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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik wants Sirat’s happiness

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sirat and Nani having a talk. She says I have to wear this chunri tomorrow, don’t make a sad face, I m getting married, shall I not marry. Nani says no, talk good things. Sirat says we are marrying with all the rituals, why are you worried. Nani says I m worried for Goenkas and us, nothing should happen to them. Sirat says nothing will happen to them, its my promise to you, smile now, I will get cheese burgers and fries. She makes Nani smile. Kairav comes and clicks a pic. Sirat asks Kairav what happened. Kartik says nothing. She says there is something that you kept the marriage tomorrow itself, what did Ranvir’s dad tell you, you increased the security also. He says nothing, just as a precaution.

Chauhan talks to someone and says I have thought but you have to do it, send me the info. Sirat says don’t put the family in danger, Ranvir and I will go away. Kartik asks what do you think, my family won’t be safe, I will get shot. She stops him and asks how did you say such an inauspicious thing, you didn’t think how will I feel, Ranvir got shot for my sake, I got to know it after two years, I had tolerated it, but I can’t tolerate if anything happens to you or your family, this time I will knock out his dad. He says don’t get angry, get ready to become Sirat Ranvir Chauhan. She says I know you are ending the matter, but why are you taking a big risk for me, anyone would think of family, but you are thinking for me, how can anyone be so good, why are you doing this big favor on me. He shows the ring and says I m keeping my friendship. She cries and says I didn’t keep any fast to get such a friend. He says don’t get senti, don’t make me senti, I m not mad like you, I will punch you. She asks will you raise hand on me. He says no, I m just supporting you. He gets a message.

He sees Sirat’s funny video and laughs. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She says tell me. He shows the video. She says you didn’t do right by giving phone to Kairav, I will see him. He says don’t dare to tell anything to my son, what an artist, amazing, see how he made a tail.

Chauhan gets some details. He says Sirat versus Nandini Singh’s match. He says match is day after tomorrow, I got mahurat of tomorrow itself. Sirat says you left friendship when its about your son. She asks him to give the phone. Kairav comes and clicks their pic. Sirat sees the arrangements and happily cries. Manish checks security. Kartik sees Sirat. Suwarna asks is anyone coming from Ranvir’s side. Kartik says no. Suwarna says we will become bride and groom’s families. Manish taunts her. Kartik says Sirat is here only, you are saying this.

Manish says so what. He goes. Kartik goes to Sirat and says don’t feel bad of Manish’s words. Sirat says no. He asks why are you crying then. She says its tears of joy, I got much love here. He says Rothlu. She says don’t call me that. He says no one can tell you anything. Manish scolds the man and says what if the bride gets hurt. Everyone smiles seeing his concern. Manish says what are you seeing, we won’t let her get hurt or not let anything go wrong, if we took the responsibility. He goes. Kartik says dad cares for everyone. He asks Sirat to go and get ready for haldi. Sirat goes. Manish asks Suwarna to keep the watch safe. Suwarna asks him to wear it in the eveing. Manish says fine, you polish it then, be careful. She says I know, I will keep it safe. He goes on a call. Sirat comes there. Suwarna says you didn’t get ready till now. Suwarna says I have come to do a small thing, is this work of any king. Suwarna says it belongs to Manish’s dad, he loves it a lot. Sirat says I also have few things of my dad, that’s close to my heart, things aren’t valuable when people are in front of us, it becomes precious when they leave, you and your family did a lot for my family, I got this small gift for you, I used to hate family seeing mine, but you all changed my thinking, I got to know what’s family, love and support.

Suwarna says we get to know real family value when you keep it with love, we won’t let you go away. Sirat says I don’t want to go. Manish comes back. Sirat bends to touch his feet. He doesn’t see and goes. Suwarna says Manish stays upset for long. Sirat leaves. Suwarna keeps the gift box. The watch falls in the dustbin. Room service guy comes and takes the dustbin.

Sirat gives a gift to Gayu. She says I will come to meet you. Gayu says yes, if you don’t come, then we will come. Vansh calls Gayu. They go. Kartik comes to Sirat. She says I was giving gifts to everyone, just Manish is left. He says you didn’t give any gift to me. She says I can’t give you any gift, even the precious gift will fall short. He says Kohinoor will be enough. She laughs. He says this is the gift for me, stay happy and smiling always, just like Buddha. She laughs. He says you took the same now, please go and get ready, I have much work. She asks are you nervous. He says its your marriage. She says I m not nervous today, is there anything wrong. He jokes. He says you are sure about Ranvir and yourself, why would you be nervous, you both love each other and going to marry, this is the happiest time of your life. She asks sure. He says yes, shall I tell Ranvir, nervousness doesn’t suit you, stay in punching zone, get ready now. She goes.

Ranvir comes and greets them. Suwarna says we will do your haldi. Kairav asks where is Sirat, she isn’t in her room. Kartik says don’t panic, I saw her in the corridor some time back. Kairav says call her. Akhilesh gets her phone and says I got this phone fallen there, who are you calling, whose phone is this. Ranvir says Sirat… did my dad do anything. Nani asks where did she go. Manish says we were afraid of this, did anything happen to her. Kairav asks where is Sirat, will anything happen to her. Kartik recalls Chauhan’s words.

Ranvir and Kartik look for Sirat. Kartik stops a man and asks what’s in this sack. The man says nothing. They check the sack.

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