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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 14)

Recap – Ashwini agrees to what Advay said.

Chapter 14

A week later.

Advay talks to Meghna who is Sayi’s Psychotherapist. They were discussing about her results.

Advay – How long will it take for her?

Meghna – Very soon Advay. She’s a very smart girl. But, in the process of getting fit, she overdoes things which will make her weak! That’s the only problem I found in her.

Advay – She’s always like that. Do you need my help?

Meghna – Just be by her side! She kinda has a lost feeling.

Advay – What do you mean?

Meghna – Not because you told me her past, I’m telling you this. If you carefully look at her, you’ll be able to see her pain. The pain of not having anyone in her world.

Advay – Meghna, I’m her family.

Meghna – Advay, that you are saying na. According to her, for the past 18 years, her only family was her Abba and Mausi. She won’t be able to digest the fact that, she has someone other than her Abba and Mausi. She doesn’t know that she’s the only granddaughter of Dadu.

Advay understands and nods.

Advay (relaxes) – Time to show, my little girl her world.

Meghna – As I said before Advay, don’t rush things. Everything has its own time!

Advay nods and left.

Sayi’s Room.

Sayi was trying to get down from the bed when she slipped, a strong hand held her by her waist. They have a eye lock.

Sayi – You?

Virat – Yes, ofcourse.

Sayi – I thought, you won’t be coming. (Shrugging his hands off from her, she sits on the bed)

Virat – How can I not come, when my wife is here?

Sayi (smiled) – Achaa, then why didn’t you meet me last week?

Virat (hesitates) – How shall I tell you?

Sayi – It’s okay, leave it. Virat sir, will you come with me for a walk?

Virat (delighted)- With pleasure.

Virat stands up and holds Sayi close.

Sayi (looks confused) – Virat sir, what are you doing?

Virat – What do you mean?

Sayi – Virat sir, just hold my hand. If you hold me by shoulder, there’ll be a slight pain to my wounds.

Virat (looked sad) – I’m sorry.

Sayi – It’s okay. Now, come and hold my hand.

He holds hers and walks.

They go near the lawn area and sit.

Virat – Are you comfortable?

Sayi – Yes sir.

Virat sits next to her.

Sayi – Virat sir, when will I get discharged?

Virat (smiles) – Arey, not so soon Sayi. You aren’t well. Take maximum rest, because once you come back home, you’ll have to fight with kaku and others.

Sayi pretends to be angry.

Virat – Arey Meri Biwi…I’m Sorryyy!

Sayi smiles.

Sayi – Anyways, to what you said, I won’t be returning back to Chavan Niwas.

Virat looks confused.

Virat – Then? Where will you go?

Sayi – I have talked to the Dean. He has arranged everything for me.

Virat – But Sayi, they won’t give rooms for married people right?

Sayi – Haan…He didn’t agree first, and then…

Advay – Then, I talked to him and he agreed.

Virat and Sayi looked at Advay. Virat fumed and Sayi smiled.

Sayi – Advayyyy…

Advay – Sayiiiii

Virat (irritated) – Hello Dr. Advay.

Advay nodded and sat next to Sayi.

Sayi moved herself from Virat and was more close to Advay.

Due to heavy winds, Sayi wasn’t able to tie her hair. Advay immediately tied it for her and smiled.

Virat fumed.











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