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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar’s Mother Bhavani Enters To Trouble Desais

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gehna tells Sagar that he is till young and should concentrate on studies instead of marriage. She asks him to have food. Tia backs her. Sagar says he will not have food as he will fall asleep after that and then she will take away his wife Tia. Gehna says she told him that he is still a kid and shouldn’t talk like this. He walks away throwing tantrums. Gehna and Tia walk behind him to stop him. She calls Anant and informs him what Sagar did. Anant and Krishna rush out to help him. A speeding car heads towards Tia. Sagar rescues her and himself injures his leg under car’s tyre. Sapan treats him and says he is severely injured and needs time to get well. Pankaj says until he gets well, he can stay here and then they will send him back to Jamnagar. Tia says Sagar will not go anywhere and will stay here as he saved her life. Gehna says she need not worry as Sapan gave him injection. Sagar thinks he was mad to give an accident idea to Kanak, driver was about to kill him and its good he somehow escaped. He acts and calls Tia. Tia walks to him. He asks if she is injured. She says he is injured and worried for her even this condition. Anant asks her to go to his room and let them take Sagar to his room Sagar cries that he wants to be with Tia.

Sagar’s mother Bhavani enters and asks where are they taking her son. Baa greets her. Hema and Chetan touch his feet. Bhavani asks Sagar if he will not touch her feet. Sagar asks who is this makeup aunty, if she is also a grandma like Baa. Kanak says she is. Bhavani asks what happened to he son, how is he injured. Tis says he got injured trying to save her life. Bhavani says she is her bahu and says Hema told how Sai filled her hairline. Anant says Tia is his sister and not her bahu. Bhavani in rude tone says her son filled sindhoor in Tia’s hairline and asks Baa if she knows the meaning of that. Bhavani says she knows, but Sagar is like a child. Gehna offers her water. Bhavani throws it away and yells at Gehna that she is responsible for Sagar’s condition. Anant warns her to mind her tongue as Sagar is himself responsible for his condition and if she was so worried for her son, why didn’t she take him to her house. Gehna asks Bhavani again to calm down as Sagar is like a kid. Bhavani yells he will be normal soon and asks if something happens to Bapuji, will Baa send him out of house. Baa reacts. Anant says they will never accept Sagar and Tai’s marriage as Sagar is insane and asks her to take her son away. Kanak thinks their drama will not move forward. Sagar insists that he will stay with Tia. Pankaj and Chetan drag him to his room and call a psychiatrist. Baa cries. Jigna blames Gehna for all the problems.

Sagar insists to meet Tia and hits himself with things around. Tia insists Anant to let her go. Anant denies. She promises that will not harmself or let anyone harm her, etc. He denies even then. Sagar shouts, and Tia cries. Hema and Bhavani try to control Sagar. Gehna with Krishna walks in and tells Sagar that she will hit herself if he hits himself. Sagar insists again to call Tia. Krishna says if he hurts himself, even Tia will be hurt and cry. Gehna thinks Krishna loves Tia, even then he is consoling Sagar; she realized that her friend has grown up. Kanak brings a psychiatrist and asks him to check Sagar. She signals Sagar and thinks Gehna doesn’t know that he is a fake doctor and came to show them what she wants to. Doctor sends everyone away saying he wants to speak to Sagar and closes door.

Bapuji asks Baa if she accepts whatever is happening outside. Baa says a mother is crying thinking what is happening with her daughter, life has brought her on a 2 way where both ways are wrong, she is afraid for her daughter, etc. Bapuji consoles her and asks her to trust god.

Doctor opens door and says he wants to meet Tia. Hema takes her down and gathers family. Doctor says after examining doctor, he realized that he wants to be with Tia and with her support he will get well soon. Bhavani pleads Tia to agree. Sagar falls on Gehna’s feet and pleads that she wants tia, sensously touching her legs. Gehna remembers him molesting her before and draws her feet back.

Precap: Gehna agrees for Tia and Sagar’s marriage and says Tia will marry Sagar first in a lavish way and then will go to her sasural.

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