Hi guys here is the part 14 of my FF hope you like it. Response in the last part great  and please keep supporting me like this. Sorry for delay as I was unwell and also was not in state of mind to write

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Here it goes……


Vansh and Ridhimma were walking backward and bumped into each other. Just then the lights come. They turn and  see each other


Vansh Ridhimma(unison): you??

Ridhimma: thank god it was you because of dark it I was scared and thought someone else is here.

Vansh: relax Ridhimma . Actually I planned this surprise for  you . How did you like it. I am sorry I could have welcomed you in a nice way but this Aryan spoiled everything by making it dark.


Ridhimma was just looking at him as he was saying this . She was not able to understand anything.


Ridhimma: oh wait Mr. Raisinghania . This surprise is planned by me with help of Sia Ishani and Sejal.


Vansh : I planned this surprise by the help of Kabir Angre and Aryan. I wanted to complete our incomplete date.

Ridhimma: same here

Both were confused when something strikes their mind and they say at same time

” They fooled us”


Vansh: are you thinking exactly what I am thinking ??

Ridhimma: these boys ang girls trio fooled us to plan surprise for each. Sia told me that she will bring you.

Vansh : Aryan told me that he will bring you here .

Ridhimma:  I will see them once I reach home .


Vansh then noticed  her face which was glowing and she was looking very cute . He was mesmerized by her . He was just staring at her lovingly

Ridhimma noticed this and blushed . Vansh saw this and said


Vansh: by the way even if they fooled us they helped us to complete our date so you can forgive them. I thought only I was good at surprising  but you are not also bad Ridhimma . I liked it

Ridhimma: what do you mean by that ?? I am not talking to you ( angrily turning other side)

Vansh : (coming in front of her )okay sorry you are better than me in planning surprises . Now lets not waste their effort and this decoration and enjoy. But you didn’t tell me how much you liked the surprise technically I also planned it.( making a sad face)

Ridhimma: ( chuckled at his cute face ) I liked it a lot Vansh in fact I loved it . Now you smile please (making puppy face)

Vansh : okay but on one condition , you have to dance with me.

Ridhimma: my pleasure Vansh.


Ridhimma gave Vansh her hand and they started dancing on song ” Tere sang yaara”. They were lost in each other eyes and were just going with the flow and enjoying the moment.


Ridhimma: (thinking) once our dance ends I will propose you Vansh.

Vansh: (thinking) let this dance end after then I will make you mine Ridhimma.


The song ended and both were looking at each other eyes then suddenly

Vansh Ridhimma(unison): ” I LOVE YOU RIDHIMMA”


Both were sitting on their knees with ring in their hand . Both were surprised that they proposed each other at same time.


Vansh Ridhimma (unison) : ” I LOVE YOU TOO RIDHIMMA”



Then they instantly hugged each other . After sometime they broke the hug Vansh held her hand and


Vansh: Ridhimma you are the most beautiful part of my life . Since the first time I saw you in the office I was mesmerized by you. You made me see life in a different way and filled it with happiness. You became so important to me that I cannot imagine a life without you . You are the reason of my heartbeat and my breathe. Ridhimma will you be mine??  ( showing ring towards her)


Ridhimma ( teary eyed) : Vansh you paved the way of happiness in my life when I thought it was long gone. You made me meet myself once again . You are the reason of my smile and happiness. Without you I will be lonely in this world. Ridhimma is nothing without you Vansh . I want  to share my whole life with you. Yes I love you ….


Both were very happy and made each other wear ring and hugged each other. Vansh pecked on her forehead and said

Vansh:  now we can’t celebrate this moment while being hungry so lets eat.


Vansh opened the lids of container  and saw  chinese dishes . He knew it was ridhimma’s favourite dishes . Ridhimma immediately jumped on food and started eating food. They were making each other eat food in a loving way and were enjoying the moment ,

At VR mansion

Anupriya’s room

Anupriya was sitting on floor and everything was scattered in the room . Her eyes were red by crying for long time.

Anupriya: Vansh you snatched my reason of living .You killed my son . I came to this house so that one day I could snatch this property from you and give vyom a good life. I thought by killing ragini in front of you I could break you and eventually would take property . But you didn’t break . I tried to frame you in scams but no you were saved again . Because of your family lost my family. Now I will make you all suffer a lot.


There Ridhimma Vansh were coming back and Ridhimma was leaning to shoulder while Vansh was driving.

Ridhimma: Vansh this was the best day of my life . Finally we are together .

Vansh: I will be always by your side Ridhimma. You are life ( saying this he kissed her hand)


When they saw a person in red hoodie in front of car Vansh immediately applied brakes then again glanced at road but saw no one .

Vansh: who was there ??

Ridhimma: could be some mad person . He scared the hell out of me. Lets  go home fast .

Vansh: you are right Ridhimma .

Saying this they went home while the same person came out and  smirked.  Ridhimma Vansh reached home and entered VR mansion holding each other hand when a chorous shout came  “congratulations” . The lights came and  they see the masterminds behind their proposal there.


Precap: Red hoodie person comes inside VR mansion to meet someone. Riansh moments


So here part 14 ends .hope you liked it . I tried my best to make it good . Please let me know your views through comments.

Here is a question for you

  1. Who could be the red hoodie person ??

I will provide hint in next chapter if none of you could guess it.


Please pray to god to provide Rrahul sir and his family strength to overcome this difficult time and 


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