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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Challenged! ?…. Ch-20

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Here we start.

               The Challenge


After 1 hour, doctor comes out.

Doctor:-  Mr. Kabir her left hand should not be removed at all, she had two cuts on left hand so it would be good if she doesn’t move it ,otherwise it can lead to complications and the good news is that the bullet touched her stomach so it she didn’t got shot It  only touched and went, so she is ok. we saw a cut on her right hand too so we have bandaged it also! (Smiles)

Kabir was happy inside but was also tensed but says “OK”.

Vansh was little doubtful for her right hand injury.

So he asked him

Vansh:- her right hand?

Doctor:- her right hand had an cut on a it ,it was deep cut and looked fresh maybe 6 to 8 hours ago it would  have happened.


Kabir:- ok doctor, thank you. you may carry on. (Smiles)


Vansh:- u knew that?

Kabir:- what?

Vansh:- about her right hand injury?

Kabir :-ummmmm…….no.

After  few minutes of awkward silence finally one spoke.

Vansh:-why I think that you are lying to me. (Questioning)


Kabir :- what! What am I Hiding? (Tensed)


Vansh:- don’t lie kabir. I know she has an other profession because the way she was handling chang’s  men were not the moves of a doctor but of a well trained officer but I don’t know about it but I know she has something related to her past which you are hiding!.


Kabir:- nothing like that!


Vansh:- that I will find out whether you tell me or not or whether she tells me or not you know the thing which I want to know and the thing which I want comes to me indirectly or directly. (😏smirks)



Kabir :- as you feel like.


Just  then a nurse comes hurriedly to them and tells them that has  ridhima has gain consciousness and is calling them.


Kabir :-ok.


(To vansh) won’t you come to meet her, after all she is saved because of you. all credit goes to you if you wouldn’t have brought her here on time she wouldn’t have been calling us !do you want to come with me?


Vansh:- no I  don’t want to meet her,ot all done by me on the basis of humanity. I still can’t forget  what she did To me 4 years back, so my meeting with her is impossible because I don’t owe feelings for her. (Sternly) .


you go and take care of her .I am going home (to angre) let’s go.


Angre :- yes, boss.




Kabir goes inside her room without bidding them bye.

(Vansh is listening 😆😁)

In the room,


She was still very weak and spoke in a low voice.

Ridhima:- bhai, is he alright?


Kabir:- see yourself first! (Upset)


Ridhima:- I am fine don’t worry I know you are angry that I risked my life but it was truly needed otherwise he would have been hurt instead of me.


Kabir :- but he is not grateful.


Ridhima:- being grateful and ungrateful doesn’t mean only the meaning that I think ok is really concerned is that his life is more precious to me than mine.


(Bhai yrrr it’s paining)  making faces😟😔😞😒😣😫😖( samajh nahi aaya mere ko Kaisa face banaegi to main se Dal Diya😂😂)



Kabir:- awwww, my sacrificer is having pain…. Aww.. Alee arreee rreee. (Teasing her)



Ridhima :-bhai yrr.



Vansh couldn’t hold himself out after listening to her screams Rushed in without knocking.

Vansh:- are you ok? (Tensed)

Ridhima:- were you listening us? (😱)


(Dekho.bola jhut, very bad vansh😂)


I just came to tell Kabir that you will be discharged in 2days.


Kabir:- ok, thanks.

Vansh:- are you ok?

(Aise bolta h ki koi feelings nhi h… Yha dekho baar baar puch rha h are you ok?😂😂😂)


Ridhima:- don’t be concerned  for feeling players, right?( Making faces)

(Swag h bhai swag😎😅😂😂)


Vansh:- what is your problem? I hate you I know that ,but because you saved me I asked you that whether you are fine or not. what’s your problem? answer It n! Why you saved me!


( fir se Jhooth galat baat Sach bolo Tumhen usse Milana tha na vansh🤨😏🧐😜😂😂😂)



Ridhima:-on the basis of humanity. (Smirks)

(Iska apna heei attitude h😂😂)

Vansh:- interesting very interesting .by the way I asked you before  you got unconscious  and again I am asking do you have any other profession? (Doubting)


Ridhima:- find it yourself. Mr. VR.

(Smiles sarcastically)


(Chot lgne ke baad bhi….. Ld rhi h😂😂)



Vansh:- don’t challenge me!


Ridhima:- i am!




Done for today. Guys

Hope you all liked it.

What will happen next! (😁)

Bye take care.

Best  wishes for you and your family😘😇.


Thank you,



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