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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 28

The episode starts with:

At 5pm RS Mansion:

Riddhima reaches there.

Ishani: bhabhi..you here..(happy)

Sia: bhabhi I was missing you a lot.

Aryan: yes bhabhi mee too.

Shivaay: oh god you all let her enter.

Riddhima smiles and comes inside. She takes elder’s blessings.

Ajay: Riddhima beta how come you here?

Riddhima: dad actually..

Ishani(cutting her words): oh god dad she must be missing bhai(teasing)

Riddhima: no Ishani it’s not like that….

Sia: bhabhi we know couples can’t live without meeting each other (laughing)

Vansh comes downstairs.

Vansh: oh my god you all are teasing her. My poor riddhu.

They all laugh while Riddhima glares vansh.

Vansh: actually day after tomorrow is her periodic test so for that I called here to teach her.

Everyone: ohhhh.

Vansh and Riddhima leave to vansh’s room. They sit on the bed.

Vansh: mrs. Raisinghania ready to study?

Riddhima: oh hello! I am not mrs. Raisinghania yet.

Vansh: soon to be!(wink)

Riddhima: I don’t want to study.

Vansh: you have to!(stern)

Riddhima pouts. Vansh brings the book and starts to teach her. She was not at all interested in studying. But she was listening to him because she knew he is very strict about studies. He completes a topic.

Vansh: understood?

Riddhima: yes ! No no. yes!

Vansh: riddhu are you really paying attention?

Riddhima: I said na yes!! Mr. Khadoos rai Singhania!

Vansh: khadoos rai Singhania??

Riddhima: before we were in love I used this name only for you!!

Vansh: oh god!! You !!

Riddhima laughs. She puts her hands around his neck.

Vansh: you are being romantic at the wrong time sweetheart!

Riddhima: I am being romantic at the right time!(going closer to him)

She snatched the book from his hand and kept in a drawer which was near the bed. She moved more and more closer to him. They both can sense each other’s heartbeats.

Vansh: sweetheart! Don’t you want to study!!

Riddhima: no!

Riddhima gets down the bed.

Riddhima: you are very bad! Always want to teach!! Unromantic man!

Vansh gets down the bed and pins her to the wall. They share an eyelock. Vansh lifts Riddhima and makes her sit on the bed.

Vansh: done with your romance? Now let’s study.

Riddhima makes and annoyed face.

Vansh: now we will solve numericals.

Riddhima: I hate them(I also hate them😶😂)

She makes a sad and annoyed face. Vansh laughed at her antics.

Vansh: I will make it easy for you.

He teaches her how to do numericals easily.( Please anyone teach me too how to do them easily 😐😂😂🤣)

Vansh: now I am giving you 5 numericals to solve.

Riddhima (shock): 5…

Vansh: oh yes these are very less..let me give 5 more..

Riddhima (shock): vansh…10..no no…

Vansh: solve these 10 numericals..you have 20 minutes time. If you do these wrong then…

Riddhima (cutting his words): then you would give me a hug.

Vansh: you are seriously mad….

Vansh hugs her. They share a tight and warm hug.

Vansh: now solve. And if the questions are wrong then 2 more for each question.

Riddhima: itni choti si jaan par itna atyachar (so much of torture on a little soul)

Vansh stares her. She starts solving. Vansh was just staring his lady love. She was sometimes making faces seeing the questions. He was mesmerized by her cuteness.

Dekha hazaron dafa aapko.

Fir bekarari kaisi hai.

Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh dil

Kuch pyaar mein baat aisi hai.

After 20 minutes:

Vansh snatches the notebook from her and checks it.

Vansh: all correct!!

Riddhima: yaayyy (happy)

Vansh smiles.

Riddhima: now let me have fun.

Vansh: what fun you want to have (wink)

Riddhima: I want to spend time with everyone.

Vansh: first spend some time with me!

Riddhima: you were not interested in that. Now I am also not interested.

He pulls her towards him. He kisses her on her eyes. She blushes. He rubs his beard with her cheek. They both share a moment when there was a knock at the door.

Done with the update 😪😂. Hope it was upto your expectations as you wanted riansh moments during studying. And dearest stuti abhigal Tyagi  I will try to fulfill your wish in next episode 😊 because this one was in Raisinghania mansion and you wanted love scenes during college class.


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