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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 11 UNEXPECTED

Tabiyaat kharab hone ke baad bhi (short!😂) updates dene ke baad kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun ich bhagwaan hai copied by subu 😂 ok siddhi stop exposing yourself 😂


While riddhima was doing some work family where making a plan

Riddhima: what happened

Vansh; umm… No.. T.. Hin… G riddhima!

Riddhima: batao batao what’s cooking!

Avinash: riddhima beta we where talking ki aab tumse koi covid ki baat na kare!

Riddhima: ok!

Riddhima to herself: something is fishy! Let it be

2 hours later

Kiran: riddhima umm..

Kalpana: ridd..

Vansh(in one breath) : riddhima take these clothes these parlour girls will do your makeup just don’t ask anything you have to wear and come and that’s my order

Riddhima was staring vansh in hilarious way and vansh was breathing very heavy breaths!

Riddhima: you know what tum ek baar keh dete to mai tab bhi maan jaati itna bolne ki zarurat nahi hai 😂

Vansh: I have too think twice before marrying you

Riddhima: you!

After 3 hours at hall!

Vansh: Come!

Riddhima was blindfold ishani and siya were supporting her!

Vansh: open

Ishani and siya: let us come wait!

Ishani and siya goes! Riddhima removes blindfold!

First vansh was seeing riddhima coz he was firstly seeing arrangements!

Riddhima –


Vansh: wow, riddhima look gorgeous

Riddhima: wow! This decoration is gorgeous I mean wow

She looks back and when she turn she sees vansh kneed down

Vansh: the day I proposed you you were mine but now I officially wanna make you my! I wanna hear your weird talks whole life! O wanna bear jeaulusy by your fans for whole life! Riddhima will you marry me!?

Riddhima with teary eyes: yes! Yes I’ll marry you!


Gayaz 😂 kaisa laga han!? Do comments yours siddhi 💙❤

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