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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 3

My world is in your love Chapter-3

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When sia entered the 16th floor, sia whispered in Angre’s ears. Angre said to everyone that the interview  starts at 11:30 A.M. and requested all to sit in the next room. Riddhima and others sat in the next room and started to prepare for the interview. Sia disguised her own identity and started to act as one who came to the job. Everyone began to chat with each other.

Sia: Why have you arrived for this job?

Person1: Just for the salary…

Person2: Yes, Definitely Everyone came for salary. Ajay industries is one of the richest industries in Mumbai.

Sia: Yes, I agree.

Riddhima: Just for the salary you came here, how could you say that?

Sia: they are telling the truth. Money is the most important thing in everyone’s life.

Riddhima: Money can be earned from any sources, but not in education and medicine. I took a physiotherapist and a nutritionist as my profession in order that I can display a few love and affection of their health.

Person2: (Laughed) Don’t act like an excellent one? It is your trick to steer human beings proper.

Riddhima: I am an orphan. I realize the actual ache of being alone. Just love and affection can treatment someone. In my opinion, affection is extra essential than cash. Money is likewise essential to me; I won’t deny it. But, there are other sources of job for money not in medicine and education.

Angre came and called sia. With the help of Angre, Sia sat in the wheel chair. Everyone was shocked, including riddhima, and there came to know that sia was the person who wanted a personal physiotherapist in Ajay Industries.

Angre called everyone, and at last it was riddhima.

In the interview hall,

Vansh was sitting in the rolling chair. While he was bored, he began to solve the Rubik’s cube. He was facing the wall which was opposite to the door entrance. Riddhima entered, sia was happy to see her. Riddhima turned into embarrassed. Riddhima was confused.

Riddima thought to herself: Why was the MD facing the wall?

Sia: Sit down, Miss?

Riddhima: I am Riddhima.

Vansh realized the voice. Vansh had mixed emotions while Sia was talking to her.

Sia: okay, Riddhima, sit down.

Riddhima: Thank you, Mam.

Sia: you can call me Sia, Riddhima.

Riddhima: Ok, mam. Sorry…. Okay, Sia. I need to say sorry for the events that happened outside before half an hour. I shouldn’t have…

Sia: I understand your opinion, Riddhima.

Sia and Riddhima were talking about the usual things. Vansh understands that Sia likes Riddhima. Riddhima and sia soon became friends.

Riddhima: I want to complain to the MD about a person who works in this company.

Sia: Who is it? Do you know his name?

Riddhima: No, but I know his identity. That person was tall like a lighthouse, he was wearing a dark violet-colored coat with white-colored shirt and a pant. He had a watch in his right hand which was mixed with brown and golden. He had black-colored glass coolers with him.

Sia realized it was vansh and asked riddhima more about vansh to have some fun. Vansh was astonished by her behavior.

Vansh said to himself: This girl has met me just for two minutes, and how could she tell about me like this? (Vansh was little angry because of her innocence speech)

Riddhima: I curse him that today he would eat his favorite food and break his diet.

Sia: Is this a curse? It is like a blessing. (Laughed) Did he behave wrongly with you?

Riddhima: No, but when I was asking to help me, Mr. Rude man didn’t help me. He was tall and handsome, and he couldn’t help a cute, innocent girl like me.I think your MD should fire him from the job.

Sia: Okay, you better complain to the MD. ‘Vansh bhai’ please turn your seat.

Riddhima: Yes, definitely.

Vansh turned the rolling chair towards riddhima. Riddhima felt embarrassed when she saw vansh.

Vansh: Who are you talking about, it is me?

Riddhima: Bro, I am sorry. I didn’t know that you were the MD of Ajay Industries.

Sia: Vansh bhai, Riddhima is my new personal physiotherapist.

Vansh: What? (In shocking)

Sia: she is very friendly to me, bhai.

Vansh: Ok, sia. As your wish.

Riddhima: Thank you, sia. Bro, it is free advice – don’t always be in an angry mode, it is not good for you. Take care of your health, bro. Bye.

After Riddhima left, Vansh could realize some feeling for riddhima. He couldn’t express his feeling to anyone. But he smiled to himself at riddhima’s innocence.

In the VR Mansion

It was dinner time. Everyone came for dinner. But there was no happiness in the family.

Dadi: Vansh, Today I have made your favorite chocolate cake.

Sia and Angre burst into laugh. Dadi was astonished.

Vansh: Dadi, it is my favorite but not today.

Dadi: What?

Again sia and angre laughed. Dadi fed vansh with the spoon of chocolate cake. Vansh couldn’t deny it. Sia told everyone about the morning interview section which took place with riddhima. Everyone burst into laugh. Vansh was happy to see his family like this. Vansh said to himself,” Because of Riddhima, I could see happiness in my family. This girl has some magic in her”. Finally, Kabir joined for dinner.

Kabir was working in chanchal brother’s office (Mohit Sharma). Kabir wanted to take over ARR Groups. But, Vansh became the MD of Ajay and Rishi Industries in ARR group, which made kabir jealous. When kabir completed his studies, Vansh offered him a training employee in Ajay Industries, and at the same time Mohit gave him a higher position in Mohit Sharma’s Industries. Kabir accepted his uncle’s offer and denied vansh offer. But still, Kabir thinks about taking over the VR mansion and ARR groups in his control.

Vansh thoughts,

“I offered a job to Kabir, but he denied it. I gave a lower position in the office, so when he worked as a training employee for one year in Ajay Industries, it would make him understand the real pain of the worker and could understand the relationship between an owner and a worker. The same offer I gave to Rohan, he sincerely accepted the offer and successfully completed one year in Ajay Industries. Rohan asked me to continue his higher studies in foreign. I gave him two years to complete his higher studies. Finally, he completed it.”

Everyone left the dining hall. Vansh called Angre, Rudra and Dadi to his room.

Vansh: Angre, you need to arrange a welcome party for Rohan. Dadi, Uncle, is it OK?

Dadi and Rudra said yes.

Vansh: I wanted to transfer managing director authority for Rishi Industries to Rohan. The new MD of Rishi Industries will be Rohan Malhotra. Uncle, as the MD of Rudra Industries, do you have any opinion?

Rudra: Vansh, I agree. Ajay bhai will be really proud of you, vansh.

Dadi: Vansh, I am proud of you. You are leaving your position and giving it to Rohan.

Vansh: Dadi, Rohan is capable of it. The new MD of Rishi Industries will be Rohan Malhotra. Angre get ready with the official papers. But, Kabir…..

Dadi: Kabir denied your offer, Vansh. So you don’t need to feel guilt for it.

Every one left. Vansh thought about his past where how rudra uncle trained him as a training employee in Rudra Industries for two years. With vansh own effort, he expanded the Rishi Industries. Seeing the improvement, Rudra uncle made him as an MD of Ajay and Rishi Industries. But Kabir didn’t understand Vansh. Finally, ARR Groups is expanding all over the world because of Vansh’s talent and hard work.


Rohan’s arrival from London. Riddhima’s first day at the VR mansion.

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