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RadhaKrishn 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun Faces Indomitable Enemy

RadhaKrishn 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan/Rishi fisishes Shumba and Nishumba’s story and says they killed each other because of a woman. Panchali says she doesn’t know why he described this story, but he is a scholar and described it with a reason; she realized that she is all 5 Pandavs’ wife and is paying attention to only Arjun, but from hereon she will not differentiate between all 5 Pandavs as their unity is their strength, she will be a means of their unity and will keep them united. Kunti gets happy and says she wanted to hear this from her. Arjun says Draupadi is a great woman who sacrificed her lavish life to stay with them, he promises to give her a better life on this baron land.

Krishna freezes time and meets Radha. Radha says Arjun proved that he can be competent charioteer. Krishna says Arjun took decision without looking at him, he has to be ready to face many difficulties and upcoming battle. He unfreezes time. Arjun says he felt a divine energy here. Bheem says he must be imagining, let us concentrate on constructing a lavish palace and kingdom here. Narad praises Krishna leela and chants Narayan Narayan.

Yudistra says this land is very rough, they need to dig deep to construct a palace here. They start digging land and seeing something says it is not feasible to construct palace here. Krishna walks to Kunti and says he is hungry. Draupadi says she will get food. Pandavs return. Krishna asks why did they return without digging land for palace. Yudistra says there are loads of skeleton in the land. Bheem says let us remove them and start digging again. Yudistra says it is a cursed land and they cannot. Bheem says they have to find another land and wait for some days. Krishna says it will take a lot of time, so Arjun should forget his promise made to Draupadi. Arjun says he cannot and takes oath that he will not consume food till he constructs palace and will start evaluating whole Khandavprastha first. Yudistra says food is source of energy and he will be weak without it. Draupadi says he shouldn’t have taken this oath. Kunti says if he has taken oath, he has to fulfill it.

Krishna freezes time again and says only love has so much energy that it will turn a most tough person into humble one, and whenever he remembers love, he remembers Radha. Radha walks in and says whenever Krishna remembers her, she will be with him. She asks why did Arjun take this oath. Krishna asks what is the reason. Radha says love. Krishna says the love for Draupadi in Arjun’s heart made him take this oath.

Arjun walks into a dark jungle and thinks what kind of weird land this is, even during day, there is no sunlight here. He walks into water and sees snakes all around. He loudly says he is the owner of this land and whoever is hiding should come out. A monster says he is not owner but his food. Arjun provokes him to dare come in front of him. Monster emerges and says he is king of snakes Vishdhar Bhujang Takshak. Arjun says he is warrior Arjun. Takshak says he heard a lot about Pandav putra Arjun, but this is his land and Arjun should return. Takshak says his citizens have a powerful poison in them which will dissolve Arjun. Arjun says he will kill all his citizens if he doesn’t obey him. Arjun says he will destroy him with his arrows. Takshak says he can try then. Arjun shoots arrows, but thunders destroy them easily. Arjun stands amazed. Takshak says he doesn’t know who his protector is and warns Arjun to return back, else he will die. Arjun walks away thinking who is throwing thunders from sky and protecting Takshak.

He returns to his brothers and informs same. Bheem says he will use his immense energy and twist Takshak’s neck. Arjun says it is his challenge and he will complete it. Krishna walks in and asks reason. Arjun describes. Bheem sees snake and says he will kill it. Krishna stops him and says snake is powerful in its burrow and once it comes out, it is weak. Arjun says he realized Krishna’s suggestion, he will get Takshak out of his burrow and will kill him. Bheem says he will accompany Arjun. Yudistra, Nakul, Sahadev, Kunti and Panchali says even they will accompany Arjun. Krishna says they should show this unity always and even in the battlefield. Arjun burns trees and warns Takshak to come out or he will burn whole jungle. Takshak repeats that he doesn’t know who his protector is and calls Devraj Indra to protect him. Indra showers rain and sets off fire. Kunti thinks Devraj Indra is Arjun’s Daivik father. Arjun says let us see if Indra can control his arrows and shoots arrows repeatedly. Kunti tries to stop him, but he doesn’t. Indra emerges asking who is this human who is challenging him.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that he will establish dharma with Arjun after sometime, but needs to return to Dwarka first and asks Radha to accompany him. Shakuni says he has developed an ardent enemy for Krishna. Krishna returns to Dwarka and sees his doppelganger Pandruka Vasudev.

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