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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 6

Riddima : you ??!!

2years back

vyom is riddima’s best friend in her college , 1 day the college announced that there will be a dance competition which is the dream of riddima to win it but at the day of competition they loose bcoz vyom gets a sprain on his leg when riddima goes to give painkiller to vyom to reduce pain she sees him with his girlfriend and they talking

Vyom : look now that riddima thought that I got a sprain on my leg but no

Girlfriend : come on baby she is a fool so she doesn’t know about it now she got cheated now she lost her goal of winning the prize

Vyom : yes Mrs Fool riddima

Girlfriend : thanks for doing this help to me by making riddima lose my team won

Vyom : I always think of your happiness

Listening this she is heartbroken and she decides to take revenge she knows that
” Success is the best revenge ”
She gets a plan in her mind

The next year in the same competition riddima decides to participate solo and she dances for her favourite songs they are

1. Panghat
2. Dil ibadat
3. Maahi
4.lut gaye

And she wins the competition she also wins the student of the year award from the college after participating in all the type of challenges and even also in the bike racing which is riddima’s favourite and as vyom and his gf got shocked that she won this time with student of the year they are so shocked by this and their jaw dropped when she got prizes linely in every competition and after the award ceremony ended she gone near them and said

Riddima : you guys doesn’t about me very well , riddima ko underestimate karne ki mistake ki tum dono ne ( by underestimating riddima you both have done a grave mistake)


As riddima completed revising her past first she got to feel betrayed but later she got relieved when she revised how she avenged her revenge in a clever way

Unknown : do you remember me riddima sweety ?

Riddima : no as I doesn’t remember cheap people faces who will cheat on everyone for others who just came in their life right away

(Unknown turns out to be vyom )

Riddima : I think definitely your gf mrs anaya left you ?

Vyom : yes

Riddima : warna tum meri paas no reason ke bina aati ho kya ??(or else you will come to me without any strong reason or what??)

At the same time everyone arrive and sejal , abhi ram and siya get angry and they try to slap him but riddima interrupts them and says

Riddima : guys calm down don’t hurt your hand by slapping a cheap person like him

Angre , vansh , ishani , kabir , ragini doesn’t understand anything and they ask who is he?

Sejal explains them everything about the past of riddima

Siya : this idiot came once again!!!
Abhi ram : oh god it is just annoying to see his face I wanna slap him and hit him for what he has done to riddima

Riddima : calm down guys
Vyom : oh your best friend is very sad I think so after losing such a great friend like me

Riddima (keeping a face) : chahhh !! Oh hello mister Tujhe kya laga ?? Teri jaane se gham hogi , nahi meri jaan bas ek contact kam hogi (what do you think when you will leave me I will be sad and unhappy no my dear just there will be 1 contact less) 😏😉

Vyom goes from there after listening to her words which are with attitude ,and bravery

Ishani : so he cheated you ??

Sejal : ishani don’t talk about him again as she took her revenge and everything got completed right

Riddima : guys let’s go back as my boss(vansh) got an important work

Everyone nod and leave from there

Precap : unknown : now I am back in your life and I will not leave you this time baby !!

What is the new problem ??
What it could be ??
For whom it could be ??
Answer your thoughts in the comment section
Clue : the person is not aryan or vyom

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