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Ishq Sufiyana..Love Is Selfless.. PraNbir PriHaan ArHana AnuVi SS Part 8(Last chapter)

Ishq Sufiyana..Love is selfless.. Part 8

Thanks a lot my dear friend Rehana for making ArHana edits for me.Thank you my dear friend Piyali for making Sahil Rhea edit for me.I dedicate this chapter to Sumathy for giving the name SunIara for Sunny-Kiara.

Tanu and Nikhil tried to run away.Suddenly two people blocked their way.

They were stunned to see them.

They were King and Aliya.

Abhi:King…Aliya…don’t let them go.You don’t know what they both did.

Abhi told everything to them.King and Aliya were shocked.

Tanu:Aliya..you are my best friend.You are with me.Right?

Nikhil:King…you wanted Kiara.Right?You were angry with Mehras for snatching Pragya and Kiara from you.We supported you.

King:Pragya was never mine.God made me find my true love .My true love is Aliya.I love Kiara as my own daughter and I want her to be happy.For that you both need to be in the jail.

Tanu and Nikhil were shocked.

Tanu:Aliya..you support us.Right?After all we are best friends.And Mehras did not support your love for Purab.So you hate them.Right?

Aliya:You were my best friend and that was my biggest mistake.I did a lot of sins in my life.But now I am a changed person.Purab was never mine.So I am not angry with my own family for not supporting my mad love for Purab.My true love is King.King and I realized that we are meant for each other.And I can never support you for what you did to my niece.

Aliya slapped Tanu shocking her.

Aryan:Wow..what a slap!

Ranbir:I think chief’s(Abhi)slap was the best.What do you think Prachi?

Prachi:My papa and Maa’s slaps were very powerful.They deserved slaps from them for keeping their daughter separate from them for years.I enjoyed their slaps.

Shahana:I think Aliya aunty slapping Tanu was the best.Because Tanu deserved it from her best friend.

Aryan:You are right.It was fun to see both the best friends fighting.

Ranbir-Prachi:That’s right.

Aryan and Shahana laughed.

Police came and arrested Nikhil and Tanu.

Abhi:I am happy that finally my sister stood for righteousness.

Aliya smiled: “Bhai!’

Abhi and Aliya hugged each other.

King asked Pragya:Pragya…I want to see Kiara.

Pragya showed Kiara to King.

King looked at her emotionally.King was reminded of his moment with little Kiara.

King:Kiara…I know that you don’t remember me.You used to consider me as your father figure.You will be always my daughter.

King caressed her.Kiara looked at him emotionally.

Sunny entered Kiara’s room and sat near her.

Sunny:I am happy that we both are in the same house.So I can see you whenever I want.

Kiara blushed.

Kiara:But Sunny…I am sad that I can’t remember my childhood with anyone of you.

Sunny:It’s ok Kiara.I will show you something.You can see your childhood moments.

He brought a CD and played it.

It showed Kiara playing with Abhi,Pragya,Purab,Disha and Sunny.

Kiara was deeply engrossed in it.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Abhi and Pragya came there.They were stunned to see tears in Kiara’s eyes.


Pragya:What happened beta?

Kiara looked at Abhi,Pragya and Sunny tearfully.

Kiara:Now I remember everything.

They were surprised.

Pragya:You remember everything?

Kiara smiled tearfully and hugged Abhi-Pragya.

Sunny smiled emotionally.

Kiara:Thank you Sunny.Because of you I could remember my childhood.

Kiara and Sunny smiled at each other.


Mehra Mansion got decorated for the engagement function of the new generation.

Anupam and Rhea and Sunny-Kiara exchanged rings.

Anupam embraced Rhea from behind.

Rhea:Anupam!All are watching us.

Anupam:Let them look.Now we have the license to romance.

She blushed.

Aryan asked Shahana after the ring exchange.

Aryan:How is the ring I chose for you?Did you like it?

Shahana:I did not like it.

Aryan became dull.

Shahana:I loved it.

Aryan and Shahana smiled at each other.

The photographer was clicking the photographs of the engaged couples.

Prachi was not standing close to Ranbir as she was shy.

Ranbir:Prachi,come close to me.

Prachi:Ranbir..this is a public place.I can’t.

Ranbir:Oh Prachi.Now we are engaged.Don’t be so conservative.


The photographer:Stand close to your fiancé.Only then the photographs will look nice.

Ranbir smiled.Prachi was shy.Finally Ranbir pulled her closer tickling her and making her laugh.

Prachi stood close to him shyly.Ranbir became very happy as Prachi stood close to him.

Prachi:Is this fine?

The photographer:Now it’s perfect.

Ranbir –Prachi smiled.

The photograph clicked their pictures.




Aryan took Shahana for shopping.They bought some clothes.They wore those costumes and took selfies in different poses.


Sunny-Kiara enjoyed a lot on the beach.

Sunny:I did’nt bring you here just for a beach date.


Sunny held Kiara’s hand and asked her:Kiara,will you marry me?

Kiara held his hand too and replied:Yes Sunny.I will marry you.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

The room was decorated with red and while balloons.



Ranbir looked at Prachi romantically and asked her:Prachi,will you be with me forever?Will you be my wife?

Prachi:Ranbir…I have been waiting to hear this since long.Don’t waste time and marry me.I want to be a good wife to you like my Maa is to my papa.

Ranbir became so happy that he lifted her up in his arms.They smiled at each other.

Rhea took Anupam to a restaurant where only they were there.

Anupam:Why no one is here?

Rhea:Because I booked the whole restaurant for tonight.So that no one will be there to disturb us.

Anupam became dull.

Anupam:You are used to luxuries like this.But I can’t afford this Rhea.

Rhea:It’s ok Anupam.I am not the old Rhea now.For me,you are enough.I just brought you here as a surprise.

He smiled with relief.

Suddenly he saw some people playing violen for them.He was surprised.

Rhea:I arranged them to play violin for us.

Anupam was again surprised.

Rhea held his hand and started dancing.They both danced romantically.

Ranbir-Prachi,Sunny-Kiara,Anupam-Rhea and Aryan-Shahana got married.

The end


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