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Namak Issk Ka 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Namak Issk Ka 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kahani tells Saroj that you had a reason to kidnap Yug. Saroj asks what reason? Kahani says you didn’t want Yug to go with me, you saw your relationship breaking with him so you.. Saroj slaps her and says you had no relationship with Yug, if I had to kidnap then I would have kidnapped you and not my son. Where is he? Kahani says I don’t know. Dadi tells Kahani you thought you could trap Yug by taking him away? Kahani asks her to keep an eye on her family too. Her family is trapping each other. Rani says we have to find Yug. Dadi asks what they are up to? You thought we would start finding Yug and you would run away? She asks Saroj to lock them in a room then we will search for Yug. Saroj grabs Kahani. Kahani says trust me I don’t know where Yug is. Saroj brings Kahani to a room and says I gave you 2 ways but you chose the third path, you kidnapped my son so you will see what I do now. She locks Kahani and Rani in a room. Rani says she hasn’t done anything. Rani asks Kahani where would be Yug? Kahani says I don’t know, he was with us then suddenly..

Saroj tells Rupa that I will go to the police station to file a report. They all see Iravati entering the house. Rup asks where did she go? Iravati says leave that, where are you all going? Gunjan says we are not able to find Yug.. She tells her everything. Iravati asks them to go to the police. They all start leaving but Iravati stops Saroj and says so much happened and you didn’t know anything? Saroj says it’s not like that, I will tell you everything soon. Iravati says tell me why do you have fear? Saroj says Yug married Kahani, I tried to stop him and asked him to choose between me or her so he chose her and was leaving the house with her. Iravati says I had no hopes from them but you are no less. She leaves from there. Juhi comes to Saroj and asks what she is doing outside? Saroj comes out of the trance and says I don’t know, let’s go to the police. They leave.

Iravati enters the house and smirks. Dadi comes to her and says I am the owner of this house but you don’t tell when you come or go, have some shame. You don’t know what I can do to a shameless daughter-in-law like you. Iravati tries to ignore her but Dadi asks her to answer. Iravati says what I would do wouldn’t be good as well.

Kahani and Rani are sitting in the room. Rani says don’t worry, they will find Yug. Kahani hears Iravati’s voice outside and gets tensed.

Iravati tells Dadi that I am not your daughter-in-law so don’t taunt me, if you want to know then I am telling you that I had some important work. You don’t need to know more. Dadi says why? Iravati says too much information can… do you know what I mean? She smirks and goes to her room. Dadi gets scared.

Iravati comes to a comatose Ravi. She sits with him and says my husband are you going to wake up soon or not? It’s good that you are like this, I don’t have to worry about you. She opens her luggage and takes out a bottle. Iravati says all are worried about Yug but then don’t know.. that I have Yug. She sees a small Yug captured in a bottle. Yug screams for Iravati. Iravati laughs.

Kahani tells Rani that Yug was with us and then suddenly he went missing. Now Iravati is here so it means she is behind all this. Rani says I am sleepy and goes to sleep. Kahani says I know Iravati is behind all this.

Iravati looks at Yug’s bottle and says it’s my duty to serve you. Yug says I am suffocating, please take me out. Iravati says you are Gunjan’s right and I will get you for her. Yug says I love Kahani, take me out. Iravati says I can separate you from her easily. Yug says this is not right. Iravati asks him to take care of himself and be silent, I will do everything now. She takes the bottle and puts it in the cupboard. Kahani is shouting for Iravati.

Scene 2
Iravati comes to Kahani’s room and glares at her. Kahani says you kidnapped Yug.. Iravati grabs her and says don’t mess with me, how dare you marry Yug? She throws Kahani around and says you did a mistake so you will be punished now. I will make you a slave now. I have kidnapped Yug and till you don’t accept my slavery, he will remain abducted by me. I want a slave who will listen to me, who will take lives for me and kill herself for me. I will wait for you to accept my slavery, come to me when you are ready.

The family comes back home. Iravati asks if they found Yug? Saroj says no. Rupa says we have become a joke for the police too. Dadi says you people don’t respect elders so these things will happen. Iravati says don’t worry, I am back so I will make everything fine. Saroj says I trust you, don’t know why God is showing us these days. Iravati says you have to do something too, you can’t just rely on God to not drown. This house is drowning so we should start working on it. Saroj says you are right, what do I have to do? Iravati says give Yug’s wealth to Gunjan. Dadi asks if she has gone crazy? Why will we give it to Gunjan? Iravati says we have to do this so when Yug comes back, he will have to stay with Gunjan even if forced. In these times, money binds everything. She tells Saroj that I have called the lawyer so think about it. She asks Rupa to come with her. She leaves from there. Dadi asks Saroj what she will do now?

Rupa tells Iravati that I didn’t like how you talked to Saroj. Iravati says what her sons are doing with my daughters is not good too. I am doing what I have to. Gunjan will get Yug’s wealth but your and Ronak’s relationship is different. You have to think about how you get his wealth. Rupa says what are you saying? Iravati says you have to prepare for your future. Rupa says if my character is good then God will be with me. Iravati says you can talk big but the truth is that you need to have money in this world to survive, your father had money that’s you and Gunjan had everything. You have to think and get Ronak’s wealth in your name. Rupa says I won’t do anything like that, she starts leaving but Iravati tells her that she is doing a mistake. Rupa says it’s not like that, she leaves from there. Iravati says this has to happen.

The lawyer asks Saroj to sign the papers. Dadi tells Saroj that this is all wrong, you are giving away everything to your daughter-in-law? They are not even completely married, why are you in a hurry? Gunjan says you don’t value my mangalsutra? Dadi says I have talked to my daughter-in-law. Rupa asks Saroj to not sign the papers. Iravati comes there and asks Saroj why she is thinking so much? If you want Gunjan and Yug to stay together then you have to sign these. Saroj looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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