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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 28

At Night at dining table :
” So , what song to select ? ” Ria spoked with excitement
” Better to select aaj sajeya song , it’s trending you see , and I loved it” rivan spoke to ria
” Hmm , there are a lot of things to do tomorrow , as it’s brother day and our school’s 10th anniversary” Vriddhi spoke to the gang
” Hmm , you are saying the words like if you are going to do all the decorations with your own hands ” Anju said in a sarcastic way
” So , tomorrow there are celebrations held at your school ” ishani asked the gang
All noded at excitement clearly visible in their faces
” Hmm , I have a great plan for you, be ready to get it ” ria thought in her mind
The next day at school The children showered up the stage with flowers
Principal : with everyone’s support, we got till here , happy 10th anniversary .
There are astonishing performances
At the same time
” Hmm , everytime I just saw you as my friend , but today , I wanna say , I want a different relation with you ,And that is of a brother and sister “Ria spoke with moist eyes to rivan who is shocked by her words
” Now what disaster will occur ” anju spoke
” None can save ria ” ishaan said
” Everyone knew he doesn’t want any other girl than his own , in his life as his sister ” saahil spoke .
Rivan doesn’t speak anything and left from there immediately .
At Night ;
He is pale and doesn’t have any expression in his eyes .
Vansh and riddima came near him and saw his strange behavior
Vansh : what happened rives ?
Riddima : any problem rivan ?
Rivan said nothing
Ria came and sat beside him
Ria : I am sorry , if I hurt you
Vansh : what happened ?
Ria : actually , I thought to take our friendship forward and make our relation as bro & sis .
Riansh are left in shock
Riddima : you said so ??
Ria : yes , but I doesn’t feel he is gonna accept it , just leave it na rives , if you have any problem , just leave it .
Ria leaves from there and goes to terrace
Vansh goes to her stands beside her
Vansh : there is a huge reason , that he doesn’t accept you as his sister
Ria : but what is it ?
Vansh : 4years back , in the naming ceremony of his sistet, he lost his her in a fire accident , which is caused by my enemy .
Ria is left shocked and felt guilty for asking him
Vansh : he is in guilt , that he broke his promise , as a brother , he can’t save his sister , he left in guilt these all years , every birthday , and the date , when is her naming ceremony , both riddima and he doesn’t liked to go out and talk to anyone . And my wife used to get the flashes &  nightmares of that incident , she used to cry at nights and even went into trauma .
Ria just can’t believe what she is listening and a tear droplet fell down from her eyes
Ria left from there to her room
Rivan came to her room and riansh followed him
Rivan : I am sorry ria , I ignored you
Ria : I can understand that pain rives , when we loose someone close to us . It’s ok , and I am truly sorry for everything .
Ria : I lost my parents 4 years back, I doesn’t know how they look , why they left me , appa always stood by me and consoled me .
Rivan and riansh are left shocked
Rivan : so you are living with rudra papa since 4years
Ria : yes
The duo consoled and slept
The Next day
At school :
Teacher : so children , tomorrow there is a small time trip which is of 3days , be ready .
All students get excited

Precap :  trip to chennai

Guys if its small , pl excuse as I am suffering from cough cold and headache , I am not able to write a big update

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