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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari plans to kick Rani out

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rani asks Kiara and Veer to spend time together. Vikram looks at them upset. Rani notices him. Birju brings Rani to the room. He says I have to tell you something. Rani says what? He says I have to tell you something about your MIL. Rani says I told her the plan. He says you can’t see her game. the woman who hates you, why is she helping? Don’t your find this fishy? Rani says she wants to see Vikram and Kiara togeter. Birju says she wants to ruin your life. She wanted to part you and Veer. This drama is for you. Not Kiara.

Scene 2
Nandini says mom what are you doing? Jai said you’re with Rani in her plan? Jai says I thought all of this end now that you’re here. Rajeshwari says I am letting Rani do what she wants.
Birju says they are playing a game with you. See their game. Rajeshwari says Rani you started this game, but I will end it. Your life would be ruined by the time it ends. Jai says wow Rani sa. I get it. Rani’s life would be ruined. Nandini says what are you saying? Jai says your mom will take revenge on Rani. Rajeshwari says because of her I had to go t jail. My respect is stained. She can’t be part of this family. I will play her game against her and kick her out of our lives. That’s when m revenge would be taken. She breaks the glass and says I will shatter Rani’s life like this. You both have to do what I ask.

Scene 3
Kiara says Veer, see this list. Veer says I m not interested in all this. Kiara says I have made a plan for honeymoon. Let me tell you. He says let me get your detox drinks. Veer says in his heart all this can’t fix anything. I have to tell Rani to stop it.

Rani says we can’t doubt Rani sa. She’s helpoing us. Birju says she’s fooling you. Rani says you suspect everything. Why are you doing this? Vikram comes in and says I want to ask the same. Why is all of this happening? I know you and Veer love each other. Why do you want to get Veer married to Kiara? Who is all of this happening for? Kiara? She doesn’t even like you. She misbehaves with you. You can’t ruin your life because of her. It’s getting out of hands. Tell me what’s happening. Rani says I understand Kiara. People see her misbehavior. I feel bad as well. But Veer is in my life because of Kiara. She helped you people save me. How is she a bad person? She can’t take a no. She’s just being stubborn. Imagine if she can do this for her wish, what will she do for her true love? Vikram leaves. Rani says your eyes said the truth. Rani says you should go and talk to Veer.

Scene 4
Kiara waits for Veer. Vikram sees Kiara and says who are you looking for? She says I am always looking for Veer but you come. Veer looks for Rani. Rani says you made an excuse right? Rani says you can’t keep playing hide and seek with her. Veer says you left me alone with her. Rani says you will all give me a salute when my plan works. I have sent Veer to Kiara. He will confess. Kiara says VEer always makes me wait. VEer says they can’t even talk. Nothing will happen. I am leaving. Veer leaves. Rani looks at them. Kiara says if Veer is with Rani I won’t leave her. She leaves. Birju says she is doing the drama herself and blaming others? We will all pay for her drama. Don’t waste your trust on her. Vikram says don’t speak ill for Kiara. Stay away from her. Birju says because of her my friend is suffering. Vikram says she’s my bhabhi. Birju says then stop Kiara. Who is she to break my friend’s house? I will teach her a lesson. Vikram shoves him and says enough. Birju says I also have hands. I can slap you back. Kiara says how dare you? How dare you talk to Vikram like that? Rani says that’s the real game. Kiara says you will hit Vikram? I will see how you do that. People like you can only talk. If you say a word against him I will teach you a lesson. He’s such a nice person, he respects and cares for everyone. You all misuse him. This is your last warning. Rani says I will tell Veer. Rajeshwari looks at Rani. Rani says did you see how they were fighting for each other? Rajeshwari says it will only when they confess and I have thought of something. Rani says what? Rajeshwari says in heart something way beyond your mind. You will go back to the dirt you came from.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says to Rajeshwari I wanted to ask something. I never thought.. Rajeshwari says you gave me the strength to take this decision. Your plan is so good. I couldn’t even think of getting Veer and Kiara married. She leaves. Veer says I hope things go the way you wish otherwise everything will be over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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