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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gives the first answer, light

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking why did you do this. Tukoji says I just wanted to help. She says I want to win by truth, not by cheat. She goes. He asks her to listen. Khanderao comes and says you supported her, its a cheat with Gautama. Tukoji says no, I m your elder brother, and her brother in law, why do you treat her like this. Khanderao says she helped me in the test and then told everyone, I gave a test for heirship, I have a right on it, dad would have made me the heir any way, she has no right on education, you should not help her.

Ahilya sits sad. Malhar comes to her. He says you didn’t light the diya, I will call someone. She says no, let it be. He says something has happened, what’s is it, you look very sad. She says I m trying hard, but I didn’t find out anything that is cheap and can fill the entire room. He says think of some other way, if that thing is useful or not, Gautama said that its about a housewife’s usage, it means it should be useful, think of its value and use. She says I didn’t find anything such. He says you can find out. He encourages her and goes. She says I have much time, how did I lose so soon, but I m not finding anything, what shall I do, I can’t take help from anyone, its wrong, I will go to Shiv ji and talk, I can take his help, yes, I will go to my temple. She goes and falls down. Servant asks are you fine, did you get hurt.

Gautama, Dwarka and Bana play a game. They have a laugh. They hear the temple bell. They think who has gone to the temple at this time. Khanderao, Malhar and everyone else hear the bell ringing. Malhar and everyone go to see. The queens also go. Malhar asks who is here, who is ringing the bell. Ahilya says its me, Ahilya, I was ringing the bell to call you all. Gautama says you made so much noise. Ahilya says come in, I want to show something. Gautama asks what will we see in darkness, use your mind some time. Ahilya says sorry, I will just show you. She gets a diya in her hand. Dwarka asks what is it, where is it, what shall we see, there is nothing here. Ahilya asks can’t you see this light. Gautama says yes, we can see it, but what shall we say. Ahilya says the answer to your question.

Gautama asks what’s the answer, tell me. Ahilya says this diya, I filled this room with light with this diya, in just one coin. Malhar smiles. Ahilya says I bought this diya in one coin, Malhar told me that thing should be useful, Mankoji always told that light ends the darkness, its useful. Malhar says yes, its very imp and useful. He asks how did you reach this answer. Ahilya says when you sent the guard with the fire torch, I didn’t see anything and fell down. She recalls seeing the light. She says I could see everything well by the light, then I got the answer. She asks Gautama is my answer right. She says I got many diyas in one coin, the entire room will be filled by the light. Malhar laughs and asks Gautama to see, she has filled many rooms with light, that too, within the time limits. Gautama says I told you, I will ask four questions, she just passed one test, I will ask her second question tomorrow, be ready Ahilya. The queens leave.

Malhar thinks Ahilya will make Malwa rid of the darkness and give them the light of education. He blesses her. Khanderao recalls Ahilya getting praised by Malhar. He recalls Bana’s words. He gets angry. Gautama comes and gets milk for him. She asks him to get up. He says I don’t want to sharpen my memory, give it to Ahilya. She says don’t say this, fate direction changes with time, it was Ahilya’s day that she got the answer, this can’t happen always, she can’t be equal to you. He says its too late, you also go and sleep. He sleeps. She leaves. She sees Dwarka and goes to her room. Dwarka comes to her room. Dwarka finds Gautama worried. She sits. Gautama asks why didn’t you sleep till now. Dwarka says you are also awake, you are worried for Khanderao, its not wrong to worry for your own child, you forget that others also care for him, he is my son also, I have fed him the almond sweets. Gautama thanks her and cries.

Dwarka says ask the second question by thinking well. She tells something. Gautama says now I will ask this question. Ahilya talks to Shiv. She sees her alter self. She says one day, no girl will need to give any test to get her rights on education, girls will get all the rights as equal to the boys.

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