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Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 13

The episode starts with Ridhima and Vansh both agreed to continue this rumor for their one benefits but they both have some conditions. Vansh says my first condition is She will not interfere with my work and personal life. Ridhima says my first condition is he will not touch me at all. Vansh says if you are forgetting then you are supposed to my fiancé and which couple doesn’t hold their hands in public? I will hold your hand, hug you and even If the situation arises than I will even kiss you. Ridhima was going to argue with him but her manager stops her and points out to focus on her future and you are an actor, take it as an acting, simple. They agree to physical touch. Vansh says she has to come at every business parties where he will be invited as my fiancé. Ridhima says then he also has to come at every award function or any ceremony where she will go and also have to click pictures so that she can post them on my Instagram/Facebook to look like a real couple. He says but excessive pictures, he doesn’t like girls who obsessed with taking pictures every time, you have to ask my permission first. Ridhima says fine. So that’s all for my side, do you have any other conditions? Vansh nodes No, fine by me. They both shake hand.


After few hours, they received the contract papers send by Ryan, they read it and sign one by one. He said have you read it properly? Will you follow every condition mention in the clauses? She said yes and you have to also follow my conditions. He says fine, then in the evening you can shift in my hotel room, I’ll ask someone to make the preparations for you. She says why she have to shift with you, we are just pretending as a couple, don’t get the wrong idea. Last night was just an accident and won’t repeat that again. Vansh says according to the clause we have live together as a couple, in the same house. I updated my conditions, didn’t you read them? And smirks. So, if you will not follow them, then be ready to pay me 10 million. He goes from there. Ridhima looks on and thinks this Mr. khadoos is such a fraud. How can he change the clause without informing her? She calls her manager and talk about this. Her manager asks her did she sign the papers already. Ridhima says yes. Manager says then you have no choice but to live with her because we don’t have enough money to give him fine.


In the office, everyone gossiping about Vansh and Ridhima engagement. One girl says, boss doesn’t look like romantic type person but he proposed her on camera, wow. They look so perfect together. Vansh come there and says I guess you all are having fun time in my absence, right. You all three, starting from tonight will do overtime for 2 months and that overtime will be without pay. He goes from there. He comes to his office and fumes in anger. How come they can gossip around in my office. And what were they saying, me and her are perfect couple, my foot. If the investors weren’t coming next week and I wouldn’t have that big day, I would never meet her in my life time. I can’t tolerate her ego, her acting skills are worse than a kindergarten child and she consider herself as a top most heroine, huhhh, in dreams may be C grade actress.


On the other hand, Ridhima shifts from her house to Vansh hotel room. She looks around and say how will manage to live with that Khadoos for a month. God, please help me. She gets the call of Kabir. He says baby, I am coming back to India tomorrow and I have a big surprise ready for you. She says even I have a really really big surprise for you. Let’s meet and talk when you will come tomorrow, Ok, by love you. She thinks god I said you to help me, not to make my condition worse. Now, how will I manage Kabir, how will he react on my fake engagement news.


Precap- Vansh is in his office room and its already quite late. He sees someone’s shadow and ask him who is there? Ryan, is that you? He goes outside his room to find out. Suddenly someone from behind jumps at him.

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