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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 38)

Hi guys, I know I promised to post yesterday but Sunita mom’s demise made me heartbroken and I can’t write a single word. Today too I am not in a mood to write but I’ll try to post a short episode.

May Sunita mom’s soul Rest In Peace and God give Rrahul sir the strength to stay strong.


Today’s episode……


Its a morning with chirping of birds and the rays of sun falls on sleeping Riddhima. She slowly open her eyes and finds her in Vansh’s arms. She smiled seeing him sleeping like a child. She caresses his hairs which broke his sleep.

Vansh : What happened sweetheart, didn’t the hangover of last night gone ?


Riddhima : Shameless man.

(She hits his chest. )

Vansh again hugs her.


Riddhima : Vansh, its morning….we have to go home. What will all think if they didn’t find us ?

Vansh : They’ll think we have gone out for spending some quality time.


Riddhima : You….

Vansh : What YOU? Give some respect to your husband.


Riddhima : No..you..you..you..

Vansh : You know what I like the most in you?

Riddhima : What ?

Vansh : Your Naughtiness 😉

Riddhima : Vansh….you. Fine. I want to tell you something.


Vansh : Why this formality tell me.


Riddhima : Vansh, I want to go to college from tomorrow.


Vansh : What’s in it to ask. You can go sweetheart. I am not like any typical husband who ban his wife to continue her studies.

Riddhima : I have a Condition. We will hide our marriage.


(@Frozen hidden, @Attractive user, @Qt and @Jasmine kaur are right. )

Vansh is shocked to hear this.


Vansh : What?


Riddhima : Don’t be panic. First listen to me full.

Vansh : Ok.


Riddhima : I want to make my own identity. I want to be known Dr. Riddhima first then I’ll add Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania.


Vansh is proud of her decision.


Vansh : Today bcoz of your words, I am proud to be known as husband of Dr. Riddhima Raichand. Oops… Dr. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima : I am very lucky to get a husband like you. I hope every girl get a understanding, loving and caring husband like you.


Vansh : Actually I am the one who is lucky to get a girl like you as my wife.


Riddhima : Let’s go home and tell our decision to all.


Vansh : Ok sweetheart.


Precap : “I Love you Riddhima. Will u marry me? “


I know its a small episode but I cleared one suspense. Others will be cleared soon. Moreover my phone is hang so it is hard to type. I wrote this one in haste so couldn’t add pictures.

Don’t forget to comment as it gives us inspiration to write more. And the comments I got last promo episode is less. Hope all will support in this one.

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