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Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya traps Prachi and gets her arrested

Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rhea and Aaliya get shocked seeing Sanju’s thieves and recall their meeting. Ranbir tells that they are the thieves who had stolen money from Prachi’s house. Pallavi asks really? Shahana and Prachi are coming there. Shahana asks why did Mehra sir called you? Prachi says don’t know. She tells that she will resign and will not go against her mother. She says first we shall go and hear what he wants to say. Abhi asks Rhea to bring the rope to tie them. Rhea says she will bring. Aaliya goes behind her. Abhi asks to bring water and says first we will tie them and then will bring them in consciousness. Vikram asks shall we record their video to get proofs. Prachi and Shahana come inside. Prachi looks at Ranbir and gets emotional. Rhea tells that everything will be ruined now. Aaliya asks her not to get worried and tells that both of them are Sanju’s men. Rhea says we will be caught, they will take our names. Aaliya asks her not to get nervous and tells that she will not get Prachi come out of this problem. Rhea says ok and asks her to get rope. Abhi asks Prachi to see their faces.

Prachi says they were making masks at that time, but I had seen their faces, they are the ones. Abhi says first we will make them confess and then will handover them to Police. Pallavi asks are you sure they were the ones. Ranbir says I saw them outside Prachi’s house, their boss is missing. He says he had their photo in his mobile. Vikram says I have seen their photo. Beeji asks them to get job in police department. Vikram says we have taken help of Private Investigator, give him some credit. Aryan ties the thieves with rope. They get consciousness. Abhi jokes and then asks them to tell where is the money? He then asks on whose instructions, they had stolen the money. Ranbir says I know your boss will kill you and asks them to tell who is he? The goon says she was getting us do this for her loved one, we came to know later. Aaliya grabs the thief’s collar and threatens him, while Rhea distracts Abhi. Aaliya opens the rope. Pallavi calls Police. Rhea thinks make this thieves elope before Police comes here. Vikram asks why did you call Police now? Pallavi asks him to get them confessed before Police arrives. Aaliya slaps the thief. The thief says you have done wrong. Rhea thinks why did you do this buji? Aaliya regrets slapping him and folds her hands secretly. The goon signs at Rhea and Aaliya and tell that she has hired us to steal the money and offered 20 percent commission. He says Prachi told us. Aaliya recalls telling them that she will give 2 lakhs to them. Ranbir asks the thieves not to lie and says who asked you. Rhea says enough Ranbir. Prachi cries. Ranbir asks her not to cry and says I know they are lying. Rhea says enough Ranbir.

Sarita behen comes home and calls Prachi. She finds the note left by Prachi and informs Pragya that she had gone to Mr. Mehra’s house with Shahana, left a note. Rhea says Prachi is a thief. Ranbir says they are lying. Rhea says if they had taken another one name and tells that he doesn’t want to hear the truth. Abhi says you are trusting them. Rhea says dad please, this thief is lying. Rhea says Prachi like girl breaks trust. Aaliya says Prachi is a thief and asks Abhi to trust her now. She asks why you are not believing the thief, she planned the theft. Rhea asks if she wanted to get all the money. Prachi tells that she didn’t steal the money and tells Ranbir that if she gets arrested then her mother can’t bear it. She asks Abhi not to believe them and tells that she came here to resign from her job. Aaliya says you are fired, I am kicking you out of the job. The thieves try to run away. Aryan and Ranbir catch him. Police comes there. Rhea asks Police to arrest the thieves and the mastermind Prachi. Abhi says Prachi will not go anywhere. Aaliya says she has confessed infront of us, arrest her. Ranbir says she will not go anywhere, Chief has said.

Sanju calls the thieves and thinks where are they? He thinks to go to their place and take their class. Inspector asks Rhea if Prachi is related to her. Rhea says she is just our employee. Ranbir asks her to be quiet. Abhi asks Rhea to let Ranbir say. Ranbir says I will answer you. Meera asks Pallavi to stop Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir to let Inspector do his work and asks him to go to his room. Abhi tells that Prachi is not a bad guy. Aaliya tells that Prachi has confessed, we have a video recording. She asks Aryan to give his mobile. She takes mobile from his hand and asks Police to show. Abhi says this was not needed. Inspector tells that Prachi has to come with us, as she asked the thieves to steal. Vikram says this is our family matter, we will solve it. Aaliya says this is not a family matter and asks him to arrest her. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and says she will not go anywhere. Pallavi asks him to let her go. Lady constable drags Prachi. Ranbir falls down. Prachi tries to hold his hand, but Rhea comes between them and gives her hand to him. Ranbir gets up holding her hand. Rhea asks Inspector to take Prachi from there. Prachi cries and calls Ranbir. Abhi asks if joke is happening here and tells that he won’t let Prachi stay in jail for longer time. He promises Prachi that whenever you was in problem, I always stand infront of you, says that even this time too. Prachi hugs him. Abhi says I promise that I will bring you back in this house. Inspector asks Abhi to talk to his sister and says if she agrees then we can leave your daughter. Aaliya says Prachi is not Bhai’s daughter. Abhi and Prachi look at each other emotionally.

Sanju comes to the thieves’ godown and thinks where did they go? He thinks something is wrong. Aaliya asks Inspector to take her from there and says Rhea is bhai’s daughter. Abhi tells that Prachi is not his daughter, but she is more than his daughter. Inspector takes Prachi from there. Pallavi stops Ranbir and gives him promise asking him to go to room. Ranbir goes to his room. Pallavi tells Vikram that Prachi shall not be seen in office anymore.

Precap will be added after the show airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Abhi that pranchi she didn’t do anything for you god promise.
    Abhi this aliya she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for thives Hunderd percent that only aliya didn’t her Planned.
    Abhi your daughter rhea she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for thives Hunderd percent that only rhea didn’t her Planned.
    Abhi you tell to aliya to get out form house.
    Abhi this thives he telling lies I now that not pranchi.
    Abhi that aliya didn’t her Planned.
    aliya you don’t call to police to arrest pranchi stop it.

  2. Ranbir you hold the pranchi don’t leave him you can do it.
    Ranbir that pranchi she didn’t do anything for you ranbir please try to understand that ranbir.
    ranbir you can scold to aliya properly don’t leave him.
    ranbir this rhea she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for thives Hunderd percent that only rhea didn’t her Planned.
    ranbir you don’t talk to rhea leave him.
    ranbir you don’t think about rhea.
    ranbir you think about pranchi that is nice for you.

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