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Take your life or give you my life. #Riansh OS Part 2 (the last part)

Hello guys. Here is the new and the final part of this os. I hope you like it and do tell me your opinions on the comments.
So let’s start.
Riddhima was standing on a far area from Vansh in a destructed mind.
Vansh has came near her.
Then he has hugged her a very tight and long hug.

Vansh: What is going on with my princess? Since we have waked up, you aren’t fine and you are distracted so much. So can I know the reason behind that my hottie girl?
Riddhima wasn’t replying to Vansh.
She was just being more and more closer to him by being in his arms.
Riddhima to herself: I have to complete my mission. I can’t listen to my heart. I can’t imagine that the most heartless assassin in the mafia world got to fall for you Vansh, but I can’t do that. I can’t destroy my career.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a caring and sorry way.

Then she has putted her hand on Vansh’s face.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Vansh. I’m really sorry, but I have to complete my mission. I’m so sorry my love.
After she has finished her words, she has gotten out her gun and she has shot.
Before this with half an hour, Riddhima was still staring at Vansh.

Riddhima’s POV starts:
I wasn’t understanding what I was owing it inside me.
I wasn’t able to understand why I’m caring about Vansh that much.
It supposed to be the most easiest thing to me when I take anyone’s soul.
I have never taken any time thinking before killing anyone.
I always do that with cold blood and with enjoyable feeling.
But I don’t know why I’m feeling guilty for what I have to do it with you Vansh.
I don’t know why I’m so attached to this night that we have spent together yesterday Vansh.
I don’t know why I’m not able to leave you or make you away from me.
I’m assassin and my work is to take life not to give life so how I could feel that feelings to my target?!
How I could own that special feeling to a soul that I supposed to take it after some time?!
Actually, I’m not even able to call him “soul” like I always call about my targets.
Because for me he isn’t a soul that I could easily take it.
I have fallen for Vansh!!!
This is the only logical reason for what I’m feeling now.
I have fallen for my target that I have to kill him after some time.
I have fallen for the one who I don’t have any option other than killing him by my hand.
I have fallen for you Vansh and at the same time I will never be able to be with.
I will never be able to tell you that because simply you will not be here at this world after some time.
But actually, do I will be able to take his life after I have got sure that I have fallen for him or my hand will shake and I will not be able to shoot him?!
Do my heart will be the thing that will destroy my whole career?
Do actually Vyom will leave me if I have listened to my heart and didn’t have killed Vansh?!
Vyom will never leave neither me nor Vansh.
I can’t bow to my heart.
I can’t put my life in danger.
I can’t.
I have to kill Vansh.
I have to kill my love with my own hand.
I have to kill the only man that I have loved him in my life.
I have to kill my love after I have found him.
At the end, this is the life of the assassin.
The assassin will never care about any relation.
The assassin will do what it supposed to do.
This was my duty and this was my life.
And this will never change.
Riddhima the assassin must kill Vansh and kill with it Riddhima the lover.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Riddhima was keeping enjoying sinking on Vansh while he was sleeping.
Afterwards, Vansh has waked up.

He was looking at her while she was staring at him that much.
He kept staring at her so much in a very cute and romantic way.

Then he has came very close to her.

He was so happy while being that close to her.
Riddhima wasn’t able to make him be away from her.
She was wanting to keep being that close to him.

She was being so relaxed while he was making her very close to him.
He was sinking on her and she was leaving herself to him.

Vansh: Good morning sweetheart.
Riddhima: Good morning Vansh.
Riddhima has gotten out from bed after wearing Vansh’s shirt.

She was trying to control herself.
She was trying to not look at Vansh’s eyes.
So she could be able to implant her plan and finish her mission without making her guilt control her.
Then Vansh has came closer to her by hugging her from her back.

Vansh: I will not make you away from me Riddhima. I will not make you apart from me after I have found you. I wasn’t expecting that I could reach to this point with a girl in that very short time. I wasn’t expecting that I could fall for a girl in that short time.
Riddhima’s body has freezed after hearing those words from Vansh.
Her hearts beats have got so much high.
She has turned to face him by putting her hands around his neck and being so close to him.

Riddhima: What you have said Vansh? Please repeat it once again.
He has smiled at her.

Then he has made her so close to him to feel her breathes.

Vansh: Yes sweetheart I have fallen for you. I don’t know how this has happened that quickly, but this is the truth. I love you Riddhima. I love you so much sweetheart.
Riddhima was staring at him so much.

She was happy from inside her, but she was also burning so much for what she should do with him afterwards.
Vansh has made Riddhima so close to him to make her feel his love towards her.

She didn’t has felt on herself when she has thrown herself in Vansh’s arms.

Riddhima: I love you Vansh. I really love you so much.
She didn’t has felt one herself when she has confessed her feelings to him.
She was just want to be very close to him.
Vansh has got so happy hearing Riddhima’s confession.
He has got more closer to her to feel each part of her.

Then he has kissed her in her cheek in a very romantic way.

Get back to the actual time.
Riddhima didn’t got able to shoot Vansh.
The gun shot has just got into a near vase to Vansh.
Vansh has got shocked from what Riddhima has done.

Riddhima: I can’t do that. I can’t kill you Vansh. I can’t do that. My heart isn’t making me do that Vansh.
She sits on the floor and she starts crying.

Riddhima: I don’t deserve your love Vansh. I don’t deserve your innocent and pure heart. You are so innocent man not like me. I’m a cheap and selfish girl. I’m a very cheap assassin Vansh who has just came to kill you by putting you in the trap of my beauty. I don’t deserve your pure love Vansh.
Vansh has surprised Riddhima when he has smiled at her.

She wasn’t understanding his unexpected reaction.
She was being shocked seeing this reaction of him.

He has came closer to her and he has surrounded her with his hands.

Vansh: I love you Riddhima no matter what.
Riddhima: Vansh, are you mad?? I’m telling you I’m an assassin and I have came to kill you and trap you along with cheating you and playing with your emotions. How you are still saying that you love me?!!! I’m not understanding your reaction!!!! You didn’t have got shocked for a second Vansh as if you were aware of my truth from the beginning.
Vansh: Now you have got into the right track.
Riddhima: What?! What do you mean?! Do you were really knowing my truth??!
Vansh: Yes sweetheart. I was knowing your truth since I have seen you Riddhima. I’m not that fool sweetheart and this isn’t the first time that one of my enemies send an assassin to me so I starts to be able to smell the presence of any new assassin. So I have caught your behaviours from the first time and actually I have got sure when we have came here sweetheart as I have got able to see all the information about me and everything about your mission in your mobile when we were together and you weren’t noticing that. So I have known that you are the assassin who supposed to kill me.
Riddhima: And still you are saying that you love me Vansh?!!!
Vansh: Yes Riddhima I still love you. I have fallen for you since I have met you. Even when I was doubting that you are an assassin, still I have fallen for you and I have fallen in your trap by my own decision. I don’t know why I was being sure that you will never complete your mission. I was sure that you will not be able to do that. Actually, I was challenging myself that at the last moment you will not kill me. And here you have made me own the challenge.
Riddhima: But what if I have got to kill you??
Vansh: Still I would have became happy. I would have became so proud that I have got died by the hand of the only woman that I have loved her in my whole life.
Riddhima: But Vansh I’m a very bad girl with a very bad past.
Vansh: We don’t have to concentrate on the past Riddhima. What matters now is the future and I could notice the innocence in your eyes and that what matters to me.
Riddhima: They will never allow me to leave the mafia world. Vyom will never leave me Vansh.
He has putted his hand on her face to calm her down.

Vansh: You can’t think about anything when I’m with you Riddhima. We will handle everything together. I will protect you from anything and everything. When we are just together, nothing could defeat us.
Riddhima has hugged Vansh a very long and warm hug.

Riddhima: But what we will do now Vansh??? I told you it isn’t easy at all for me to leave this mafia world. I told you that Vyom will never leave me. What we w…
Before Riddhima could be able to complete her words, Vansh has kissed her a very long kiss that has made her got very relaxed and has made her silent.

Vansh: Calm down sweetheart. I told you that you don’t have to worry at all when I’m with you. He will never be able to do anything to you as actually we will leave the whole country and none of those mafia people will be able to reach to us.
Riddhima: What?!
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima were at the airport.
They were holding each other hands while they were smiling.

They were happy that after some moments they will be together forever and no one will be able to cause any problems to them.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh while she was smiling.

Riddhima: Thank you so much Vansh. Thank you for accepting and forgiving me. Thank you for giving me second chance to atone with it everything I have done it at the past. Thank you for loving me that unconditional love. Thank you for protecting me from my past. Thank you so much Vansh. I’m so grateful to God that he has putted you on my way. I love you so much Vansh.
Vansh has got closer to her.
Then he has kissed her in her arm while she has kissed him in his forehead.

Vansh: Everyone should take a second chance sweetheart. It is just about what you will do when you take this second chance and my sweetheart didn’t has missed this second chance and this what I’m so proud of you about it. I love you so much Riddhima.
They have hugged each other.

At that exact moment, Vansh and Riddhima have seen Vyom along with some of his men coming near them.
Vyom was looking at them in a challenging way.

Vyom: Hello my friends. Do you both think that you both will be able to play from Vyom’s back? Do you both think that you both will be able to leave the country from my back? No my sweet friends. This will never happen with Vyom Arora. You have done a very huge mistake by back stabbing me Riddhima and you will pay for it.
He has signed to his men to take Vansh and Riddhima.
Vansh has fought with them all.
Then he has taken Riddhima out of the airport.
Vyom and his men were following them while holding their guns.
Vyom to his men: Don’t leave them. I want their dead bodies.
Vansh and Riddhima have reached to a jungle.
Then were keeping running.

Vansh was holding Riddhima protectively.
Vansh: Nothing will happen to you Riddhima. Don’t worry I’m with you.
She has stopped running and she has faced him.
Riddhima: I’m sure of that Vansh. I know that you will never leave me and you will be always with me. I’m not afraid from Vyom or from anyone not just because I’m that great assassin who is having so much power and could face anyone so easily, but because now I also have another power which is the power of your love Vansh.
She has looked at him deeply.
Riddhima( completing her words): When I have felt something special towards you Vansh, I was keeping asking do I have met you to take your life or to give you my life?!
Vansh: And what the answer that you have got it to this question?
Riddhima: I could merely give you my life Vansh just for your safety and at the same time I could take anyone’s life just for your sake. I will never be able to get rid of the soul of the assassin that easily and I will just get her out when it comes to your safety Vansh and I think that it is the time for Riddhima the assassin to get out.
She has said those words when she has seen Vyom’s men coming near them.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I think that I will see a very different shade of my sweetheart.
Both of them have smiled at each other.

Riddhima: Just watch and see what could your Riddhima do just for your safety.
Vansh: I love you so much Riddhima.
Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.
Then Riddhima starts shooting at Vyom’s men while Vansh and she were trying to escape from them.




























The end of the last part of this os. I hope you have liked it guys and do tell me how it was. I was so overwhelmed from all of yours respond on the first part that’s why I have got this second part. I hope you have enjoyed it. I will be waiting for all of yours comments as all of your comments is the thing that encourages me to write more os episodes. Your respond here is the thing that will make me know if I will write a new os or not. So do comment so many comments here guys so I could be encouraged to update more os episodes. I hope you all could break the previous record of my comments by commenting so much. So please keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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