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Qurbaan Hua 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel and Toup Singh reach Goa to save Vyas je

Qurbaan Hua 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neel takes off the ring from his finger, he thinks of Goa, Toup Singh asks who would have taken him to Goa, Neel mentions that he doesnot know who it would behind, Toup Singh is also adamant to accompany Neel but he asks why because he can take care for his father, Toup Singh is however adamant when Neel says that he is really stubborn and so can come with him.

Toup Singh asks why did Neel rent such a large house just for the both of them, Neel however says that Bopho is bringing the entire family, Toup Singh asks why is the entire family coming, Neel gets angry so scolds him saying he is a daily soap and doesnot stop talking, he leaves, Neel stops him, after placing his hand on his shoulder explains that he and Vyas je were attacked in Devpriagh so the family is not safe because there are women so they would be safe with him, Toup Singh tries to leave saying that he has to clean the house, Neel mentions that he can see Toup Singh is also tired so must come and sleep with him pointing to the room, Toup Singh tries to refuse sleeping with Neel when he explains he doesnot differentiate amongst the servants so there is nothing to worry about.

Neel and Toup Singh reach the room, Toup Singh starts preparing the bed on the floor when Neel asks what he is is doing because if Toup Singh sleeps on the floor then he would also be uncomfortable, Neel then forcefully throws him on the bed ordering that he must sleep, Neel after lying down feels it is really hot so takes off his shirt, Toup Singh asks what is he doing. Neel says that he is feeling hot and also asks Toup Singh to take his shirt off but Toup Singh explains that he sleeps with a blanket even in the summers, Neel forces him on the bed so starts sleeping, Chahat wonders since when he started snoring, neel places his hand over Toup Singh and starts sleeping, Chahat starts remembering the moments which they had spent together and how Neel proposed to her.
In the morning Neel wakes up and seeing how his hand is quenched with that of Toup Singh he feels that he is sleeping with Chahat because she used to hold his hand as she desired to see his face, Neel pushes Toup Singh away saying that he feels that his intentions are not pure, Toup Singh explains he warned him to not sleep together as he has a habit of sleeping with his wife so it is entirely his fault, Neel orders him to start cleaning the house, he is about to go take a bath but Toup Singh prevents him saying it might cause infection,. Neel asks how he knows so much after which Toup Singh says that he mentioned it was because of the clinic, Neel then asks him to give him a massage however Toup Singh denies, he orders him to call someone from the reception to which Toup Singh agrees.

Toup Singh reaches the reception asking for someone to come, the manager calls Rozi but seeing her, Toup Singh feels she might be trying to get close with Troup Singh cancels the plan saying that he himself would give the bath, Neel is waiting for the bubble bath and so Toup Singh comes with the tub, he starts giving Neel the bath, Neel gets worried asking what revenge is she taking from him when he says that he is giving him a bath because he is so dirty, Neel sees that his dress is also wet so asks him to take it off now, Toup Singh says that he cannot and will do alone, he hears the family coming so greets them, Alka hugs Neel seeing which Toup Singh gets worried so takes the suitcases inside to the rooms, Dua exclaims that their house has a lot of actions going on while their house was really boring, Neel questions why did she come with them as she is a real headache, Dua asks Alka for the name of the villain in the comic book and so starts calling him with that name, Neel asks Godambari to take her inside, she takes Dua away who once again calls him with the name.

Neel asks Alka when would she learn to not hug him, he says that he has told her she cannot get the love which she desires from him because she only loves a single women. Alka exclaims she would not come near him but cannot stop locing him.

Naveli is running from Aalekh who is following her with all his might saying that he really loves her, Naveli accidentally drops a pot, the lady deamnds money when Naveli says that she would do all the work as she doesnot have anyone in the city, the lady takes her along exclaiming Christ is always there for any such person. Aalekh is worried where Naveli has gone as she is the only who knows all his secrets.

Neel is talking with Bopho about who might have kidnapped Vyas je, he says that he doesnot know but is suspicious of Aalekh however Neel doesnot believe he can do such an act.

The person comes to Ghazala exclaiming he has said to Neel what she ordered him to do, Ghazala exclaims for how long Neel would and Chahat run away from her because six years ago the situation was different but now she would win and their love story would surely end.

Precap: Dua asks if he was trying to fool her thinking that she is a child, Neel questions the upbringings of her mother when Toup Singh threatens Neel to not say such things, he asks what could Toup Singh do, Dua then calls the police who arrest Neel.

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