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Pandya Store 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara gets confronted

Pandya Store 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suman asking Dhara to tell the truth, swear on her. Dhara thinks how could you make me swear, I can’t tell you everything. Prafulla says ask Rishita, she will tell you the truth. Suman asks her to shut up. She signs Rishita to come. She asks what was Krish saying. Rishita says no, I didn’t do anything. She sees Dev. She says if you are asking so much, then I will tell you. Dev says I will tell you, what will she say, first rasoi rasam…. Prafulla asks did first rasoi happen without Saas. Suman says shut up. Dev says first rasoi rasam… Prafulla says say ahead. Suman says tell more.

Dev says Rishita made pizza. Rishita says you are doing wrong, I will tell mum. Shiva says I will tell mum. Suman says there is much love between brothers, great, now everyone is ready to tell truth. She asks Dev to say. Dev says Rishita made pizza, we all had it, we had upset stomachs. Suman says leave it, tell me next. Dev says we thought there is a ghost in the haveli, we couldn’t sleep, Rishita lost her voice in fear. Suman asks what’s there to laugh. She thinks I have to find it alone, not in front of Prafulla. Suman asks Dhara to come with her. Gautam signs Dhara to go. Suman asks Dhara to tell the truth. She asks what was Krish saying about.

Krish says you don’t look weak, you can’t lifr 5 kgs sack. Raavi hits stones at him. He says I m already hurt, don’t beat me. She asks are you ashamed or not, you did a big thing, you were going to tell Suman, are you mad, you remember what Dhara said, if Suman knows anything, she will leave Gautam and us, I think Suman will throw her out, no. Krish says sorry. She asks him not to be kiddish. Dhara says actually…. Suman says you lie people stammer when they lie, fine, don’t tell me, I will find out, when I find out then think what will happen, call him. Dhara asks who. Suman says Hardik. Dhara says but why… Suman says when I know the truth, I won’t let you stay here, pack your bags and be ready, Hardik will come and take you, I can’t let you go alone, go. Anita says what is Suman telling her.

Prafulla says Suman is very clever and sharp-sighted, she understood something is wrong, you got friendly with her, go and find out. Anita says she is my would be Saas, take her name with respect. Krish sees the same girl going with her cycle. Raavi asks him to say. Krish says I also want to grow up. She asks what. He says look there, that’s the girl, she is going away. She says stop. He says I have to go. He runs away. Prafulla comes to Suman and says everyone knows that Dhara didn’t tell her Saas about first rasoi, you can scold her in front of everyone, she is your bahu, not your daughter, I had told you, that daughter’s happiness is something else, daughter doesn’t know anything without asking. Suman asks why did you think I m scolding her, she doesn’t give me a chance to scold her. Gautam smiles. Suman says Dhara is the bahu and also Saas of new bahus, I have given her freedom to do all the rituals in my absence, she is my assistant, she did the rasams, its good. Dhara gets emotional. Suman says I taught her that rasams happen on time, Dhara did the best. She asks Prafulla did she think to fuel the fire, but there was no fire, don’t come between me and my bahus. Prafulla taunts Suman.

Suman says that was blessing, Dhara is Laxmi, she came in my house, I gained my voice, I got fine because of her, we got the shop back, she is lucky, you are unlucky, you came in my brother’s life, he got ruined, his four mills got shut, you think of yourself. Prafulla says leave it, your bahus would have got some gifts after first rasoi. She asks Rishita what did she get. Rishita sees Dev. Prafulla says I hope Dhara and Gautam would have given same things to both bahus, what did you give them, it means Dhara didn’t do anything, she did wrong. Suman says its Maha Saas’ right to give shagun, now I have come, I will give it, my assistant won’t give it. She asks Gautam to get shagun for both bahus as he likes, then we will give it. Gautam says yes. Dev and Rishita leave.

He asks what happened. She says you lied to them, its so insulting. He says sorry, I had no intention to insult you, if mum got to know the truth, then Dhara would have left us, Dhara and Gautam raised us as parents, I m sorry. She asks how much will you apologize, she taunted me on clothes, she doesn’t respect me, she should know about Dhara. He says I made you swear. She says that’s I m silent, I respected your word, I will tell the truth if things get bad. Suman asks Anita to take her. Anita calls her Maa. Gautam, Dhara and Shiva look at her. Suman stares Anita. Anita says sorry Kaki, I felt I should call you Maa, did you get upset. Suman thinks Prafulla, your daughter is calling me Maa. She asks Anita to call her Maa, its okay. Anita takes Suman. Prafulla looks on.

Suman gives gifts to Raavi and Rishita. Rishita says everyone insults me, everyone pretends here, I will tell you the truth. Suman gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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