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Mere Sai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rama succeds in her mission!

Mere Sai 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rama tells Lakshmikant that someone is here. He turns around and is surprised to see Vidya. Rama hugs Vidya. Vidya becomes emotional. Rama says you came here which means you forgave me. Vidya looks at her hands. I came to see if you got hurt. Rama denies. I wasn’t hurt badly. Can I say something? Vidya nods. Elders don’t need to hold the walls while walking when there are kids in the house. You can take my support. Vidya caresses her head. Forgive me for being too strict with you yesterday. I become emotional when it comes to that doll and that box. Rama tells her it is okay. I did not know. Plus, I am used to being scolded. My Ajji used to scold me 10 times in the day. She used to even slap me sometimes. She gave me a nickname too – Aafat ki pudiya (troublemaker). Vidya and Lakshmikant smile. Vidya says it was just right. Rama helps her sit and then goes to call Bhagirathi. Vidya wonders if Bhagirathi will come outside and eat with them. She turns serious again when she looks at her husband.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. It is being prepped for Akshay Tritiya. Sai tells Tatya that he is going to meditate now. Don’t call me for some time. Tatya agrees.

Bhagirathi is sitting in the dark sadly when Rama walks in. She asks Bhagirathi to come outside for a meal. Your parents are waiting outside. I have cooked many dishes. Let’s eat together. She holds Bhagirathi’s hand but Bhagirathi screams at her. Let go of my hand. Don’t you realise I am not interested when I am not replying to you? Who are you after all? Go now. Rama says it is ok if you don’t want to come outside. I will bring food here. You will fall ill otherwise. Bhagirathi insists she does not want to eat. Don’t worry about me as I am not used to it. No one cares about me and I am used to living like this only. Get out of my room now. Rama leaves sadly. Bhagirathi breaks down.

Rama thinks Tai said no. she is not even willing to listen to me. She threw me out of the room and I obliged. What should I do Azoba? Things aren’t easy here.

Sai is in meditation.

Sai tells Rama not to give up because of the situation. She smiles upon noticing Sai from the window and heads outside to meet her Azoba. Sai hugs her. She asks Him how He is here. He says I told you I will be here whenever you will think of me. Why are you sad? Rama says my Ajji used to say that the bigger the family, the more love there is. It is completely opposite here. I am not able to bring them together. Sai says you gave up so easily. I thought you wont give up ever. Rama reasons that they are elders. They wont listen to a kid. I tried so much but Tai got angry with me. Sai says words don’t affect people when they are drowning in their own pain. We must make use of examples then. She gets confused. He gives her a utensil. She asks Him what she should she do with it. Sai says I will tell.

Rama goes back to Bhagirathi’s room with a smile on her face. She covers the diya that is lit in Bhagirathi’s room. Bhagirathi asks her what she did. Rama says I covered the diya to keep it safe. Bhagirathi says how will it survive this way. It needs fresh air to remain lit. don’t you know this much? Rama smiles and removes the utensil. The room lights up again. My Azoba says that the same thing is applicable on human beings too. She tells Bhagirathi to sit. People rot in a closed room just like that. They feel lonely and start thinking of strange things. You think no one cares about you but it isn’t true. Two people are waiting for their kids to join them outside for a meal. What else is this? You are in pain so you might not have noticed their love and concern for you. Your Aayi is not well. She cannot walk properly yet she came outside. She is looking at the door with hope that you will join her too. Your Baba’s eyes fill up with tears whenever he walks past your room. What else will you call? It is ok if you don’t want to come outside for them but don’t say that no one cares about you. I don’t know my parents or whether they loved me or not but I do know that your parents love you very much. You can negate it but it wont become true this way. Rama and Bhagirathi come outside together. Rama smiles at Sai from the window again. They both nod at each other.

Lakshmikant decides to set plates for 3 of them as he is sure Bala and Bhagirathi wont join them.

Bhagirathi notices Rama looking at the window. She cannot see Sai and asks Rama what happened. Rama says nothing. Kaka Kaki will be very happy to see you. She smiles at Sai as she goes outside with Bhagirathi.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai as He opens His eyes. He tells Tatya they must start the puja now. It is indeed an auspicious day today.

Lakshmikant decides to check on Rama as he is worried that Bhagirathi might have been rude to her. He gets up and is pleasantly surprised to see both the girls coming there. Bhagirathi smiles at her parents who are equally touched. She sits between her parents. Vidya caresses her head. Bala comes out just then. I am hungry. Why wasn’t my food sent to my room? Lakshmikant says everyone is eating together today. Your Aayi and Tai are here too. Join us. Bala refuses. I will sit alone and in my room only. Rama realizes that he is the most stubborn out of the lot. He isn’t listening to his Baba also. Bala picks up a plate and begins to go inside but Rama blocks his way. He tells her to leave his plate. Who are you? Lakshmikant reminds him that she is the same girl who had saved him the other day. Bala is thankless. Did she do any favor on me then? I would have run away somehow even if it wasn’t for her. Tell her to leave my plate. Rama refuses. You must eat with everyone here if you want to eat. Bala asks his mother to throw her out of the house right away. Vidya explains that Rama is right. Eat here with us. She has cooked everything herself. Rama tells Vidya not to worry. I will handle him. She tells Bala he will get the plate only when he will eat here. Bala stays put. No one can be stubborn with me. She tells him that she is much more stubborn than him. No one can stand in front of me. He accepts the challenge. Will you keep me hungry if I wont say yes? Rama nods. I promised Kaka that I wont eat if I am not able to bring everyone outside for food. You too will remain hungry with me if that happens. Bala panics a little. He looks at his mother for help but she looks away. He asks Rama why she is here. We don’t need your help. Why don’t you go back? Rama says I will leave when its time but you must comply with me now. He tells her nothing will work on him. She manages to pull the plate away. Rama tells Lakshmikant to decide now. Should I let Bala take the plate or not? Lakshmikant talks sweetly to his son. Your Aayi and Tai can forget their pain and come outside so you should too. Rama is right. You wont get food if you wont eat with us. Bala fumes. He is in a fix as he is hungry. Plus, that is my favorite food. They just wont agree! He gives in. I will listen only this time though! Vidya and Rama smile. Bala sits next to his mother. Lakshmikant looks at Rama. You really are a blessing from Sai for us. I am seeing everyone eating together after ages today. Rama watches everyone as they eat. The house has become one today. Happiness will knock on the door soon too! Bala decides to throw Rama out of the house. I will do that in 2 days!

Precap: Sai gives away Babasaheb’s clothes to the needy. Babasaheb and Sitadevi are shocked to witness this. Babasaheb asks Sai why He is giving them away. I wanted you to wear a new set every day. Dint you think of me once? You dint do the right thing with me. Sai picks up a piece and tears it. Babsaheb and Sitadevi’s eyes widen in shock when they see Sai.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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