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Hamariwali Good News 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera finds a solution for Navya

Hamariwali Good News 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Devika saying I can’t let you ruin life for Navya’s sake. Meera says fine, Ritvik go and talk to Navya. Devika says don’t dare Ritvik. Ritvik says we shall leave now. They take Meera home. Meera thinks I didn’t think that Mukund will misunderstand me, no one trusts me here, Mukund and Navya don’t trust me, did I do a mistake by marrying. Mukund sees Navya with Bharat. She gets Ritvik’s call. She talks to Bharat. She says I should have not left you with Mukund, I should have not got married, I will not go from here now, I will stay here. Mukund looks on shocked. Ritvik says she should at least tell me once. Mukund says Navya isn’t doing right, she is blaming herself. I can’t let her marriage break, Navya has to go back home. Meera sits sad. Devika goes to take call. Adi and Akki are there.

Meera asks where is Ritvik. Akki says he left for office soon. Meera says I m sure that he would be worried, he will get more disturbed if Navya doesn’t come back, I know Navya loves Bharat a lot, what shall I do, I can’t talk to them now, I will find some way to save this relation by talking to Mukund. Mukund gets Navya home. Devika shouts stop, why did you come. Mukund says I have come to drop Navya to complete pagphere rasam, I came to take Meera with me, sorry for whatever happened.

Devika throws and breaks a glass. She asks will this glass join again if I apologize. Mukund says your anger is justified, I know I did a mistake, Navya also made a mistake, forgive her this time. He folds hands. Devika says I know she loves her old Sasural, I will explain my son, Navya won’t come in this house, Meera won’t go from here. She folds hands and asks them to leave. Meera says you realized your mistake, you apologize to me, not Devika, if you are really sorry, if you don’t want Navya and Ritvik’s marriage, if you want Bharat’s custody, then apologize to me, accept my condition, I will not leave my house, but you have to stay here with me, as Ghar jamai. She asks Mukund does he accept this condition. Mukund says you are forgetting that its Navya’s Sasural, I can’t stay here, I knew you have modern thinking, I didn’t know that you have no knowledge of culture. She says yes, I did a favor on you all by doing this marriage, I made a big sacrifice to save Navya and Rtivik’s marriage and for Bharat, what did I get, you didn’t trust me, Navya didn’t respect her new relations, if Navya can think about herself, why can’t I think, what’s wrong in this. Devika smiles.

Meera says I have lived in this house with all comforts, why shall I stay in that small house with you. Navya says leave it, no use to tell her anything, I knew I m making a big mistake by doing this marriage, we will not stay here, come. Mukund says but Navya… Navya says just come. Ritvik comes and sees Navya. Mukund gives her hand to Ritvik. He says Navya is yours, I m leaving her with you. He leaves. Meera asks Ritvik to take Navya inside. She goes after Mukund. Ritvik asks Navya to come. Adi gets angry.

Meera says you are a strange person, you think I m the villain, I thought you will know a human and humanity, I was totally wrong, you said my face is like Renuka, I m not like her, I m not so bad, Navya worries for Bharat and you also, Navya should focus in one place, she can’t be divided in two places, be practical, I m asking you for this arrangement, its best for everyone, Navya will understand me well, she will trust me seeing me handle Bharat, she will stay happy, she can focus on Ritvik. She stops Mukund.

She asks don’t you think this is the best solution. He goes. She says he is so rude, I wonder how did Renuka tolerate him. Ritvik smiles and appears happy. Navya apologizes. He takes care of Bharat. Adi sees them smiling. He says I won’t let them stay happy. Devika scolds Meera for her condition. She says Mukund left you, he won’t stay here, I will not let you go there, whatever happened today, I told you 10 days, you couldn’t stay here for 1 day. Meera says let me handle this situation my way. Devika says really, I can’t see your life getting ruined, you made a mistake by marrying that illiterate man, I won’t let you make another mistake, I spoke to my lawyer, marriage annulment will be done, you won’t need any divorce. Meera gets shocked.

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