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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 89

The episode starts with Ahana being panicking so much and wasn’t able to have the control on her car.

She was panicking and worrying so much.
Ahana to herself: What is happening to the bricks?! What is the hell is happening?! I’m not able to control the car!!!!
Ahana was struggling very much and she was worrying so much.
She was feeling that she is near her death.
She was so afraid.
She didn’t has got that afraid feeling before.
She didn’t has felt that frightened before.
Ahana to herself: No, I can’t die now. I can’t die after I have finished my revenge and have taken my right. I can’t die before celebrating so much. I can’t die now. I will never be able to face God now. No, I will never die now.
Ahana was aware of what she has done in her whole life.
She was knowing that her success and happiness will be just at earth.
She was knowing that she will never be happy for what will happen to her if she went to the skies.
She was afraid of the punishment.
She was trying her best to have the control on the car.
She was seeing the cliff that she was very near to it.
She wasn’t knowing how she could prevent this cliff.
Ahana to herself: Please God help me. I don’t want to die. Please help me. Please.
Of course God didn’t has listened to a very evil girl like Ahana.
She has taken the punishment that she deserves it at the same day that she has planned on it Vansh and Riddhima’s car accident.
Her car has got fallen from the cliff and the whole car got blasted.
Ahana has died a very horrible death.
She has died in the way that she deserves it.
God has given her the thing that she was trying to give to Vansh and Riddhima.
He has made her die also in a car accident, but this one was so horrible.
This accident has ended Ahana’s life.
There wasn’t any way for her to get saved as the whole car got burned as well as Ahana.
She has got punished for what she has done with Vansh and Riddhima even before anyone could know about their accident.
God has given them their rights as the same day and has ended Ahana’s chapter forever.
At the same time, Vansh and Riddhima were been taken to the nearest hospital.

They have just lost consciousness, but they were still alive.
When they have done this accident, they were already have reached to Mumbai.
So they have been taken to the nearest hospital at Mumbai.
Vansh and Riddhima’s states weren’t good at all especially Riddhima.
All the doctors were trying to control the situation and make their cases stable.
Afterwards, the whole family has arrived to the hospital.
They were all panicking and worrying about Vansh and Riddhima so much.
Chanchel( in a teary tone): Kabir, Angre please try to contact with any of the doctors. We have to know how is Vansh and Riddhima. My heart is paining about them so much. Please my sons do something very fast I have to check on them.
Before Angre and Kabir could go to the doctors, one of the doctors that were at the operation room that Vansh and Riddhima were on it has came to them.
Kabir was super worried about Vansh and Riddhima.

So he has rushed quickly to the doctor.
Kabir( in a hurrying and worrying way): Doctor, please tell me how is Vansh and Riddhima. Does the accident’s result was very hard on them??? Please doctor tell us everything as we are all very very worried about both of them.
The doctor: The accident wasn’t easy at all. The car has got smashed very much, but till now the cases are under control. Actually, Mr. Vansh’s state is totally stable and out of danger now. As he didn’t has taken the whole crush from the truck so we have shifted him to a normal room and very soon he will gain consciousness.
Ragini: And what about Riddhima doctor??
The doctor’s face turned into an upset face look.
Angre has panicked so much from seeing this face reaction from the doctor.

Angre: What has happened with Riddhima bhabi doctor? How is her state? Please tell us directly.
The doctor: Unfortunately, Misses Riddhima’s state isn’t good at all. We are trying to make it stable, but still there isn’t any respond.
Everyone has got shocked after hearing the doctor’s words.
Chanchel starts crying so badly.
Chanchel: Noooooooooo. I can’t lose my daughter. Tell me doctor that she will be fine. You have to do something doctor and make her be fine. I would never be able to lose my daughter.
She was keeping shouting and crying.
Kabir has came near Chanchel.
Then he has hugged her in a calming way.
Kabir: Please calm down mom. Everything will be fine. I’m sure that Riddhima will be very fine very very soon. God will never leave her. He will make her be very well and he will never make her leave us. You just have to relax and calm down so when she wake up she could find you in a good state and she doesn’t worry about you.
Angre: Yes aunt. You have to be relaxed for the sake of Riddhima. Actually, I think that you have to go and pray for her as she needs your prayers so much now.
Ragini: Your prayers is the thing that will make Riddhima get up and be very well aunt.
Chanchel has left to go to the pray area.
So she could starts praying for Riddhima and her health.
Angre and Kabir have surrounded the doctor to talk with him without making Chanchel notices that.
Kabir: Doctor, I feel that you are hiding something.
Angre: Does really Riddhima’s state that critical??
Kabir: Does there is any ways that could make her don’t get up from this situation????
Doctor: To be honest, yes. The wounds that she is owing it are so deep. Her legs almost got damaged and we are trying to control the situation as the damages are reaching till a high place in her body. We are trying to not be forced to do another surgery for her and we are trying to always make her breathes and heart beats stable.
Kabir has got super shocked.

He wasn’t able to say anything.
He wasn’t able to believe that he could lose Riddhima.
Kabir to himself: No, I can’t lose my sister. Nothing will happen to my little sister at all. My dearest sister will always be fine. She will never leave her brother and all the people who love her. Riddhima will be fine I’m sure of that.
He was so emotional.
He starts remembering some memories with him and Riddhima.

He starts remembering all the amazing moments that he has spent it with his sister Riddhima.
Kabir to himself: I know that my sister Riddhima is so brave and courageous girl who will fight so much and she will never accept giving up that easy. My sister Riddhima is a very energetic girl who loves life so much and she will never surrender that easy. She will never leave all the people who love her. Riddhima will never leave us. Please God protect Riddhima. Please God make her be fine. Please God don’t make her leave us. Please God.
The doctor has left Angre and Kabir.
So he could complete working with the doctors in rescuing Riddhima.
Angre was understanding Kabir’s pain.
So he has just putted his hand on Kabir’s shoulder to make him feel that he isn’t alone.
Angre: She will be fine. Just pray for her.
Kabir wasn’t able to say any word.
He was just silent and nodding his head.
Ishani was also being in a very shocking state.

She wasn’t able to tolerate that her bhai and bhabi are in danger now.
She was crying so much.

Her tears weren’t able to be stopped at all.
Ishani to herself: Please God don’t make anything bad could happen to Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi. I will never be able to live without them. They are my supporters and encouragers. I can’t lose them. Please God protect them.
At that moment, Kabir has came near Ishani.
Then he has given her a tissue to remove her tears with it
Then she starts removing her tears.

Kabir was trying to control his worry, shatter and stress about Vansh and Riddhima.
So he could be able to support Ishani and calm her down.
He has came closer to her.
Then he has hugged her a very long, warm and paining hug.
He was making her very very close to him.
Kabir to himself: I don’t know if I’m calming you down by hugging you Ishani or I’m the one who is calming himself by being that close to you.
Ishani( teary): Bhai and Bhabi will be fine Kabir, right? Please tell me that nothing will harm them. Please tell me that everything will be fine. I will never be able to bear the lose of anyone of them. Please tell me anything that could calm me down.
Kabir has putted his hands on Ishani’s face.
Then he has kissed her forehead.
Kabir: Trust me nothing will happen to them. They are protected by God and God will never leave them. So please calm down. We all have to be so strong and not make anything breaks us. They have to find us so strong when they will gain consciousness. So please Ishani be strong for Riddhima and Vansh. Please. I’m with you here and I will never leave you. Nothing will happen I’m sure of that.
Ishani has hugged Kabir very tightly.
She was trying to relief her sorrows and pain by being in his arms.
Kabir was trying to calm Ishani down while he was burning from inside.
He was shattered and broken from inside while he was thinking about what could happen to Riddhima afterwards.
He was keeping remembering more and more memories with her which was making his heart being in so much hurt.

Afterwards, Vansh has gained consciousness.
When he has firstly opened his eyes, he has called only one name.
Which is Riddhima.
Vansh( trying to find Riddhima): Riddhimaaaaaa.
His head was hurting him so much.
He was putting his hand on his head in a way to control the pain with it.
There was a bandage around his head.

Along with that there was a bandage on his hand as his hand has got broken.
He wasn’t caring about the pain that he was owing it and he has gotten out from the bed to search about Riddhima.
He has left his room.
Then he starts walking throughout the hospital in a search about Riddhima.
He was panicking so much about Riddhima.

Vansh to himself( while searching about Riddhima): I don’t know why I’m feeling that sweetheart isn’t fine. I feel that she needs me so much. I feel that there is something huge that is happening to her more than that this accident. I’n feeling how she needs me with her. I’m able to feel her callings. I’m hearing her voice while she is calling my name. She needs me and I will never leave her. I’m coming to you sweetheart. Your Vansh will never leave you. I hope that your wounds are not that deep. I could do anything just to make you fine. I will reach to you sweetheart and everything will be fine.
After some time, he has reached to the room where Riddhima was on it and all the doctors where around her trying to make her state stable.

He has found everyone standing outside Riddhima’s room and the stress was being very noticeable on their faces.
Everyone has got shocked seeing Vansh coming while he was in that state.
So Angre has came near him.

Angre: Why you have came now Vansh?! You have to be at your room now taking so much rest. If you were needing anything, you could have called us as we didn’t have known that you have gained consciousness. Your wounds must to be cured Vansh and this will not happen if you didn’t have taken rest. So please take rest.
Vansh has given him a strict look.

Vansh: How I could relax and I don’t know how is Riddhima’s state now?! How I could take rest and I don’t know anything about my wife?! I will never relax until I could be sure that Riddhima is fine so please anyone from you tell me how is Riddhima now?? I want to know everything now.
Kabir and Angre have told Vansh what the doctor has told them about Riddhima’s state.
Vansh was shocked while hearing them.

He wasn’t imagining that he could lose Riddhima.
He was worrying so much about her.
He was paining so much and he wasn’t able to tolerate what he has known.

So he has rushed immediately to enter Riddhima’s room, but Angre has stopped him.

Vansh was very angry and broken.
Angre was trying to calm him down.
Angre: You can’t enter to her room now Vansh. You will can’t make anything inside Vansh so please leave the doctors handle her state.
Kabir: She will be fine soon Vansh. Just pray for her. We just must leave the doctors do their work.
Vansh has got convinced from their words.
He was just standing outside her room.
Her state was so critical and the oxygen was putting on her so she could breath calmly.

Vansh was looking at her from outside the room.

Vansh to himself: You can’t leave me Riddhima. Riddhima must never leave Vansh. Riddhima and Vansh will always be together Riddhima. We will live together and die together and if I have gained consciousness so that means that you too will gain consciousness. You will never leave me okay. It is an order. Please Riddhima get up. I can’t live without you. Please sweetheart get up your Vansh is waiting for you.
Vansh was paining so much.

His worry and shatter were increasing so much.
While he was worrying about Riddhima and praying for her, Riddhima’s state got so terrible.
She wasn’t able to breath and her heart beats were so low.
Vansh has got shocked.
Precap: “There isn’t any way to rescue Riddhima ma’am with it other than cutting her both damaged legs!”













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