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Twinj: Meant to be: Episode 9 

Hello everyone!! I’m really grateful for all of your love and appreciation for the story! I know the last one was a shocker of sorts, let’s see how this one fares. Happy reading! 


Twinj: Meant to be: Episode 9 


A quick recap: Kunj tries to speak his heart out to Yuvi about Twinkle, but gives up midway owing to his own worries and Yuvi’s reluctance to answer. On the other hand, Twinkle refuses to let Yuvi in on the situation between her and Kunj. We also finally discovered Leela Taneja to be Twinkle’s mysterious visitor, and following a fierce argument between the mother-daughter duo, Yuvi drags Twinkle away. 


“What was that?” Twinkle asked Yuvi, freeing her hand from his grasp as soon as they had got back into the café. “I should be asking you this question!” Yuvi shot back, crossing his arms and facing her angrily. “What have I done?” She asked, sounding genuinely confused. “Did you have to chase me away like that? All you had to do was tell me that she was here, and I would have still stood a few steps away, at your call, but never interfering!” He argued, something that she already knew to be true. “I know, Yuvi. I’m sorry! I didn’t think much of it when I saw her. All I really wanted was to wrap up the issue once and for all.” She confided, and he nodded understandingly.  


“Now, what was that stunt you pulled off back there? Which version of you do I believe – the one that treated her with all the respect in the world, or the one that outright said that you weren’t even pleased to meet her?” She questioned teasingly a moment later, a tiny effort to ease the tension in the air. “You know I hate her for all that happened back then.” He answered, to which she responded with an almost non-existent nod. “What did she want?” It was his turn to the interrogation. “She wants me to get married.” She replied honestly, leaving him spellbound. She watched him gaping at her for a full moment before quipping in, “I’m kidding! But you so bought that one, didn’t you?” She managed to pull off quite a decent laugh too, and it only annoyed him some more. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Leela Taneja would have actually popped up out of nowhere and said that.” He commented, and her grin disappeared.  


“She did ask you to get married, didn’t she?” He asked a moment of awkward silence later. Twinkle nodded, keeping her eyes off of him carefully. “Why?” He asked, sounding more curious than bothered. On receiving only a shrug from her, he questioned, “Who is the groom?” She threw him a disinterested look, and he got the hint. Leela hadn’t said anything about that. Yet, at least. And that Twinkle didn’t want to discuss it anymore, but he couldn’t resist it. “She didn’t care for two long years, Twinkle! She never asked you where you lived, how you made a living, whether you need any kind of help! Nothing at all! Alright, she did come once every couple of months after she found out about the café, but that doesn’t make up for anything! Why does she care now? Why’s she forcing you?” He vented in a single breath, voicing her thoughts perfectly.  


“I don’t know!” She replied with another shrug, hoping he wouldn’t catch the lie. Leela had justified every single one of her actions, although none had satisfied Twinkle. “How long has she been at this? Oh, it’s since the day me and Aditi last had our date here, right?” He answered his own question, the realization striking him as he spoke. She nodded quietly yet again, wondering how long it would be before Leela turned up again. She knew her mother well enough. She was headstrong, determined and stubborn. If she set her mind on something, she would see to it that it happened, regardless of how. Twinkle shut her eyes and desperately hoped her commitments to Yuvi’s wedding wouldn’t suffer in all this. He had already done a lot for her; he needn’t have to deal with more. 




Twinkle had heard enough about the Sarna Mansion from Yuvi and Aditi to be able to navigate her way comfortably enough to the open garden they had constructed for the sole purpose of small events and get-togethers. But it wasn’t meant to be. “Ma’am, this is a security check. Could you please make an entry with us before you go in?” She heard a voice from her right and nodded at the security guards watching her and Maya suspiciously. She allowed Maya to go first as she stood by and watched as the men quickly opened all the containers of food they had brought along, simultaneously dropping Yuvi a message that she had got there. She didn’t want anyone else criticizing their work, Usha Sarna would do enough of that herself anyways.    


“Twinkle.” She replied when the man behind the table asked her name. “Last name?” He asked, not looking up from his register. She stilled, never having even dreamt that she would have to face that situation. It had been so long since she had associated herself last with them that she had almost forgotten Twinkle went with Taneja too, just as Leela, RT and Mahi did. Perhaps a little lesser, she figured after some consideration. “Ma’am, last name?” The guard repeated himself, now watching her strangely. “I don’t use a last name.” She said simply, her voice coming off sadder than she had imagined. The guard definitely didn’t understand that, and simply threw a glance at the other guard, who pulled the gate and bolted it, all the while eyeing her. She hated it all. Although she had been preparing herself for a string of embarrassments, but who knew it would start this way? 

“I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t let you enter unless you give your last name, it’s a matter of security.” The man behind the desk said, putting her in a fix. She looked around desperately, but even Maya – the only other person there, and already on the other side of the gate – was looking at her helplessly. “Usha ma’am asked me to come. I’m only here for work.” She tried persuading, but with her mind running in circles, making a strong argument was a bleak possibility. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m sure Usha ma’am would just reiterate the rules if we called her up.” The man was saying now. She had made up her mind to ask Maya to go ahead and finish their work – presenting Usha Sarna some of their best dishes so that she could finalize the menu for the wedding and related ceremonies.  


However, before she could tell Maya so, she heard a familiar voice, “Let her in!” Who else was she to be confronted by than Kunj Sarna himself! “But sir-” The guard began, but Kunj wouldn’t take any of that. “I know her! She’s Yuvi’s friend. I take full accountability for her presence in the house.” He cut the guard short, while Twinkle observed him, unintentionally overanalyzing each word. “Welcome!” She heard him say cheerfully, in the exact same tone she believed he was wont to using when she met him the first time. She smiled at him courteously, not knowing how else she could respond to that. They then walked in absolute silence as he led the way for her and Maya, who was walking behind them. 


“Twinkle?” Kunj called after her as she and Maya headed to the table that Kunj pointed out for them to place their dishes. She stilled momentarily, sucking in a deep breath before turning to him hastily, only to bump into him. “I’m sorry!” She gushed, casting him a guilty glance. Did she have to do something stupid every now and then? “No, I’m sorry.” He replied, surprising her. “I saw what happened out there, and I’m really disappointed! I had no idea things like that were being asked to visitors!” He explained, making no attempt to move away from her. “That’s alright. I understand.” She muttered, dreading him to ask why she wouldn’t simply tell them her last name, but it never came. Instead, he said, “I understand too, that you must have your own reasons. I think I should look into that security policy now. The same had happened back when Yuvi came here the first time too after all. I’m sure you would know – he wasn’t really comfortable labeling himself a Luthra back then.” She nodded, knowing too well. Yuvi had confided in her a year ago, taking her into confidence, which was when she had decided to trust him with her story as well. 


Yuvi and Aditi had been descending the staircase to the garden area when they spotted Twinkle and Kunj engrossed in conversation. “What is Kunj doing?” Yuvi mumbled in an ‘I can’t believe this!’ tone, earning a quick glance from Aditi before she returned her attention to them. “I thought the two couldn’t stand each other!” He informed her, but she didn’t respond. “I didn’t know Twinkle let people whom she doesn’t even know properly get so close to her! Not Kunj, especially!” Yuvi exclaimed irritably, his protective side taking over. “Shut up for a minute, Yuvi! I think it’s great that they’ve got along so well!” She said, tugging on his arm excitedly before adding, “They look so cute together!” Yuvi’s conversation with Kunj came rushing back to his mind with that, and it now put him in deep thought. 


“Thank you for stepping in and handling the issue for me, Mr. Sarna. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.” Twinkle was telling Kunj when Yuvi and Aditi got to them. Yuvi didn’t miss the flinch on Kunj’s face at that. Obviously, he had been wondering why she had chosen to address him so formally when she had been using his name the last he knew. “No problem at all!” Kunj replied, feigning a smile. “Yuvi, you should take a look at the food. You know I’ll need your help to be able to impress Usha ma’am.” Twinkle said to Yuvi after they had exchanged greetings, and Kunj watched the two of them leave unblinkingly. 


“Hi Kunj!” Aditi said with a teasing smile, and he shook his head violently before she had even revealed her thoughts to him. “Oh, come on! You know you can’t lie to me!” She insisted, but he wouldn’t give in. “Kunj!” She protested and he finally looked her eye to eye. “You’re confused.” She stated, not even wanting a response to that. She knew that already. “I just think she’s really pretty!” He whispered, quickly glancing at Twinkle. “And?” Aditi egged him on, making him confess, “And that she’s a really nice person.” Aditi quickly looked over at Twinkle and Yuvi, before pointing out, “I’m sure that’s not all!” Kunj shut his eyes and sighed thoughtfully, hesitantly owning up, “I might like her.” 


That’s it for now, guys! I hope you all enjoyed your read. Please let me know what you thought about it! So, evidently, I’m super excited, because I know exactly what’s coming up, and I can’t wait for it to reach you all too! Until next time, much love!! 

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