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Chapter 25

Hey guys !!!
Well i am back again with the next part !

Sorry for the delay , actually i have been sad about few things happening in my life and around me and was not willing to write , so i just went on a short break !!!

And besides i was not well too !!!

Well now as i am back ,i am back with a blast a super sweet episode , well i have completed 25 episodes of this story and i am excited about it , so now without wasting a single second lets get to the story !!!

Kunj went out of the house to finish some work that came up at the office , he was frustrated as he didn’t get much time with twinkle so he decided to finish his work soon and left back Home !!!

On the other hand twinkle was with bebe and was getting to know more about kunj , about his likes , dislikes , favourite food so that they could be knowing each other !!

After a while when there chit chat finished bebe asked her to get ready and also to get the kids ready for the reception party and she left the place to look after the work !!

Twinkle first made sure that the kids are ready and she asked them to behave nicely , yuvi along with avni came and they took bebe along with kids to the venue and asked twinkle to come along with kunj !!!!

She went to her room and started looking for an attire for the reception party but sje was very much confused and was not able to decide , that’s when kunj arrived , he stopped in his track and was looking at twinkle or should i say admiring twinkle who was looking cute with that frown on her face , that confused look was making her look more tempting , kunj controlled his urge to go there and kiss her hard , but chuckled seeing her making faces !!!

That’s when twinkle noticed his presence and looked at him with wide eyes , he laughed seeing her expressions , her frown changed into glares and she was literally glaring kunj for laughing at her and she huffed in anger and looked away !!!

Kunj moved towards her, as she way facing his back he hugged her from behind his hands snaking around her waist , she felt a current run down her body , his single touch made her feel giddy , she was new to these things but his closness made her feel secured , when he finally spoke –

“” Why are you so much confused Twinkle ? What happened ?””

Twinkle let out a sign and said –

“” See na kunj , i am just so confused , what should i wear today ! Umm i am just not able to decide “”

And sge made a cute angry pout almost making kunj loose his senses , kunj smiled at her and said –

“” Don’t worry twinkle , i have the best solution for this problem of yours !”

And he handed her a packet which contained a plain black saree with gold boders , the borders were made in a kind of floral patterns , it has an off shoulder blouse with a deep back neck . The saree was simple yet elegant !!!

Twinkle looked at kunj with wide eyes , she was impressed with his taste , the saree was so her choice she wanted to say things but words were not coming out of her mouth and she kept staring at him and at the saree which was her FIRST GIFT from Kunj !!

Kunj vould see the happiness on her face and before she could ask anything he told her that he bought the saree , when he was coming back from the office as he realised she might have not got time to get out and buy something for her as everything happened in rush !!

She smiled at him and hugged him to show how grateful she was of having in her life and he hugged her back feeling content and placed a kiss on the top of her head and she find his these gestures so pure and so out of love !!!!

That’s it for now !!!

I hope you guys like it !!!

Take care !!!

Stay safe !!

Lots of love ❤️

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