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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 6

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 6

So I am here with the sixth chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.

So this story will be finishing in the next 4 chapters.

Chapter 6

Riddhima ducked and ran with Vansh ducking on the side, his arms over her shoulders trying to protect her while Daksh ran behind them and Angre fired covering them. They all reached inside the house where they saw Siya and Geeta horror struck. It was something new for Siya as she was just married however for Geeta it was normal but sudden. Riddhima went and pulled the two ladies before they were shot by the continuous firing.

Angre: All of you head to the safety chamber!!

Riddhima: But…

Daksh: (cutting her) He’s right, you all go we will follow from behind.

Riddhima: Okay bua, please start going and take Siya with you. Vansh you come with me

Vansh: you three go ahead I will follow and give you all protection from the back. (saw a few men trying to enter) Shit they’re entering in here, quickly go! Angre give me few pistols too.

Angre handed him 2 pistols and they all followed each other to the chamber that was underground. It was a safety chamber where in any case they would go there to protect themselves till everything doesn’t settle down. After Vansh, Angre tried sending Daksh however he objected and sent him first. As they all entered the safety chamber after shooting down a few people they noticed that Daksh wasn’t with them.

Riddhima: Dad!! Where is he? (worried)

Angre: I’ll go check for him!

Riddhima: (seeing Siya scared) No don’t go, I will go!

Vansh: Of course not! Are you mad! (concerned)

Riddhima: He’s my father!! And he’s out there alone! (shouting in worry)

Vansh: I will go get him!

Riddhima: What!

Vansh: Yea, I will get him and send him here safely! I promise! (assuring and about to leave)

Riddhima: (held his hand) You’re supposed to come here with him! Not only him!

Vansh: (moist eyes) I will (cupping her face)

Vansh loaded his gun and went out of the chamber to find Daksh. He tried going to each and every room in the house in search for him. He met a few shooters on the way which he tackled in his manner. He was only left with Daksh’s room. He entered and saw Daksh trying to fight with a man. In reflex he pressed the trigger towards them.

A bullet was shot!

Vansh: Leave now! (the man agreed and left)

It was Daksh who was shot by Vansh in his legs. Daksh stumbled and fell on the floor, wincing in pain while Vansh smirked seeing him wounded. Daksh looked up in anger and disbelief.

Daksh: You….did all this! (struggling to speak) Ahh! (holding his leg)

Vansh: Any doubt? (smirking) Yea I did all of this

Daksh: Why?

Vansh: Don’t act as if you don’t know! (walking towards him) Do I recite all your doings or will you like to remind yourself about them in heaven (his tongue out) oops sorry in hell!

He walked towards the window from where he saw all the shooters leaving in the cars they arrived in. He smirked seeing that. He received a call which brought a smile on his face. He picked it up and talked.

Vansh: All done! (victorious)

Vishaka: Perfect!! That’s why I chose you to be my third agent in this plan! (proud)

Vansh: People’s choices can go wrong however Vansh Rai Singhania can never go wrong! He’s on the ground, just waiting for your order and he will straight reach up.

Vishaka: Do anything but not before you get to know where he’s hidden the information.

Vansh: Of course.

They hung up the call and Vansh faced the wounded Daksh. He pocketed his hands and spoke with utmost pride and victory as he narrated his plan.

Vansh: Shocked Mr Daksh Malhotra! Well this was a full proof plan that was going on since years. Even though I wasn’t involved but the other two were.

Daksh: (astonished) Two?

Vansh: (laughing) Yes Mr Daksh! Now don’t interrupt otherwise you might just pass of without listening to your defeat! Any way so yes I was at the plan. I was approached a year back from RAW, undercover agent; Vishaka. The one who’s behind you since years.


(scenes that are relating to flashback and the  happenings will be in bold)

A café

Vishaka approached Vansh in a café where he was sipping his coffee and reading his newspaper. She sat in the vacant place opposite her and he sat there unaffected, engrossed in his reading.

Vishaka: Mr Vansh Rai Singhania, the best shooter!

Vansh: May I know who you are ma’am? (raising his eyebrows)

Vishaka: Let’s get it straight forward.

Vansh: I don’t anyway like talking around in bushes, so shoot!

Vishaka: I want you to work for me, will you?

Vansh: Why would I and who are you? (keeping down the newspaper and concentrating on her)

Vishaka: (coming closer to him) I’m an undercover RAW agent. I’m here to appoint you for our mission, for the country! For India!

Vansh: (straightened himself, serious) Me? Why (curious)

Vishaka: You’re a player, a shooter and a tough guy! Just a little bit of training and you’ll be fit for it

Vansh: And what’s this mission about?

Vishaka: hmm, seems you’re interested! (Pause) Must have heard about Daksh Malhotra? (he nodded)current Home minister and retired major. He’s deceiving the country. He is involved with the terrorists who are planning to attack India using the satellite codes from the borders.

Vansh: (shocked) What!

Vishaka: He has some vital codes and information that will help the terrorists to attack ……and if we get it then it will help us to save the country. So will you help us?

Vansh: For the country anything! But what do you mean by us? Since when has this been going on from?

Vishaka: Smart! You knew this isn’t some one day thing!

Vansh: (smirking) of course!

Vishaka: Hmm so I have two agents already appointed on this case from around 7 years now. This planning is a huge one, their attack is a massive one and can destroy the whole of India. The two agents were appointed 7 years back and the plan too but things weren’t working out that well and now finally we’ve gotten the lead that the attack planning is on the last stage. We need to get the codes as soon as possible! The two agents are really close to Daksh and have been passing information to us.

Vansh: Interesting, Very Interesting! So what’s the next plan? What do I have to do?

Vishaka: The plan is that you’ll go to him indirectly and get the codes from him by extracting information from him. There will be all sorts of acts in between you reach to him. When the right time comes we will plan accordingly. But for now we will train you to become a specialized agent.

Vansh: Okay, (looking around) I don’t think you came here unprepared for sure. All these men around are appointed by you right? (smiling)

Everyone surrounding them in the coffee shop were Vishaka’s men. This was a topic that was meant to be as confidential and not to be shared in the public so how could Vishaka just simply choose a café for that without any preparations. They all saluted her and she passed a smile on to them and looked at Vansh.

Vishaka: You knew this too!

Vansh: This isn’t something you would easily discuss in the public, am I right or am I right?

Vishaka: You can ask your sister about the rest of the information.

Vansh: (perplexed) My sister? Ishani?

Vishaka: Absolutely! (laughing) She’s one of us too! She works as a hacker for us, undercover for us!

Vansh: Seriously! (shocked) But mom?

Vishaka: She doesn’t know anything.

Vansh: Okay so when do we start?

Vishaka: Tomorrow, Ishani has the information, check on with her.

Vansh: Alright!

Vishaka left but not before shaking hands with him. He headed back to his house and talked with Ishani. Soon then he started his training for an undercover agent. He was already an expert in shooting so it was not much problem to him. He was trained in fighting, different exercises to build up his body, all the planning knowledge and briefing about the plan. It took him around one year to be fully trained for this mission and they all worked hard behind him. Soon then Vishaka informed him the plan as the days were nearing.

Vishaka: Vansh, you’re now ready to go for the mission.

Vansh: The plan!

Vishaka: Here it is. You will go to Belgrade for a tournament and you will of course ace it at your own ability. While returning you will be returning at a particular time where there is a possibility that you might me this girl. (showing Riddhima’s picture)

Vansh: How will I meet this girl? And who is she?

Vishaka: She is Daksh Malhotra’s daughter. Daksh has called her to India and my agent will inform us how things will go. You don’t worry about all that. All you should know is that you will be with her throughout and that’s how you will make an entry to Daksh’s life. (The airport incident) You will be informing me everything that happens, and most will be done by your sister. Once you reach Delhi i will be informed by my other spies from the airport. They will be keeping an eye on you (A man watched them from the airport terrace and reported to Vishaka)

 (Vansh’s conversation with Ishani-a secret code language to ask if everything was going according to the plan)

Vansh: Okay good. Then?

Vishaka: You will get entry into his house and your real work starts from then. You’ll mark everything there (noticing things on the walls and the interior) and I will order for a shootout where you will take the opportunity and confront Daksh! (present)

Flashback ends

Vansh: Now quick, tell me where the codes are!! (anger)

Daksh: Do….you think….I will tell you! (pain) It’s inside something really close to me….you can’t even imagine! Do your best to find it

Vansh: (going to him and holding his collar) You don’t have much time! Shoot!

Daksh: It’s inside something really close to me….you can’t even imagine! Do your best to find it (repeating)

Vansh: Damn you!! (anger)

Vansh took out a bottle from his pocket and forcefully fed Daksh. Daksh tried stopping however Vansh was stronger and therefore successfully fed him that. It was a bottle of poison that would slowly poison him to death.

Vansh: I hate betrayers!! Enjoy your journey to HELL!! (threw the bottle on the floor)

Soon Daksh lost his conscious and stopped breathing, he was dead. Vansh heard a few footsteps and he quickly stabled himself and cleared everything around him. Riddhima entered and was shocked seeing the sight in front of her; making her to let out a scream.

Riddhima: Dad!!!! (she ran to him and tried waking him up) Dad, wake up!! What happened to him Vansh?

Vansh: I’m sorry Riddhima! He had died as soon as I came here! (comforting her) (thinking) I’m sorry Riddhima, I can’t see you hurt and dejected however your father deserved this!

Riddhima: Dad!! (crying, shaking him) Why??!!!


Everyone mourns for Daksh’s demise.

Mahira arrives to Delhi

Other two agents revealed

So this was the sixth chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.


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