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Santoshi Maa 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rinki insults Swathi.

Santoshi Maa 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Singhasan, Indresh and Swathi going to the hospital for DNA test. As Indresh drives, he takes the car over a dug hole and the car shakes. Singhasan scolds Indresh to drive safely as Swathi is pregnant and she or her baby might get hurt. Swathi smiles and says i am fine father. Indresh says father, i know somewhere even you know that this baby belongs to me and Swathi, that is why you care for her and the baby. Swathi remembers Kunti telling her that Singhasan has been waiting for a grandson for 5 years since her elder son was married and Lovely has not yet given them a grandchild. Singhasan thinks what do i tell them what i think? I just want this report to prove that the baby belongs to Indresh.
At home, Laila is worried about the DNA report. She thinks i am worried about this report and if i am wrong, i will be over. Laila thinks of Lovely coming down to tell the truth some time ago. Laila thinks, even Lovely was about to say something, she said something else as if someone stopped her. I think Lovely knows something that no one knows. Laila goes to speak to Lovely and asks her whereabouts. Lovely gets angry and says why do you care? Laila says you were about to say something but why did you stop? Did something happen to you? Lovely says shut up, why would anything happen to you? Laila says but you said something else altogether. Lovely says shut up, you are characterless and i don’t speak to people like you. Swathi is innocent and i know it, the baby belongs to this house. You are useless, no one is like you in this house. Lovely says, Swathi saved her husband from dying, why do you think she wont be able to prove her purity? Lovely goes.
Santoshi maa tells Devi Polomi that see, Swathi’s honesty and divinity has made everyone trust her and believe that she is innocent and loyal. Lovely defends Swathi because she trust her and her devotion towards god and me. Devi Polomi says still Lovely is childless. Santoshi maa says for now, yes but she will soon have a child when the right time will come. Devi Polomi says i wont let this trust game keep on in the house and make it difficult for Swathi. Santoshi maa says you can only try but in vain as nothing will happen so i suggest you don’t do anything. Devi Polomi says i wont do anything once i have used my powers against the family, Polomi goes.
Devesh says to Laila, the DNA report will give the truth, right? Laila says yes. Devesh says if anything comes against me in the DNA report, i will kill you Laila. I wont let anyone go against me and my baby, otherwise i will bury everyone alive. Devesh goes. Laila thinks it can also be that this baby belongs to Indresh, if that is true then i am finished. Singhasan will kill me and Devesh will be thrown out too.
Devi Polomi says everyone believes that the baby belongs to Indresh and Swathi. I have to change all of it, use my powers to influence everyone and then everything will go according to my wish! Santoshi maa will never win. Narad muni says, Devi Polomi, you can never succeed because Santoshi maa’s devotee’s are honest and live for the good! Swathi is a true devotee and her honesty, integrity, loyalty is what will protect her from all evil.
Indresh, Singhasan and Swathi come from the hospital and go inside the house. Devesh sits with Rinki and thinks i have to know what is happening inside. Everyone gather inside the house and ask Singhasan what did the report say? Swathi says the report will take 15 days to come. Abhay says 15 days is a long time. Singhasan says everything will remain as it is until the report doesn’t come, Rinki and Devesh will stay outside the house. Laila thinks great, i now have 15 days to plan how to prove the baby belongs to Devesh and Swathi. Kunti tells Singhasan to have lunch. Singhasan says he is not hungry and he goes.
Kunti is sad but Singhasan’s brother calms her and says everyone, lets have lunch. Indresh and Swathi sit.
Devesh tells Rinki he is hungry since morning, he hasn’t eaten anything. Rinki says i will bring food for you and she goes inside the house to bring food. As Kunti serves Swathi and Indresh, Rinki interrupts and says before giving them food also think about your daughter. Give me and Devesh ji food, we are hungry. Kunti is angry. Swathi gets up and gives 2 plates to Rinki and says take it, have food. Rinki gets angry and throws the plates down. Indresh gets up and is about to slap Rinki but Swathi stops her. Rinki says i don’t want to see this woman. Since Swathi has come in this house, you have become her slave brother. Kunti says in anger, you have been poisoned by that Devesh, you are behaving in an egoistic way with everyone and insulting your bhabhi. Swathi has tears. Rinki says don’t keep praising Swathi, you cannot see anything else other than Swathi. Rinki says if you don’t want to give me food, then don’t! I will buy it from outside but i don’t want food or water from Swathi’s hands. Kunti tells Lovely to give Rinki food. Lovely gives 2 plates to Rinki and says please calm down and think practically! Don’t insult Swathi. Rinki goes with the food. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa and thinks please protect my family and prove with the DNA report that i am honest.

Precap: Rink gives Devesh food as they both have lunch. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa as Devi Polomi plans something new against Swathi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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