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Shaadi Mubarak 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti faces Tarun’s rudeness

Shaadi Mubarak 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rati getting Preeti inside the house. She shows the house. Preeti says its lovely. Rati says you will be staying with us here. She acts sweet. She says its your house first and then ours. Kusum says I got emotional, Rati is so sweet, Rati is explaining the work to Preeti. Rati holds Kusum’s feet and takes blessings. Kusum gives her shagun. Rati holds Sumedh’s legs. Juhi asks her not to leave him until he gives a good gift. Juhi gifts a necklace. Rati likes it a lot. She holds Preeti’s leg and asks for nek. She says I will ask with rights, I know you won’t refuse. Preeti asks her to say. Rati says I want a big luxury car, I have liked one. Preeti says all the money got spent in marriage. Juhi says its fine, you can give her the bangles now. Tarun signs Rati. Juhi says you did all the work and Rati got the credit for the company, her company can sponsor the car. Sumedh says what an idea, then the car will be from Preeti indirectly. Rati doesn’t like the bangles. Preeti does the work. Juhi asks her to talk. Preeti says I forgot, its good the marriage happened well. Juhi says car was Rati’s dream, not a necessity. Rati gets angry on Tarun and argues with him.

She says we already paid money for the car, what will we do now. Tarun argues. Juhi says you have used all the money on the marriage. Tarun says I have sold the old house also. Juhi says promise me, you won’t sell the old house. Preeti cares for her. Juhi asks her to read some poetry. Preeti says I lost the papers, I remember and will write again. She reads the poetry. KT also reads the poetry. He sees his marriage pic and cries.

At Kusum’s house, her daughter serves the kada and milk. Her daughter says green tea is good for digestion. Astha corrects Pihu. Jyoti says Preeti looks Juhi’s sister. Kusum asks how, she is mum and looks mum only. Sumedh winks to his sisters. He also praises Preeti. Kusum gets jealous. He says you both don’t have to share a roof. She says don’t say this again, I don’t like Preeti. Preeti does the puja in the morning. She prays. KT’s family get to see his pic and like it a lot. Preeti makes the breakfast. She talks to Juhi on call. KT is sleeping. His family cares for him. Preeti asks Rati to come for the first rasoi ritual. Rati says there is no time. Preeti says I have kept everything ready, just 10 mins.

Tarun says no need of rituals. Rati sees the food. Tarun asks Preeti to make healthy breakfast for them. Preeti cries. Tarun says don’t make food, my friend has invited me and my family. Preeti says fine. He asks Preeti to pack the gift. She nods and goes. They get ready to leave. He asks are you going somewhere. She says you said your friend invited family. He asks why will he invite you, family means Rati and me. She gets shocked. Preeti says mum and son are one family, your marriage doesn’t change our relation. Rati says he didn’t mean that, he stayed in hostel, maybe he forgot the real meaning of hostel, you are here with us, he will learn everything. She asks Preeti to keep house’s extra keys and buy grocery from market for cheap rates. She says Juhi praised you a lot, you can talk now, I have to learn a lot from you, anyway we will leave now. Tarun and Rati leave.

Rati asks what’s this. Preeti says I have got it, see my choice, not the price. Tarun says you lied that you didn’t have money for car. He scolds Preeti. She asks him to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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