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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav apologizes to Simar 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sandhya congratulating Indu and calls her samdhan ji. Indu congratulates her too. Reema takes blessings of badi maa and Sandhya. Aarav takes blessings from Avinash and Indu and touches their feet. He looks at Simar 2. Simar 2 asks Indu to start the puja and says she will bring the flowers. Badi maa says choti Simar is saying right, we shall do puja first. Simar 2 brings flowers plate and collides with Aarav accidentally. The plate falls down. Ishq yeh plays….They look at each other. He says sorry. Simar 2 says no problem, we have more flowers. Aarav says not for the flowers but for the mistake that I did that day. He says he is feeling bad for that day. A fb is shown, Aarav insulting her badly. Simar 2 says no problem. Aarav says you are saying no problem as I insulted you much. He says I thought…Simar 2 says Reema di and I use the same phone and that’s why confusion happened. He says this can’t justify my mistake and asks her to accept his apology. She is about to go. Aarav asks her to listen and shows the mobile phone box. Simar 2 says she can’t accept it. Aarav says if you don’t take it then I will think that you haven’t accepted my apology. Simar looks at them and smiles. Aarav comes back and keeps the phone in the plate. Pandit ji asks Reema to concentrate on the puja and present the flowers for the puja. Reema asks Simar what was Aarav saying? Simar 2 says he was offering gift for the misunderstanding. Pandit ji asks Reema to concentrate. Simar asks Aarav what was he giving her? Aarav says he was offering bribe for his mistake. Pandit ji tells that the puja is completed and gives the wedding cards to Badi Maa. Sandhya says kids haven’t come till now. Aditi and the Rehaan comes there.

Aarav wonders where is Vivaan? Badi Maa invites Avinash and Indu for her elder grand son’s marriage. Avinash also gives her invitation card of Reema’s marriage and asks them to come. Lalit comes to Aarav and says he heard that his marriage cards are getting distributed. He asks where is my card? Roma greets badi Maa and others. Raghav and Shobha also come there. Indu invites them for the wedding. Badi Maa asks Raghav to come from their side and asks Sandhya to give gift to Reema. She blesses Reema. Roma gets happy to see heavy silver plate. Rehaan comes there and tells that another gift from Aarav Bhai for Simar Didi. Aarav is standing far and holds his ears, apologizing to Simar 2.

Reema checks the phone and says it is latest model. Simar 2 says I can’t take it. Reema says who ask you to take it, asks her to take the old phone and says I will use this new phone. Reema looks at Simar 2 and Aarav looking at each other. Aarav comes to Simar. Simar asks where is Vivaan? Aarav says I will check. He sees Vivaan coming and goes to him. Reema asks Simar with whom Aarav is talking to. She turns and then looks back at Aarav and Vivaan walking together. Vivaan feigns smile on his face for his brother’s happiness. She recalls her meetings with Vivaan, their hug and her plan to elope with him. Aarav introduces Vivaan to Reema as his younger brother, his blood and life. Reema gets shocked. Vivaan says hi and introduces himself as Vivaan Oswal. He forwards his hand for hand shake. Reema gets shocked and recalls Vivaan telling that he is brand manager and his boss is Aarav Oswal, he is like his brother. She looks at him and then shakes her hand with his hand. He also recalls their moments. Aarav looks at them. Vivaan takes back his hand and says welcome to the family Reema ji.

Roma tells Reema that people call Aarav and Vivaan as Raj and Lakshman and even Mummy ji praises them a lot. She introduces Simar 2 to them as her younger sister and says she is very good. Aarav says yes, your both sisters are good and says you have accepted my gift, so shall I believe that you have forgiven me. Simar 2looks at Reema. Reema nods her head. Simar 2 says I forgave you. Simar comes there and asks if the guys are troubling the girls. Vivaan says they are making my brother apologize before marriage and jokes. Badi Maa tells Avinash and Indu that they will leave now. Indu says we will also go, and have to start the arrangements. Simar asks Aarav and Vivaan to drop Simar 2 and Reema to their home. She asks Roma if she has any problem. Roma says no, tells that she will inform at home and asks Aarav to bring them soon. Vivaan asks Aarav to go with Reema alone and tells that he will drop her (Simar 2). He asks what is your name? Simar 2 says Simar. He says Maasi’s name, so it means you are like my Maasi. Simar says she is very lovely and very soon you will befriend her. Vivaan says I befriended her hearing her name. He asks Simar 2 to come. Simar 2 asks Simar to come with them. Simar says ok. Reema looks at Devesh who is standing far. She turns to Aarav and starts to leave. Devesh thinks she was with Vivaan till yesterday and today she is with Aarav Oswal. Reema is about to slip. He holds her hand. Reema looks at him. They start walking again. Reema apologizes for the old misunderstanding. Aarav says forget the past, my family is happy and that’s important for him. She asks how much important I am? He says we are getting married and asks if she needs any prove. Aditi and Rehaan come there and introduce themselves to Reema. They compliment her beauty. Aarav says that’s why you break our conversation. They insist for a gift. He asks them to take his credit card and buy one mobile each. They ask him to come with them.

Vivaan comes there and says he is happy to see her happy. Reema asks why did you lie to me, you said that you was brand manager. Vivaan asks if everything had changed if I told you truth. She says you can’t judge me. Vivaan says you are going to marry my brother, whom I love a lot and asks her to forget that they had met ever. He turns and sees Simar standing. She says everyone is waiting there and you are still here. Vivaan says lets go. Devesh thinks she is playing with Oswal’s son, thinks herself smart, thinks to show her how a game is played, thinks he will not leave her for house or ghaat. Reema thinks Vivaan might tell someone about them. She then sees Devesh there and says shit. Simar asks what happened? Reema says no and tells that she will go home with Maa and Papa. Vivaan says I will inform Roma Bhabhi. Simar asks what happened? Reema says she is feeling unwell and asks her not to worry. Simar says I will inform Aarav and asks her to drink cold water after sitting in car. Aarav comes to the car where Simar is standing. Roma asks Reema if she is fine. Aarav tells Simar 2 that Simar maasi texted that Reema left with your parents and asked me to drop you. Simar 2 thinks how will I go with him.

Precap: Aarav tells Simar about icecream as they hate it. Later Simar 2 falls and Aarav holds her. Reema sees them together and slaps Simar 2 hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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