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Pandya Store 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara unites the family

Pandya Store 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rishita misbehaving with Dhara and joking on her. Dev stops Rishita. Raavi says we know the rituals, Rishita is right. Krish says I will take my Bhabhis’ side. Shiva asks about Dhara. Krish says Dhara is the best, we are in one team. Krish tells them about a game. He asks Rishita to go in front, he can’t concentrate on his game. Rishita says I will not give my place, go to your seat. Dev says he is a kid, he was taking stand for you. He asks Krish to come. Krish gets happy and hugs them. Rishita thinks everyone is between Dev and me, they don’t let me spend time happily. Shiva and Raavi argue. They ask Dhara for water. Gautam says they both are like fire and explosion, how will they come close. Rishita gives sandwiches to everyone.

Dhara says great, when did you make this. Dhara asks didn’t you toast it, vegs are raw, it will not stay fresh in hot weather. Shiva says I don’t want, Dhara said it would have got bad. Raavi says it will not get bad so soon. She asks Rishita to give it, she will have it. Rishita thinks Raavi is supporting me, thank God. She gives the sandwich to Raavi. Krish says we will play antakshari. Gautam says yes, I was also getting bored, Dhara and I will have teams, decide where you will go. Shiva says I m in Dhara’s team. Raavi also plays. Krish says I m also in Dhara’s team. Dhara laughs. Gautam asks Dev to come in his team, Rishita as well. They play antakshari. Dhara sings. Dev’s turn comes. Dev thinks of a song. Raavi sings. Shiva asks her not to sing anything bad. He says song is wrong. Krish says yes, a point gets cut here. Shiva sings. Gautam asks Dev to sing at least one song. Rishita says you used to sing a lot when you came to meet me. Krish teases Dev. Dev sings.

Rishita sings along with him and laughs. She says you know its our fav song. Shiva asks how would we know it. Dhara sings. Rishita corrects her and says your point will get cut. Raavi says very well Rishita. Shiva looks on. Rishita thinks I won’t let Dhara win. Raavi says I won’t let Shiva win. Shiva says we will sing another song. Dev says its cheating. Shiva and Dev argue. Shiva sings. Dev says you have sung wrong again, you are singing like a fool. Raavi laughs. Shiva says everyone knows who is a fool here, you have spoiled our lives, I told you to tell Raavi about Rishita. They hold each other’s collar in anger. Everyone tries to stop them. Gautam asks driver to stop the bus. Dhara takes Shiva with her. Gautam takes Dev aside. Dhara scolds Shiva. Gautam says Dev you got your love, what happened with Shiva, you called him a fool, he is hurt, give him some time. Dhara says Dev is your elder brother, you won’t become a fool if he says. Gautam asks Rishita not to talk between brothers and talk later. Dhara cries. Shiva says sorry, he is calling me a fool, family is bearing punishment of his mistake.

Dhara says that’s called a family, when one does mistake, other handles it. Gautam and Dhara explain Dev and Shiva. Gautam says I should see both of you hugging, else I will beat you with a shoe. Dhara says you both should hug, else I will beat you with my belan/rolling pin. Gautam asks Rishita to talk. Gautam goes to Dhara. Rishita hugs Dev and says we will leave the house, Gautam said he will beat you with a shoe, I will not live with him in the same house. Dev says he is my elder brother, he can beat me with a shoe. Krish asks Raavi to stay calm. Rishita says Gautam told Dev that he will beat him with a shoe. Raavi says I wish Gautam took Shiva and beaten him. Dev and Shiva go to the bus. Dev says its not our age to get beaten up. Shiva says I have no problem with it, you change yourself. Dev smiles and hugs him. Gautam and Dhara smile. Krish hugs them. The bus leaves again. Gautam says real win is when everyone wins, we all have won. Dhara sings yaadon ki baraat….. She hugs all of them. They get united.

Shiva drags Raavi. They argue. She asks her not to get against Dhara. She says don’t say nonsense. He scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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