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Dil Bechara..#Riansh SS by Aayu

So, I was just wondering why not to write..

Well, I am not able to cope with my mind..

After a lot of fight..I decided to write..

“The difference between what is miserable and that what is spectacular lies in the leap of faith..”

                                                                                                            – Sushant Singh Rajput

So this story I am writing..you know me very well!!

Your Serial killer!!


Inspiring from Dil Bechara!! Hope you have listen about this movie..It is a Very heart touching movie..of my favourite actor SSR…


So this story can be similar to this movie.. some dialogues can also be same..so credits for that goes to original writer…but afterwards story line is different..


Well I took many days to complete this one…so pls don’t forget to tell me your views…finger crossed..hope you will like this..


So I am warning you sit with your tissues and handkerchief..it will surely make you you cry..and I am sorry for that..you know it took me nearly 10 days to complete this and each day I cried..well I am like that..I get Scoldings also..my mom said that you are totally mad..so for me you have to give this story reviews..


Okay enough of my rubbish..

You must have listen this bed time Story by your mom when you irritated her.

Once upon time there was a prince and a princess…They both died and then THE END..


Well we all are obsessed with romantic story like in bollywood..

Hero with violin..and flying dupatta of heroine…with romantic love songs at the background.. love at first sight false promises and Then Happy Endings..


But in real life it’s not this…

It’s like the story..They died and THE END!!




A girl standing at the corner..tears were filled in her eyes..

It was raining…

Her eyes were stuck at a sight..


There was going a funeral of a old lady…


A old man was crying…


Man:- We had a arrange marriage..but in this 50 years we fall in love we have a deal..she will give me bed ta and I will be beside her forever but she left me….


The girl ran and hug the man..


Man was confused..he signal his mate asking who is she…


She understood..


Girl:- Don’t worry I am a stranger you don’t know me and even I don’t know you but hugging you I can share your loneliness or I am sharing mine…

Uncle take care…


Uncle:- God bless you beta..


Girl:- uncle Riddhima!!


Uncle:- Take care Riddhu!!


She smiled and left….


Scene shifts..


A boy in his mid twenties is seen playing basketball..


Boy:- I bet you angre you will win..


Angre:- Bhai why are you joking..why you want to lose the bet..


Boy:- Because you can win the bet atleast…


And he won…


Angre:- Congratulations!! You won the match..


Boy:- Congratulations you won the bet…Well VR never losses except his life..when he lose that nobody knows..




Riddhima sitting on his room balcony staring the Sky…


Riddhima:- Welcome to my boring world..where there is only Medicines..

Day and night Medicines..

Starting and ending my day with medicines..


I start my day with watching National Geographic with my dad…


Ending my lunch with my so called favourite sandesh of my mom..


I think before dying with cancer I will die due to diabetes…


Yes I am having cancer… Thyroid cancer

And this my best friend Mr.Cranky, Oxygen Cylinder

It gives me oxygen as happiness and his weight sadness…


But more pain is given by doctors…


Doctor:- beta you have to strong..if you are, hope is there…


Bullshit I don’t want to be strong I want to be NORMAL…want to cry at stupid things and laugh at jokes…


And dream of a handsome boy..well in my dreams also I see my hero with oxygen cylinder..


That’s nit we eill meet tomorrow with agin a boring day in my life…




VR:- Angre..now see…


A hall full of people…


At Stage…


Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


Koyi Toh Bata De Kya Karoon

Koyi Bata De Kya Karoon


Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


L Mein Joda OVE

Maine Toh Love Love Love Hi Kiya


Usne Joda IKE

Mere Ko Like Like Like Hi Kiya


Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


Oh Baby Yaad Hai Mujhe

Tera Birthday Day Day

Tera Birthday Day Day Day


Tu Har Saal Mera Birthday

Bhool Bhool Bhool Jaye

Roz Tere Call Ki Main Raah Dekhun

Tu SMS Bhi Na Kare


Tu Mujhe Miss Bhi Na Kare

Kyun Mujhe Miss Bhi Na Kare



Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


Dil Bechara

Friend Zone Ka Maara

Friend Zone Ka Maara


Host:- What a performance Vansh..you rocked it..

Well I don’t want to question about this but everyone wants to know how you manage to dance so gracefully With this artificial leg..


Vansh:- Thank you….but as my life is managing to live with all artificial thoughts as I am …well my belief is what we can do..we should..

Where there is a will….there is a way…..


You know my first crush osteosarcoma..Well I am a fighter that’s why my first crush..and he brush with me few years ago…

And I am living with it..


You all know I am in love with Basketball..

And what I love I am forbidden not to that…

And four years I have to live without my love..

And I am now love with this word life….




cause it is never same…


It’s different, makes it more unique

For every single soul..

And this is like me..



Applause were all over…


Precap:- Meet with unexpected way!!!

I have written the whole story only editing is left…

If I will post the whole story you will feel it boring so posting it in parts…


Will be waiting for your feedbacks….


Take care…

I know this time is tough very tough..but we have to strong..I know I was also broken with mind and heart but after a sleepless night and thinking about day and night..I want to be strong..hope you will too..

And I will post the previous pending OS also but It will take some time…


*This time will also pass…*

-Lord krishna









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