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Do you deserve me? Riansh os (part 2)

Yo! I am back and early. Arey kaisa yar i was kidding i know you all must have missed me 🙃😬. Those who don’t know i was having neck pain which is better now. Don’t take my rubbish srsly. Hope you will like this part….



Uma hugged vansh and he started with his questions.



Vansh: where were you? Dint missed me? What is this girl doing with you? Are you okay? Did anyone do with you anything?



Uma: come on vansh stop it let me tell. Hm i was in hospital. I missed you beta. How can you say her this girl. (angry) because of her i am fine. Better apologize now!



Vansh was shocked he looked at riddhima who toh was still calm.



Vansh: mom you don’t know her.



Uma: don’t tell me about her i know her better than you.



Just then all the drama family members camed there. What is there role? I guess to stand like a statue or umm just enjoy the drama. Well families are much better than thesee all members.



Dadi(oh come on i dont want to call her dadi anymore): uma! My child you are alive. (yeah i guess so?)



Ishani: mom!



Chachi: didi!



(Hatt yar sab ke nhi dene hai toh juthe he)


Uma: yes i am totally fine all because of riddhima. (smiles at her)




All together: what!??



Riddhima was still standing there just then she received a call she attended it and left to a corner. She camed back after few minutes and said….



Riddhima: mam i need to leave it’s urgent.



Uma: riddhima!



Riddhima: sorry sorry mom please?



Uma: ok go but you will come here at evening. (smiles)



Riddhima: maybe (looks at vansh) maybe not. I can’t say. Ok bye.



Uma camed inside and got freashed. Then started telling about what exactly happened.



So,i was running on road before 2 years because i was being chased by someone. I was running blanky….just then! One car camed and was about to hit me a girl camed and saved me. She was riddhima…..




2 years back



Riddhima: mam! Are you fine?



Uma: save me! They will kill me!



Riddhima: who? Wait come with me and tell.



Riddhima took her in her house and did her aid. She asked…



Riddhima: hm now tell me who are following you?



Uma: I don’t know her but her plan is to kill me and marry my husband and to take property of raisinghania’s. (crying)



Riddhima: how cheap! Mam don’t worry i can help you. I will make a scene like this that you are dead and then i she will surely enter your house and after some times i will also reach there and try to expose her.



Uma: thank you so…..


Suddenly someone shoots her on her head and ran from there.



Riddhima (shocked): mam!



She took her hospital and secretary started doing her treatment.


And then she camed as a physiotherapist in vr mansion and started collecting proofs. (same show but against anupriya)



But when vansh jumped off cliff. She thought how will uma take this news. But after seeing vihaan she quickly recognized him and played along. After anupriya being arrest she was so happy. She knew vansh is torchering her but she didn’t said anything as it was of few days only. One day she received a call that uma is absolutely fine and after 2 days she will get discharged. She becamed happy and waited for her near entrence….







Uma: i was glad she is my bahu. But (eying everyone) she deserves much better than you all. (angry)



Vansh was now guilty. What else he can do.



Vansh: mom. She..she saved you and me. What i did.



It was now evening…



Riddhima entered there and said to uma.


Riddhima: sorry ma. I was unable to save siya. But i got some medicines for her. She will recover soon. And…



Vansh: riddhima i am sorry.



Riddhima: it’s ok mr vansh. This is my job. I am used to it.



Wait guys have i given full introduction of heroine? She is cbi officer riddhima roy.



Vansh: job?



Riddhima: it’s my duty. I am cbi officer riddhima roy.



Chachi: what about kabir?



Riddhima: i have sended him as well to his correct place. JAIL.



Now whole family arey yar this family word will not suit. Anyway all were shocked.



Riddhima: and mom i have an urgent case in delhi so today is my flight.



Vansh: you will not go anywhere.



Riddhima: who are you to decide?



Vansh: riddhima i am your husband. (sobbing)



Riddhima started walking towards ahana nad said….



Riddhima: she is your wife and you are her husband.



Vansh: no! You are and you will.



Riddhima: see mr vansh that was a fake marriage and i could have surely accepted it. After THIS I can’t. You only told na i don’t deserve you.



Do you deserve me?



She left from there while saying this.



Ohk so do you understood whatever i said at start of this os?


Big mansion but not big from heart.

Family but a fake one.

Known but made her unknown aka riddhima

Reporters but covering a fake news.

Host but now is nothing.


It was all possible if ego was not there.



What if he could have seen cctv? What if he could have trusted her once? No no no this all was not possible because one villan that is ego was still there.



End of this os. I hope you liked it. Do tell in comments i will update you soon but I don’t know with ff or os. Ff ka sochna padega. Radhika lo 😂 de diya 2nd part. Tumhari feelings hai. Thanks for your wishes everyone. Take care bye bye

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