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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu declares his decision not to buy new TV

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamlesh bring an empty cart to Happu’s house. They ask where is TV? Kamlesh says TV is here, but it can’t be seen by you like nobody can see Khodi uncle. Rajjo asks him to say clearly. Kamlesh says nobody can see TV, but I am sure that its soul will be here. Happu slaps him and asks where it is? Kamlesh tells that while he was bringing the TV in the cart, when it fell on the road and smashed under the truck. Hritik says this is the same story which Papa told yesterday. Kamlesh says this time he is saying truth and says sorry to them. Rajjo asks Happu, did you ask Kamlesh to break the TV. Amma asks Happu to give some reaction. Happu tells them that the TV is broken and asks them to see Kamlesh is sad. Ranbir asks if he will buy new TV. Hritik says bribe money must be there. Happu says he doesn’t have money to buy TV. Rajjo says we have right to watch TV. Happu says you all fight like animals for TV and tells that he will not buy TV. He tells Kamlesh that he feels proud of him. Amma asks what they will watch now? Happu asks Kamlesh not to take tension and kisses his hand.

Later Happu goes to bathroom and feels proud of his declaration. Hritik and Ranbir switch off the water tap. Happu thinks why water is not coming and shouts calling Rajjo. He asks her to get the tap open and tells that soap went in his eyes. Ranbir says he will see what we can do for TV. Happu tells Rajjo that the kids are conspiring against him. Rajjo asks why you are getting angry on my kids. Happu says I was taking bath in the bathroom and had applied the soap. When I was about wash myself with water, the kids close the tap. He wears uniform and tells that his button is missing. He asks her to stitch his button and says Commissioner will shout at him. Rajjo begins stitching the button. Happu tells that she will pierce the needle in his chest and doubts her. She asks him to stitch himself and goes.

Amma asks Rajjo to serve food for Happu first and keep his plate infront of her. She then adds chilli in his plate. Malaika says what are you doing, he is your son? Amma says nothing will happen to him, she is taking revenge. Ranbir says we have taken revenge from him too and closed the tap. Amma asks didn’t you do anything bahu? Happu comes there and tells that Rajjo pierced needle in his chest. Amma asks him to eat sabzi and says your kidneys will be red. Kat asks him to eat it. Malaika also ask him to eat the food. Happu says the vegetable must be good and tastes the food, makes a shock face. Rajjo tells that Amma has done this and not me. Happu shouts and drinks water. He asks Amma what did you do? Amma asks how are you feeling? Happu says I am feeling like my kidneys are coming out. Kat says you are sounding like pressure cooker. Happu swears that he will not buy TV. Hritik refuses to have food.

Beni is talking on phone at the pan shop. Happu comes there and asks Pan shop guy to make sweet pan for him. Beni ends the call and tells that he is working well to live life with Vimlesh. Happu tells him that Amma, Rajjo and their kids are mourning for the TV. Beni says they are sad as TV is not at home. He says if you bring TV for them, then your value will increase. Happu tells that he has less money, and they are demanding good quality TV. Beni asks him to buy second hand TVs’ for Rajjo, Amma and Kids. Happu says they will identify that it is second hand. Beni says packaging will be good. Happu tells that he will give his original Beni to Vimlesh. Beni kisses on his cheeks happily.

Manohar and Makwana don’t agree with Happu. Makwana says if there are many TVs then they will not come out of their rooms. Manohar says they must have rub your kidneys. Happu tells that he doesn’t want their advice and wants 3 TVs. Manohar asks him to take it. Kamlesh comes there. Happu tells that he wants 3 second hand TVs. Kamlesh says it will be done. Happu says it should be good and tells that packaging shall be good. He says if 5000 is enough. Kamlesh tells that 5000 is enough for 1 TV. Happu says I am talking about 3 TVs. Manohar asks will you get sold for 5000 as you are second hand. Makwana tells that if you want a good TV then have to pay a good price. Happu says I will give 7000 Rs and asks him not to tell anyone that they are second hand, else I will vanish you so that Sudarshan can’t find out. Manohar says you should have asked him, if he will bring color or black and white TV. Happu is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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