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Santoshi Maa 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Nidhi plans evil against swati with help of indresh.

Santoshi Maa 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with swati tells nidhi that you won’t understand this as you never have believed in true dedication or love but nidhi shouts swati & swati responds telling her to be quiet as he is sleeping or he will wake up while all family members walk out of the room thinking swati will do some trick again.
Dev rishi is telling polomi to leave for her bhawan & heal your burns or all will understand why you had been to earth & what you got from there & polomi blames santoshi mata saying it’s because of you I was hurt while santoshi mata tells her punishment always gets to the evil person in any kind of form. Polomi is still cursing santoshi mata but santoshi mata is trying to give her the water of flower by which the burns will get healed but she refuses cursing her. Dev rishi tells polomi I am surprised with your thoughts as you are forgetting you are aware of it that whatever santoshi mata offers to world it glows with love & what she is offering you will heal you so take it & leave from here to your bhawan & santoshi applies the flower on her hands by which the burns disappear. Polomi moves back cursing & saying after giving burns & then healing it is your trick itself by which you are trying to prove yourself good but santoshi mata is explaining her that whatever you will do will destroy this world while what I’ll do will create love & purity in this world but polomi responds saying let the human decide how to lead his life & leaves.
Swati is praying while indresh wakes up asking swati did I cut your hands but she ignores telling him & tells him to get ready in the mean time I’ll bring tea but indresh tells her to get ready in the evening as I am arranging a party in our house & also says sorry to her for cutting her hands & she prays santoshi mata happily seeing the change in indresh’s behavior.
All family members are doing arrangements while guests have arrived & indresh’s parents are busy welcoming them. Indresh too comes to talk with the guests as swati gets ready & comes while indresh is watching her & indresh’s mother comes saying so trickster has come but indresh tells her to not to say anything today atleast & appreciates swati saying looking beautiful as swati blushes. Indresh is trying to touch her but swati tells him somebody will see & he takes her away & appreciates her of getting ready in beautiful way while swati tells him it’s my pleasure to make you happy. Indresh tells her I have lost all my rights like to hug you also & swati is surprised asking santoshi mata is it dreams I am seeing but tries telling indresh I have some work & he says I knew you will say this & swati calls him & hugs him as he is very happily hugging her.
Devi’s bird is telling polomi that see santoshi mata’s devotee & her husband have come very close together so polomi says love which is blind & harming too so to see closely what happens.
Indresh is applying a kind of powder on her body planning some evil act & he takes leave from swati telling her father’s other friends have also come so going & as he is going then swati praises him saying I love you very much so wish your partnership only for all my births.
Indresh comes out of the room & thinks about nidhi had planned this earlier to apply powder on swati’s body so that she’ll feel itching on her body parts by which her image will get destroyed in front of all the guests & neighbors too. Indresh asks her idea is good but only destroying image what’ll benefit & nidhi explains him that the community who feels good about that person & if she does this way then the same community will allow you to get married once again as she’ll be proved guilty in court also because of her rubbish image whether she signs papers or no the court will permit for divorce & indresh feels happy about the plans.
Indresh’s sister tells sister in law to take drinks for guests but swati comes ahead saying I’ll take & she is going ahead to give drinks to all of them but as one by one she is giving then swati is feeling itching & indresh’s mother understands this so she pushes her hands to one of glass while swati giving & the drink falls on guests saree by which the guest curses swati but indresh’s mother calms the guest.
Swati is feeling very itchy wondering why this is happening while all are watching her scratching her body parts & feeling happy about it as swati is going towards her room but indresh comes to take her to introduce her to all guests but swati is trying to stop him but he insists & tells all of them now I’ll introduce you to my wife swati as all are watching her. Indresh’s father & mother are appreciating swati’s behavior in front of them but swati is feeling very itchy so tries to go away taking excuse of some work in kitchen but indresh’s mother stops her & telling guests she sings also very good & indresh tells her to sing something but she refuses saying I don’t sing & swati is praying santoshi mata asking what is this happening to me getting itching as santoshi mata understands while meditating. All guests are also forcing her to sing something & also indresh’s father too tells her atleast to sing any prayers while gusts are saying today all have gathered here to enjoy so sing something while indresh thinks happily saying swati now you think what you’ll do in such a condition as you won’t be spared today.

Precap : Swati is pleading indresh’s father in front of civil judge who has arrived in their house, that I have already told you I won’t sign divorce papers but indresh’s father tells her he is judge & whatever you have done yesterday was very disgusting. Judge asks what had happened & they are showing him the recording of the incidence what had happened so judge tells her if you do not sign then court might give verdict against you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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