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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 7)

Hi guys. Hope u are fine. Here is the next one. So let’s start . Precap rai singhania at Malhotra mansion. Vansh is attending a call at side.

At Malhotra mansion

After listening from aku ridhima was totally confused why he said that and moved towards the door to see the guests which bhai has invited without telling her. And when she saw that she was shocked and the rai singhania too. (Aahna is with them). And then suddenly siya hugged her and said ridhima bhabhi which was enough audible to vansh and he looked in the direction of his family to get the best thing to see that was his ridhima.  He just ran to her and hugged her immediately. She then remember the words of aku that why he said that(ab aayega maza now the real game will start of not remembering 😎). And she pushed vansh back and was angry
R:- Mr. Whoever you are just stay within your limits.  How dare you hug me.
Vansh was broken listening that she is also now doimg the same which he did.
R:- Ummmm wait I have seen you somewhere……
All were happy but aku was confused.
R:- ohh yaa I saw you in magazine and news channel you are vansh rai singhania am I right or am right (mocking smile)

Aku understood her plan.
Ak:- Ya riddhu he is mr. Vansh bhai called them here.
Saying this he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. And all this was not going at all good with vansh . He was jealous as hell(beta abhi toh game shuru hui hai)
R:- well I listened that vr is disciplined and all but I don’t think so
Dadi:- beta pls I know whaf we did was wrong but pls listen to vansh for one time
R:- ma’am I really don’t know what are you saying but plsss now come insude you are our guests so ya pls come.
Aahna was shocked and happy both she was just thinking that ridhima might have trapped them with her beauty and now she got another way to taunt her.

Ridhima signalled servants to bring their luggage and all rai singhania came inside.  They were in awe after seeing their mansion as beautiful it’s is from outside its more beautiful from inside.
I:-woww just amazing ur mansion is just wowww all the interiors design everything is just amazing.
Ak:- we know that(attitude)
V:- well mr.akshay have to say ur mansion is really beautiful.  Who designed it?
Ak:- well you can’t know that prsn that prsn only made the design and with best workers we made this and we didn’t wanted to someone outsider make the design of our home we wanted it our way our likings and that prsn made it possible.

V:- means it’s not done by any professional but by someone prsnl.
Ak:- yupps
R:- well if you did the praising of our home then pls have a seat.
Before they could sit they heard some horns . Aku and ridhima excitedly ran out. Some cars came and they both were standing there with excitement and happiness written over their faces. And then a couple got down from the car with their smiling faces . Aku and ridhima ran to hug them they both hugged the lady and the man looked at them with fake anger and pout.

Man:- that’s not fine.
They both glared him with angry faces and he knew this was bcs of inviting rai singhania.
They both hugged the lady and then both bent down so they can face her belly .
R:- baby how are you your  papa take care of your and your mumma na if you have any prblm just tell me okkay.
Ak:- right baby and just come fastly so that we can play with you.
Lady:- offo am just two and half months pregnant and their is still alot of time for the baby to come okkay.
They both got up and hugged her making sure not to touch her belly and shouted welcome bhabs
R:- finally we met I missed u so much bhabs
Ak:- and me too
Man :- and me?
They both glared at him but now they met after long so decided to talk later abt that matter .
Both in union:- Welcome mr and mrs Malhotra

(Aditya Malhotra and zoya Malhotra.  Aditya is brother of akshay and zoya is aditya wife and his two and half month pregnant.  She drives him crazy with her mood swings .)
They hugged them both

V:- Mr aditya nice to meet you and ur wife.
Forwarding his hand for handshake.  They both handshaked and ridhima and akshay rolled their eyes.
R pov
Well I very well know that bhai has done this and am very angry and he is gonna face my wrath now.
Pov end
Angre showing dadi the msg of aditya Malhotra that he is inviting them to his house for a small vaccination.
Flashback end

They all go inside.  All were severed juice .
Ahana:-well mr aditya malhotra akshay is ur brother but this(pointing towards ridhima) why she is there.
This question was going in everybody mind but none asked
Ahana:-u are toh married so did she trapped ur brother (smirk)
All were very angry from what she said and them someone spilled juice on her dress that was none other than akshay.
Ahana:- what the…

Ak:- oops so sorry but this teach u a lesson that speak good things otherwise other thing can also happen(firmly) and dare u speak anything to her or be ready to face the consequences.
Vansh was happy that aahna got a Lesson but akshay speaking for ridhima was making him jealous.
R:- aku chalo now leave it . So ya there us the washroom and get cleaned .(irritated face)
Aahna:- u should show me as this work is yours

All got to know what she was saying and they were getting more angry specially aditya akshay zoya . And again juice was spilled on her but this time on her  face.

Ak:- enough there is the washroom go and clean and don’t say anything abt her if you don’t want to face my wrath.
So how was this and aahna part. So next one will be super soon as this one was small as am busy with my studies. And next chapter will tell why riddhu came in vansh life yupps 😉 And wear mask and use all precautions.  Take care. Luv u all💕

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