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RadhaKrishn 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Saves Tulsi

RadhaKrishn 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mahadev requests Krishna to emerge from his stone idol if he really respects his devotion. Krishna emerges and says he can emerge wherever he wants to for him. Mahadev happily thanks him for showing his divine form and asks him to show meet Tulsi now. Krishna says still there is time to meet Tulsi and asks him to protect Tulsi as she may burn herself in her determination, he has to protect her till she realizes her truth. Mahadev agrees and says its his responsibility now. Krishna says its their responsibility and disappears.

Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and rushes towards the sound thinking if Krishna came. She cries emotionally seeing Krishna and asks how did he return when he had disappeared, then realizes he is Banke Bihari. Banke Bihari says who else and asks why did she come to him running when she ordered him not to show his face. She says she saw Krishna in him. He asks if she has gone mad. She warns not to say that as people thinking her insane because of him; if he shows his face to everyone, they will not call her insane. He says he will meet everyone and inform them that he is a businessman Banke Bihari. She asks if he is not lying. He asks her to look into his eyes and find if he is telling truth. She says he is trying to fool him again and walks away.

Laxmana walks to comatosed Sam and says they will fulfill the task together. Banke Bihari walks to Balram and asks why he looks concerned. Balram says he is worried for Radha, what is he doing. Banke Bihari says forget about it as they need to get Sam back to work. Balram says Sam is the biggest fool. Banke Bihari says let Sam start working again. Balram says then he should snap his fingers and wake up Sam. Banke Bihari says its his duty now. Balram says then just wait and watch and slaps Sam via telepathy. Sam wakes up and seeing Laxmana asks why did she beat her. Laxmana says she just called him and informs about the idol missing and Radha seeing an invisible man, hence she tried to prove Radha insane; they need to take Radha out of Dwarka and make her disappear. Sam asks how will they do it. Laxmana says Shukracharya told they will realize it at the right time. Sam says let us prove Radha insane first. Banke Bihari asks Balram to inform Dwarka citizens that he is present as Radha will not do that and bring Radha also here. Balram agrees. Banke Bihari asks him not to spoil his task. Balram throws stone at him and leaves. Banke Bihari hopes Balram will handle the situation and not spoil it as this is his only hope. Guard informs Sam that Radha informed that man who helped her wants to meet them. Sam thinks let him see who this man is who is helping Radha.

Tulsi sets fire around her and says if Mahadev doesn’t guide her, she will sacrifice herself. Devi Gauri noticing it requests Mahadev to help Tulsi or else Tulsi will burn herself. Mahadev says nothing will happen to Tulsi as Krishna’s blessings are on Tulsi. Gauri insists. Mahadev sends Ganga from his hair and sets off fire. Tulsi opens eyes and asks how did it happen. Mahadev says with Krishna’s belssings. Tulsi says until Mahadev appears in front of her, she will continue her meditation. Mahadev asks Krishna to do something as Tulsi will not stop.

Citizens gather to meet Banke Bihari. Laxmana tells them that she already told that Radha has gone insane and is imagining invisible man. Sam murmurs that he will prove Radha insane at any cost. Lamxana asks what if the man comes here. Sam says he doesn’t know all that and will prove Radha insane. Balram walks to Radha and asks her to meet citizens. Radha says she doesn’t want to. Balram says she should trust the man whom she trusted and what if Banke Bihari really comes there. Radha asks him to promise that if Banke Bihari doesn’t appear in front of everyone, he will find him somehow and bring him. Balram promises and takes her to Dwarka. Laxmana asks why did she call them here. Radha says she didn’t call anyone, someone tricked them. Sam says she told invisible man will meet them. Radha says she doesn’t know if Banke Bihari will come or not, but will remember Krishna as he is immersed in her each breath. She sings Adharam Madhuram Vachanam Madhuram Charitam Madhuram.. Banke Bihari walks in and continues signing with her. Everyone get engrapsed in their singing. Radha asks Banke who is he. He says he is her heart.

Precap: Sam says its proved that Radha is insane and has to go to ashram for treatment. Radha says this will never happen as Krishna’s love is in her. Banke says when love crosses its limits, it becomes insane. Radha says her love is not insane. He asks her to prove it to Sam then. She says Sam will lose for sure.

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