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Shakti 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeto gets emotional seeing Harak Singh and Harman’s instant click

Shakti 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rohan coming to the room. Parmeet tells that she wants Simran to stay in their house, as she had delivery recently. Rohan says Simran and I want to know each other. Parmeet says Simran and the baby needs proper care so it is better for her to come with me. Rohan says what do you think that I can’t take care of them both, says he will not given them pain. Parmeet thinks of Heer and Virat and says we got trouble from your house. Rohan says you thinks Heer as the trouble. Parmeet says yes, we wanted bahu, but we got a kinnar. Rohan asks her not to say that. Simran says Heer has always supported Virat in troubled times. Parmeet says just because Virat lands in trouble due to Heer. Rohan says you are insulting my sister in my house and asks her to go. Harman challenges Harak Singh for arm wrestling. Raavi smiles. Harak Singh tells Harman that if I win then you will make me drink and if you drink then you shall make me drink, laughs. He loses.

Simran asks Rohan to apologize to Parmeet. Rohan says why shall I apologize to her and asks her to tell Parmeet to go. Parmeet says you are insulting me for a kinnar and says it is our mistake to keep the slipper on our head. Rohan asks her to shut up and says do you think that I will hear anything just because you are DSP’s wife. Simran says if this is the way to talk to my mother. Rohan asks her to teach her the way to talk to him. Parmeet says I am your saas too. Rohan reminds that he married Simran and accepted her baby, who was not his and married her just because of Heer, who thought of them and their family. Parmeet and Simran get upset.

Raavi tells Preeto that she has to make pakodas and chakna…Soumya says Chakna….Simran says you want to say that you have done favor on me and says what the hell? She says I thought that you have accepted me and my daughter, but this is not truth. Rohan says he didn’t mean by this. Simran says she don’t want to stay with him and asks Parmeet to come. Rohan tries to stop her, but in vain. He gets upset. Harak Singh and Harman get drunk. Harak Singh says why God made wine and dances. Harman also dances with him. Harman says it is enough Harak Singh. Harak Singh says he has a feeling as if his Harman came infront of him. He requests him to hug him once. Harman hugs Harak Singh and gets emotional. Harak Singh gets emotional too and recalls hugging Harman. Harman says even I enjoyed, you made my evening. They continue dancing….Preeto, Raavi, Soumya and Mahi come there and see Harak Singh and Harman dancing. Preeto smiles and then gets emotional, while Soumya is upset. Harman asks him to get down the sofa thinking of his age. Harak Singh says he is fit. Soumya says how dare he? Preeto stops Soumya and says not today, let him be happy today. She says she is seeing Harak Singh, happy after many days. Preeto says it seems that he is Harman. Soumya thinks my fear is coming true.

Simran comes home with Parmeet. Virat takes the baby and says he will make her like him, and she will hit the guy who tease her. Parmeet and Simran make an upset face.

Soumya tells Preeto that the guy is not Harman. Harman asks Harak Singh to listen to Doctor and don’t drink much. Harak Singh praises him and asks for a small peg. Harman gives the small peg to Harak Singh. Soumya stops Harak Singh and says Doctor asked you not to drink for your health wellness. Harak Singh says she becomes my mother. He says this Harman is a nice guy. Soumya says this is not our Harman ji and asks him if he brought the bottles with his clothes. She says if you don’t know about anyone’s health then don’t sit like this. Harak Singh asks her not to be strict and falls. Harman holds him and takes him to sofa. Raavi calls the doctor. Preeto asks raavi to bring the water. Harman rubs his hand. Parmeet tells Virat that if husband was such then…Virat says Rohan Veer ji is a nice guy. Parmeet says he showed his eyes and insulted me. Virat says I can’t believe this and asks her to tell fully. Parmeet gives the baby to Simran and tells whatever happened there. A fb is shown. Virat says what wrong did Rohan veer ji say? He says if someone says wrong about Simran, then I won’t be quiet. He asks if she went to meet Simran or break her home. Parmeet says do you know what Rohan said about Simran. She tells Rohan telling that he had married Simran due to Heer. Virat says what wrong did he say, he had married Simran happily for Heer’s wish. Raavi says Doctor’s number is not connecting. Soumya says neither Veeran Chacha is here nor Doctor’s number is connecting. Harman says nothing will happen to Harak Singh, I will bring the doctor.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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