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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 21!!


The episode starts:-


Riddhima was resting when Angre entered.


Angre:- Riddhu are you okay?


Riddhima:- Bhai!! Are you okay?


Angre:- I am fine, see I am standing here in front of you.


Riddhu:- Bhai how this happened? Is it painful?


Angre:- shh… I am alright.


Riddhima:- Bhai he is back. I have seen his face. He is the one who wanted to shoot Vansh.

And bhai I think he was the one who attacked you.

Bhai you have to get information about him and how he is back. you said that he rushed to another country.


Angre(thinking):- How to tell you Riddhu that he was in contact with me..but I can’t understand how he enters the VR mansion and that too in that tight security. I am sorry Riddhu that I have lied to you but at that time I had this option only.


Riddhima:- Bhai what are you thinking? Where are you lost?


Angre:- Nowhere.

Hmm. I know Riddhu but I have to find out why he did that.


Riddhima:- And yes why did he want to shoot Vansh?

If that bullet had hit vansh then what would happen. I would have lost him. and.


Angre:- and what Riddhu?


Riddhima:- Nothing bhai.


Angre:-(thinking)I know you love him..but you are overthinking riddhu. you are really stubborn like you were previously..my cute Ziddhima.😌


Riddhima- Bhai again you get lost in your dreamland.


Ishani enters and says


Ishani:- He must be lost in his business world.


Riddhima:-Right Ishani.

Ishani where Aksh is, is he alright?


ishani:-Yes he is alright. I have sent him home with so much difficulty. He is so stubborn.


Angre:-Just like Riddhu.




Angre:-What bhai. The truth is always bitter.😂


Riddhima:-Bhai where are Siya, Aryan, Kabir, sejal, and Vansh?


Angre:-Even I don’t know!


Ishani:-Aryan and Siya have gone to drop Uma aunty and Ajay uncle at his home.

And sejal has gone with aksh as dadi is alone. I know she will be tense so Sejal said that she will go and take care of her.

and I don’t know about Kabir and Vansh bhai


Riddhima:-may be doing some left over formalities..

Ishani what the doctor said when I will be discharged..I don’t want to stay here..it is not giving me good vibes..


Angre:-So my Dr.riddhu is saying that she doesn’t want to stay in hospital..seriously ishani see a doctor is saying that she is not getting good vibes from hospital..


ishani:-Every patient doesn’t get good vibes..


riddhima:-Right..I feel good as a doctor but as a patient no..


ishani:-Okay..Doctor has said after observing you one more time and checking your reports you will get discharged..




Angre:-Don’t get so much excited..you are still injured.


Riddhima:-Bhai Thank you so much…


Angre:-For what?


Riddhima:-For coming in my life..

and if Aksh would not have donated his blood I would have not here..


Angre:-shh….dont talk about death and all..you know na leave..I will not talk to you only..


riddhima:-Sorry bhai..I will pakka not talk about that pakka..🥺.. forgive me..


Ishani:- why are you troubling her..Angre see she is taking It seriously..


Angre:-okay forgiven..


Riddhima:- bhabhi you are the best..


Ishani:- Ishani was alright.. Bhabhi doesn’t suit me..😅



Now I want one gift from my bhai and bhabhi sorry Ishani..


Angre:- and what is it?


Riddhima:- I will tell you later but promise me you will fulfill it..


Ishani and Angre:- promise..


Riddhima:-where is mr.vansh..

First when he came he bombarded me with questions and now he doesn’t come to see me..

ishani where is he?


ishani:-So you are missing bhai?


riddhima:-no I am not missing him..I am just asking in general..

Why you always ask same questions..


Angre:- Because we know that you are Ziddhima..


Riddhima:- Bhai!! And your name should be angry angre.. right Ishani..


Ishani:- yay it’s really suits him..you know when he came from office and is tensed about something his angry mode gets on..😂


Angre:- okay so now you both team against me..not fair..soon I will get a partner from me..you just wait..


Ishani:- Why you want a partner Vansh bhai is there na your first wife..I am the second one..😂😆


Angre:- Ishani!!.😤😒




Scene shifts to Vansh and Kabir..


Kabir:- Vansh I need to go immediately delhi..it’s something urgent and I don’t want to tell anyone as they will never allow me to as per the situation..so I need to tell this…I know there is danger for Riddhu..you have to take care..and I will not be able to pick calls ..so I am giving you the responsibility..as Angre is also tensed about the gun shot..if I will tell him he will surely deny me..so Vansh I need to go..


Vansh:- Don’t worry Kabir I am here but is there something dangerous that angre will not allow you?..if it is something like that then I also can’t allow you..what will I answer to them?


Kabir:- Don’t worry There I will manage..and don’t tell anyone that I am going Delhi tell them any other city..

And specially Angre..!! You also take care of yourself as the gun shot was for you..be alert..and I will call you.. okay


Vansh:- okay but take care and do call me…


Kabir left…


Vansh pov..


Who can be the person who wanted to kill me .. someone from my enemy..no..but then who??

And I am sure Angre is hidding something..I need to find it out..


And Riddhima..she was also saying that someone came back and will harm her and Angre..??🤔🤔

Is it related to their uncle and aunt?


Nurse:- Sir there Patient’s wife (Ishani)is searching for you.?


Vansh:- okay !!


Vansh goes and find Ishani at reception..


Vansh:- Ishani were you searching me??


Ishani:- yes bhai,where were you and where is Kabir,he was with you na?


Vansh:- yes he was with me.. actually he received a call and he immediately left for Ahemdabad..


Ishani:- oh!! But where were you.. Riddhima was asking for you.. actually not asking but missing you..😉


Vansh:- So what’s the big deal 😏..I am going there only..😊


Ishani:- Bhai get irritated…🥳(thinking)..(who else enjoy irritating their siblings 😂)


Vansh went to Riddhima..


Vansh:- so mis Riddhima was missing me..??


Riddhima:- No who said you that I am missing you..you are always in your misunderstanding world..😌


Vansh:- So it seems that you are absolutely fine..as you again started your taunts..


Riddhima:- seems so..


Vansh:- So lets go Discharged paper is ready we can go home…


Riddhima:- finally..but where is bhai and Ishani..


Vansh:- They already left..


Riddhima:- Okay..


She tries to get up and walk..but all in vain she was still weak and her hand was also paining..


Vansh:- wait let me help you..is it paining?


Riddhima:- Why are you asking such stupid question..if I get hurt then it will pain only na??😒


Vansh:- You always find double meaning of my question..lets go..


Riddhima:- okay..


Vansh support her and make her sit in the car..


In car:-


Vansh:- At that time you ignored me but now you have to answer..


Riddhima:- are you amitabh bachchan?


Vansh:- no.


Riddhima:- Then why you want to play KBC..🙄


Vansh:- just anwer me..no more excuses..


Riddhima:- okay ask what you want to ask..


Vansh:- first question..why you took that bullet..??


Riddhima:- I have already told it was just a reflex action..


Vansh:- No it was not..


Ridhhima:- It was..


Vansh:- Accha leave that you are Ziddhima..

Second question..I have asked you something before the gun shot..and you have to answer that..


Riddhima:- What I didn’t remember anything..what have you asked..


Vansh:- Don’t try to be smart I know you remember it..

Leave it I Don’t want nto talk with you..😤


Riddhima:- okay don’t talk..


Precap:- proposal accepted?


That’s it..I am losing interest in writing this ff..are you finding it boring..do comments..

Take care..


And the target is same 25+ comments..try to complete it..

And one last thing should I post the last part of my OS as the second part is having only 18 comments??

Bye take care..

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