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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 30 (Expecting!)

Overwhelmed with unexpected and wonderful response on past episodes with new readers 😍 Sorry I won’t be able to post next episode till Monday as I’m bit busy. Hope you all would support me the same way. 

Episode starts with: 

Shreya’s Clinic: Author’s POV;

Riddhima enters Shreya’s clinic and she makes her lie down on the bed and checks her, while Riddhima gets tensed and Shreya says..

Shreya: (smiling) I was 99% sure but wanted to get 100% confirmed!

Riddhima: What happened? You are playing this clue game since night. Tell me now.

Shreya: Meri Jaan! You are Expecting!

Riddhima: Excuse me? Repeat it yrr!

Shreya: Mrs Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania you are going to be a Mumma 🥳

(Riddhima sat on the chair and started crying, Shreya got worried and asked..)

Shreya: What happened? Normally people get happy listening this and you are crying! Why?

Riddhima: Idiot these are Happy 😭 tears 😙 I felt that something moved inside me. I promise I’ll never be a mother like Nandini Sharma, my child will always have me and Vansh both. My baby’s childhood will not be likeine or Vansh’s.

(They hug Each other and Shreya says..)

Shreya: I know, that you’ll be the best Mother. Now go home and break this good news to Vansh.

Riddhima: I’m going. I’m sure he’ll be the happiest.

(She leaves the clinic and reaches VR Mansion, when she hears Vansh, Siya and Angre talking..)

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Vansh, Siya and Angre were discussing, while Riddhima was listening to them and Angre said..

Angre: Boss, I hope that Bhabhi is fine.

Siya: But Bhaiya for once I got excited seeing bhabhi vomiting and thought that she’s pregnant (happily)

Vansh: No. No Siya this cannot happen. I won’t let this happen. The world in which I’m there it’s full of threats and danger, you all and especially Now Riddhima is always having danger around her, if my child comes he would live under same threat. I can’t let this happen. My child won’t come ever! Me and Riddhima are enough for Each other.

(Riddhima who was hearing all this got teary eyed and decided not to reveal anything to Vansh, she entered the home, pretending that she didn’t hear anything, seeing her Vansh asked..)

Vansh: Sweetheart? Home early?

Riddhima: Yes Vansh! Actually I was feeling bit weak so I came.

Vansh: Weak? Wait I’ll call a doctor.

Riddhima: No need Vansh. I’m just going to take some rest. You don’t worry.

Siya: Bhabhi pkka you are fine na?

(Riddhima nods, and goes to her room, Siya notices something strange, Vansh and Angre go to the study for a meeting while Siya goes to Riddhima, in the room Riddhima sits on the bed and starts crying and caressing her belly, remembering all the words Vansh said, suddenly Siya enters the room, Riddhima wipes her tears and pretends to be normal, but Siya sees it and asks..)

Siya: What happened Bhabhi?

Riddhima: Nothing Siya.

Siya: Bhabhi I know I’m small now but I can try to understand your pain as I saw it in your eyes. Once you helped me and I shared everything with you, now you do the same. Please bhabhi, if you consider me as your friend.

(Riddhima hugs Siya tightly and started crying, she said..)

Riddhima: Siya I’m Expecting. But I also heard What you all were talking and what Vansh said.

Siya: (happy) wow Bhabhi. I’m really very happy but you don’t cry please. I know what Bhaiya said has actually hurted you.

Riddhima: No Siya, I understand his fear, he has his own valid reasons but now what can I do?😭

Siya: Bhabhi should we talk to Bhaiya?

Riddhima: Don’t tell him anything now Siya. I’ll talk to him when correct time comes. Okay?

Siya: Yes BHABHI. But for now you have to take care of yourself and my little niece or nephew 😘 Okay?

Riddhima: 🥺😊 Okays.

(Suddenly Vansh enters the room and Siya goes, Vansh comes to Riddhima and says..)

Vansh: You look disturbed Riddhima. What’s bothering my Sweetheart?

Riddhima: When husband is like you, nothing can bother a wife. Just bit weakness, but I’ll be fine.

(Vansh kissed her forehead and she felt Nauseaic and ran to the washroom, Vansh got worried and Riddhima came out after vomiting,Vansh made her lie on the bed and said..)

Vansh: Are you fine Riddhima (worried)? You now wait I’ll call Dr Shreya.

Riddhima: Stop it Vansh. I contacted her already, she said no medicines required, it’s just normal Stomach upset.

Vansh: But Riddhima..

Riddhima: You know what will cure me?

Vansh: What?

Riddhima: If I get a warm and tight hug from a Grumpy, Moody, Mafia type Business man😜

Vansh: (coming close to her) No ma’am. You’ll het cured if you get a tight and warm hug from a Tall, fair and handsome business man 😌😉

(Vansh and Riddhima hugged eachother tightly laughing, while Riddhima slowly hiding wiped her tears and said..)

Riddhima (to herself): Vansh loves me more than anything and I’m sure he’ll love our child more than me. But what if not?

(Vansh and Riddhima ate dinner in bedroom itself and slept in EACHOTHER’S Arms..)

Next Morning: Author’s POV;

Vansh got up and saw Riddhima peacefully sleeping, he kissed her cheeks and without disturbing her, got ready and went downstairs for breakfast, while Ishani asked..

Ishani: Bhai where’s bhabhi?

Aryan: Bro hope she’s fine!

Vansh: She’s just sleeping and I cams down. Yes better than yesterday.

(Siya came and asked..)

Siya: Good morning BHAIYA! How’s bhabhi?

Vansh: She’s fine now, just sleeping.

Angre: Boss we have a meeting tomorrow, so today I’ll be getting the consignment in hideout itself.

Vansh: Okay.

(They all see Riddhima coming down and lookin weak, As Vansh was about to move towards Riddhima she fainted and..)

Vansh (shouted): RIDDHIMAAA!😱

(Everyone got panicked, while Siya was aware that now the truth can’t be hidden, Vansh lifted Riddhima in his arms and took her to their room, he asked Angre to call Dr. Shreya, he made her lie down on the bed and kept on shouting on everyone in panicked state, he held Riddhima’s hand and went teary eyed! Finally Shreya arrived and checked her ,she told..)

Shreya: Nothing to worry Vansh! It’s normal during this period. The baby and Riddhima both are absolutely fine.

(Everyone was hell bent shocked and somewhere excited except Vansh and  he asked..)

Vansh: Baby? Mtlb?

Shreya: Yes Vansh! Didn’t she tell you? I checked her yesterday morning itself and she came home early to Share this news with you. You both are going to be parents.

Vansh: Are you (shocked, suddenly Siya interrupted)

Siya: (stammering) Ye, ye, Yes Bhaiya, Bhabhi is expecting. She told me this when I was with her in the room. She didn’t tell you anything because she overheard our talks about your child.

(Vansh looked at Siya shockingly and the at Riddhima with tears in his eyes.)

Episode ends!

No precap for today. Guess What will be Vansh’s reaction, Will he except the baby and be Happy or will the symbol of their pure love bring crack amidst RiAnsh?

See you all on Monday most probably. Sorry once again. Hope you like it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘.

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!




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