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Ridbir vs Riansh os by siddhi

Hello everyone this my phasat os 😂..so my story starts with ishani’s wedding night where riddhu was drunk! In my story kabir really loves riddhu! So chaliye shuru karte hain 😌🖐🏻
Riddhima’s POV:-
I was waiting for vansh and suddenly dsr came Ok that was normal he may roaming but when he removed his beard oh fake beard I was hell shocked! No no no this can’t happen it’s kabir!
POV ends!
Kabir: Riddhima darling your kabir is back! I’m your kabir I know you’re doing this just for our mission you can’t love that bastard!
Riddhima: kabir! Behave your self! He’s my husband! And I….
Kabir: what!?!? Why are you taking his side he is a devil and what do you mean by I..
Riddhima: he is not devil you where wrong kabir! My heart says that he can’t kill ragini! He is innocent! I will give you proof and yes kabir I LOVE vansh! Kabir listen vansh and I are husband wife we are married!
Kabir (shocked): what the hell riddhima stop joking yo…
Vansh: riddhima!
Kabir hids!
Riddhima: yes! Yes vansh
Vansh: let’s eat mithi bhaat
Riddhima: o.. Ok (kabutar ne mere vansh ki mithi bhaat nahi khai 😌)
They eat mithi bhaat and goes
Kabir: naah riddhima I know you were joking!
While they both where going
Vansh POV :-
What happened to her!? She was drunk and was doing so weird stuff and now dari sehmi si!?
While they enter in room they see decoration
Vansh: ye decoration kisne ki!?
Vansh reads card
Vansh: ye dadi aur siya bhi na
And then :-
Riddhima was looking back but when she saw vansh he was kneed down riddhima was hell shocked!
Vansh: riddhima the day I saw you was the best day of my life! Our relationship may not be same as normal relationships but trust me I LOVE YOU
Kabir was seeing this. Kabir: say no riddhima darling you only love me!
Vansh hugged riddhima very tightly!
Vansh’s hand was on riddhima’s back he was opening the knot!
Kabir closed his eyes turned and sayed: No! No this can’t happen and cried
Again in Riansh room (exited!? Bure dimag walon 😂)
Vansh pinned riddhima on Wall and was kissing riddhima on her tummy then hand and then her lips they shared a long lip lock riddhima was out of oxygen so she took her lips back but vansh  fussed his lips with her lips after kissing her vansh came close to riddhima and said: kya mujhe haq hai!? (do I have rights!?) riddhima smiled and vansh came close and said: I got my answers riddhima blushed and hugged vansh!
Then vansh kissed riddhima’s waist and started removing riddhima’s cloth and at end they where united there breaths were joined and they were one! And after crying kabir turns and sees door is closed he screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (zyada ooo hogaya 😂) riansh didn’t listened because the door was sound proof and all family members were sleeping except dadi! Dadi came
Dadi: what happened Mr. Dsr!?
Kabir / DSR: nothing! I was just passing and my leg twisted!
Dadi: Ok (dadi in dimag be like: bhai yaar neend kharab kar di huh! 😂)
At morning
Riansh ka kamra (😂 siddhi gone mad)
Riddhima was sleeping and vansh woke! Vansh woke and saw her lady love sleeping! He kissed riddhima’s forehead and riddhima woke!
Riddhima: o god what happened!?
Vansh (in sleepy and flirty voice): what happend!?
Riddhima: what happened!?
Vansh: ughh sorry I woke you up and its just 5:00
Riddhima: ok no problem let me sleep!
Vansh: an an an you wanna sleep seriously!? Let us make our morning beautiful!
Riddhima: shut up!
Vansh kissed riddhima and riddhima slept but was vansh awake!
Vansh: you know sweetheart I love you the most!
Kabir: seriously!? I love her the most you fool!
Vansh: what!? Is anyone there!? (vansh bhai aapne kaise suna door to sound proof tha mujhme shashu bhaiya ki aatma ghus gayi bhul jati hun story hi 😂)
Kabir ran
Vansh: maybe it’s my illusion! Ok let’s stare our beautiful wife I mean let me stare my beautiful wife!
Next morning
Riddhima was wearing earrings while vansh came and back hugged her!
Riddhima: Mr. Husband I have lots of house works so let me get ready!
Vansh: Mrs. Wife don’t you think you want help I’ll help you to wear earrings!
Vansh makes riddhima wear earrings!
At hall!
Vansh was eating breakfast with all!
Riddhima came to serve food when she bent vansh winked at her! Riddhima smiled!
This was seen by kabir/DSR
Kabir: Mr and Mrs Vansh let us eat there is steam allover the dinning hall
All laughs (yahan sab saint hai 😌🖐🏻)
While both vansh and riddhima was embarrassed!
At Riansh ka kamra (mai pagal hun and I know 😌🖐🏻)
Riddhima: look you made me embarrassed!
(Pulling her close) Vansh: so what sweetheart you’re my wife and I have rights
Riddhima: Vansh!
Vansh: Come on babes
Riddhima: babes seriousl..
Message pops on vansh’s phone
Vansh: wait a min BABES
Riddhima: ughhh
Vansh was just numb!
Riddhima: Vansh! Vansh what happened!?
Vansh: meet me at XYZ mountain top at 6:00 with your wife
Riddhima: what the hell!?
Vansh: someone messaged this!
Riddhima: who!?
Vansh: i dont know
Riddhima: it’s 5:43 let’s go!
Vansh: what let’s go!?!? are you mad
Riddhima: Vansh! (stern, loud voice)
Vansh: let’s go (awwwwww pati parmeshwar 😂)
At XYZ mountain peek
Riddhima: where is he or she!?
Vansh: I don…
Kabir: darling I’m here!
Vansh: dsr!? And why are you calling my wife darling!?
Riddhima was shocked seeing kabir/DSR
Riddhima: Vansh!!!!
Vansh: kabir!? How dare you call my sweetheart darling!?
Kabir was hella shocked
Vansh: don’t be shocked my sweetheart told everything yesterday! (night 😌🖐🏻)
Kabir: ok! But you don’t know one thing your sweetheart was once my
Riddhima: your fiancé! Vansh knows that
Flashback :-
Vansh was about to remove riddhima’s blouse but just then /
Riddhima: Vansh! Before we start our new life I just wanna share you the truth
Vansh: speak sweetheart (dukh samjho aadmi ka bich romance se iski aurat isko sach bata rahi sad lyf bro 😂)
Riddhima tells vansh whole truth  and vansh was just smiling with a calm face riddhima was firstly shocked then afterwards she was relieved that was understands her!
Vansh: sweetheart! I don’t give a damn about your past! I just care our present and tomorrow! Aur tomorrow aapne chote chote baccho ke sath khelne ke liye aabhi thoda hardwork karna hoga!
Riddhima blushed and vansh removed riddhima’s cloths (sabar naam cheez nahi hai aadmi mein 😂)
Flashback ends!
Kabir: ok! But agar riddhima meri nahi to kisi ki nahi
First kabir shots riddhima then vansh aur phir khudko!
Me to myself and kabir:-

Guyz to be honest ye sach mein bada tha hath dukh gaye bro comment karke hi jaana kasam se jai mahakal aur han ye happy ending nahi thi I know 😌🖐🏻(you have to tolerate 😌🖐🏻for sometime kyuki I’m obsessed with these emojis aur phir ek din ye aisa gayab hoga CID leke dhundhne pe bhi nahi milega) jai mata di comment karo 😌🖐🏻😂

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