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Ishq Subhan Allah 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Zara challenges to make Shahbaz fine

Ishq Subhan Allah 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Zara tells Kabir that when I was not in your life then didn’t you become hopeless? Zara says didn’t you start working in a bomb squad to get death? Tell me? Kabir says I will tell you alone. Zara says tell us all. Kabir says fine! because I started loving you more than life, I was drowning in your love and just wanted to meet you again in this life but I didn’t end my life because my religion was with me. Zara looks on. Kabir says we are not talking about our love here but this music. He gives some references from the Quran that anything that takes you away from God is illegal. He says God will punish those who are distracting people. Zara says I am not distracting anyone. Kabir says then who said that music can heal people? If it was the case then there would be no hospitals. Zara says my music treats souls, I believe it because I have experienced it. I want to show you something. She shows the video of her student. She says that her sister died in front of her in a car accident and this girl started believing that her sister died because of her. This girl wanted to die and didn’t talk to anyone. She came to me and my music treated her and gave her life again. All look on. Zara says my music doesn’t go out of my house, this girl didn’t dance to my music. God gives the hope, I am just the path for it. Kabir says magicians can do magic but it’s just illusion. Zara says I got peace with music only when I was hopeless. Please trust me, why God made me away from my family and made me learn about this music healing, made me give hope to others. Kabir says you are seeing all this personally. You will find many saying of our Prophet that music is illegal. Our Prophet said that once a time will come that people will start making illegal things a legal thing. This music is illegal. Zara says we can have many arguments. She asks the president what he thinks? He smiles and says I will think about your arguments, research and then answer you. Zara nods.

Scene 2
Salma says sorry to Zahida and says I used to hear Zara call me Amma and now she calls you Ammi, I can’t hear it. Zahida is eating to Salma says that I have mixed poison in it. Zahida is shocked and is about to throw it away. Salma says I didn’t mix it, I just wanted you to feel the pain of loss. Please leave my Zara alone, I am begging you. Zahida prays for Kabir and Zara to reunite.

Kabir calls Zeenat and asks where is Kashan? Is he taking care of Shahbaz? Zeenat says he is running behind that Saima only, I am taking care of Shahbaz. She ends the call.
Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz that Zara is back, she says Zara will not spare her killer. Zeenat comes there and says Kashan is still with that Saima. Ruksaar says Saima will take him away to Dubai. Zeenat says I will bring him back from anywhere. Ruksaar says let’s deal with Zara first.

The president tells Kabir and Zara that Zara’s statements are right, a lot of priests agree that some music can heal souls. We have to find out if her music can make people fine. Kabir says she is just putting out statements. Zara says God has shown me a new path, you are blaming me? Zara tells Kabir that my music gives souls peace. Kabir says how you know? Zara says I know your father doesn’t react to anything, I am telling you that I will give him hope back. He will start talking and writing back. Kabir says that can’t happen. Zara says I will not open my music center until I make him fine. The president says wow. Kabir says till when it will go on. The president says Zara has one month to prove herself. Zara and Kabir agree.

PRECAP – Kabir tells Shahbaz that Zara is coming. Later Ruksaar tells Shahbaz that Zara will take her revenge. Zara comes to Shahbaz’s room and is emotional.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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