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Imlie 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini Leaves For Pagdandiya

Imlie 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aditya gets Malini’s call and tells her that he is leaving and will reach her by 11 a.m. Aparna hearing that informs family that she had gone to call Adi for breakfast and heard him going to meet Malini. Family gets happy hearing that. Aparna says only Malini can manage Adi. Tauji says she is so well mannered and sanskari. Pankaj says Adi is very lucky to Malini in his life. Aparna hopes their bahu returns home soon. Imlie gets sad hearing that and thinks family loves Malini who is well educated and much superior than her, then why Adi wants to stay with her and chose her, he is is doing wrong by pitying on her and she should explain Adi.

Malini walks down with her bag. Daadi asks if she is going back to Tripathis. Malini says she has protect report to finish and is going to Malini for a few days. Anu says she will book a guest her for her then. Malini says not to bother as she wants to live alone for a few days and will do hotel booking herself. Dev asks her to inform him if there is some other issue. Malini says a few answers cannot be found here, so she needs to travel. Anu asks if she is going to Malini right now, she will pack her lunch. Malini says she has an appointment and then will leave for Malini in the evening. Anu gets worried for her. Daadi asks to just pray god.

Imlie walks to Adi and says she needs to speak to him. He asks to hurry up as he needs to leave. She says she knows he is going to meet Malini, he should convince her and bring her back home. He says he is going to lawyer’s office to file for divorce. She says he promised that he will not take any further step before meeting Kunal. He says its Malini’s decision and she needs divorce as she loves someone else. She says Malini loves him and they are made fore each other. He says he realized later that Malini and him are just friends, when will Imlie understand it. She says he made a mistake in understanding love and his love for her is just a concern for her. He shouts that she has gone mad. She says he was forcefully married to a 19-year-old who was forcefully sent with him and he is just trying to protect her and is pity on her, he should realize that he loves Malini and before its late, he should correct his mistake; she is sure that there is no one else in Malini’s life. He shouts that he took so much risk, his dadda buried him underground, even then he said heloves her, she can think whatever she wants and he will do whatever he wants. She thinks why don’t Adi understand what she understood.

Adi and Malini meet a lawyer. Lawyer says he never thought that he will meet them this way and cannot understand why need divorce when they still respect each other while people who want divorce fight and allege each other. He gets a call and goes aside. Malini asks Adi why he looks angry. He says his face is like that. She says its okay if he doesn’t want to tell. He asks if she is going somewhere. She says she is going to Manali in a bus for 2-3 days. He says bus means she is going with alone, so she should hire a cab for her safety. She says she is going with Kunal. He says he is happy that she can start a new life with a person she loves. Lawyer hears their conversation and thinks if they need divorce as Malini loves someone else.

Adi returns home. Family asks why did he return so early, if he had gone to meet Malini. Aparna asks how is she. Adi says he went to speak to her. Aparna says he would have brought her home. He says she has gone out of station for 2-3 days and leaves for office. Imlie stops him and asks how is Malini. He ignores her. She asks why is he ignoring her, what did he speak to Malni and if he thought about her suggestion. He says he was going to terrace garden and since she thinks he is pitying on her, she shouldn’t bother him. She follows him. He lights a lamp and tells reminds her that she had light lamp to protect their relationship and he is doing same, reminiscing the incident. She says she lit that lamp as it was her relationship. He says its their both and asks why he fate got them together, why would he start loving her and realize he doesn’t love Malini; she changed him completely, he was practical before and she taught him to think by heart, when will she realize that he truly loves his wife; she thinks that he pities on her, but truth is she pities on him; she melted a stone, did many favors on him, and should do one more favor by accepting that we both love each other. Imlie remembers him marrying Malini and says she accepts his each word, but she cannot be selfish and ruin Malini’s happiness for her happiness. He says Malini is going to Malini with her boyfriend and is moving on. She says Malini loves only him and until she confirms Malini loves Kunal, he should wait. He thinks he forgot that she is Malini’s sister and one who sacrifices so much for other, she will sacrifice her happiness for her sister; she wants to see Malini settled and he will wait till then.

Imlie cries remembering his words and thinks she will find out truth today. She reaches bus stop and see if Malini is with Kunal or not. Malini standing aside thinks she is alone, but she will find her answers only in Pagdandiya. Imlie doesn’t notice her standing nearby and continues searching her in Malini bus, but doesn’t find her. Malini notices her and thinks she came to confirm if she is with someone else or not, if she sees her, Adi will realize that she lied to him. Conductor announces Pagdandiya bus is leaving now. Malini tries to get into bus, but conductor stops her and says she shouldn’t go there as rebels stay here. Malini gets in forcefully. Imlie hearing that scolds conductor. Bus leaves. Imlie notices Malini in bus and runs behind it. Malini hides.

Precap: Aparna tells Imlie that she considers them as family and misuses their goodness by showing her right on them, they don’t need her favor and will pay her a salary for her work.

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