan of yours and that late Kabir’s?”

“Yes” she said, while the tears were falling from her eyes.


“Let me speak once!” She shouted expecting a chance to say the story of her side.

“Riddhima, do you remember, what I said at our wedding night?”


“Do you remember or not?”

“Yes, I do…” She said closing her eyes and letting the tears fall.

“Then, why didn’t you kill yourself, yet?” He spoke giving her the gun.

“How can I?”

“When you being a normal girl can enter in Vansh Raisinghania’s life just because your lover wanted…when you can act as loving me just for your plan. When you can play with my feelings…then, WHY CAN’T YOU KILL YOURSELF!?

“Vansh….” She uttered and that’s the moment, she was killed by him.

“When I say something, I mean it, and when I mean it. I do it, sweetheart” he said, holding her through her waist. While her lifeless body was taking support of his.


He again became cold hearted. And, when he said, he hates betrayals and their punishment could be worse than death. Then, he meant it.

~The end~

This was it. How was it!?! I seriously want comment on this one from who ever reads it. As, I tried writing different from my previous works.

And, please for god’s sake, don’t complain about the story’s length and all. Because…I don’t like it.🙂

My school is reopening *sobbing* So, updates will not be there for a long time. The next update will be exactly after a month. I have a story roughly planned in my mind for next one shot or maybe two shot. And, guess what! It will be longer. lol.

For the readers of Nazdeekiyan. There won’t be any update till 25th September. I already mentioned the reason, too 

I guess, I spoke so much.

Thanks for reading!

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