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Molkki 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi unaware of Sakshi’s disappearance

Molkki 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Prakashi slaps Sakshi and holds her wrist tightly. Sakshi screams. Prakashi threatens her not to think of running away again or she will break her legs. Try if you want. Sakshi shakes nervously as Prakashi leaves. Anjali asks Prakashi what she wants to do next. Prakashi says we will do something because of which they wont be able to handle their relation, love and trust. Now we will overshadow that Molkki! Stop giving Sakshi those medicines. Anjali says she will become a bigger problem for us if we stop that. Prakashi advises her not to use her brain as she has less. Let me plan things. Anjali asks her what she is up to. Prakashi says you will know soon. Just wait a little. That Molkki wont be able to recover from this shock now! No one will doubt us either.

Purvi finds the photo of a house in an album. Virender asks Purvi to select a house. She asks him about the house. He shares that this is their farmhouse in Goa. She gets intrigued. Why dint you tell me that you have a haveli in front of a beach? I have never seen a beach. We would have gone there earlier if I knew about it. Why did you hide it from me? He makes her sit. This haveli will come in front of you just like my love. Let me show you the beach and this haveli now. She says I was saying just like that. He says your wish is a command for me. I have decided that we will get married in Goa. We will get married where my Bawari wants to. We will marry in our haveli in Goa. She thanks him. Anjali, Prakashi, Mama ji and the kids come there. Virender tells them about their plan to get married in Goa. Kids get excited. Virender tells his mother to make preps. We will leave in evening. Prakashi nods. Virender tells Purvi to inform Sudha and Priyu too. It wont be fun without them. Mama ji agrees. Virender teases Mama ji to pack extra clothes too. What if you lose your dhoti in the sea? Everyone smiles. Juhi says we will pack our swim suits and toys to play in the beach. Purvi kisses her seeing her jump with excitement.

Virender and his entire family are all set to leave for Goa. Sudha and Priyu join them as well. Purvi asks Sudha about Sakshi. Kids ask Purvi to come. Sudha knows she cannot tell the truth to Purvi or she will leave to find Sakshi. I wont spoil this moment for her. I will tell her the truth after marriage. She lies to Purvi that Sakshi is safe in NGO. I have asked my friend to look after her. Virender asks everyone to come or they will miss the flight.

Everyone reaches Goa. Purvi remarks that she had never thought that she will see such a beautiful place in her life. Thank you for arranging the wedding here. You are not a Kroor Singh today. You are Guroor Singh (pride). Virender says I am double happy to see you happy. She smiles. Virender says all brides should get all the happiness that they deserve. Thank you for being proud of me. She looks around sweetly. He tells her that she is going to stay here for few days. You can look around as much as you want. Should I ask for a mahurat to enter the haveli? She asks him to come. We will go together. He sends her and everyone inside. I will come soon.

Purvi is removing her earrings when Virender walks in. They both smile at each other. He removes the earring and moves a strand aside. Till date, we have spent a lot of time as Mukhi and Mukhiyayin but we will get to spend time as husband and wife today. She reminds him that there is some time left for that. We have not married yet. Neither of us will stay away once we get together for 7 births. Virender pulls her closer. I want to be with you always. What should I do about my heart? Kids come to take haathi with them to help them choose their clothes. They both step aside from each other. Purvi agrees but Virender sends them off to their Dadi. He turns to Purvi once the kids leave. Where were we, haathi ji? She says we were talking about waiting. He makes a face. It is too late already! They hear a knock and get alert. A maid brings laddoos for them. Virender makes a face. Ma has sent them for me? I don’t want them. You can eat them yourself. Purvi tells the maid (Sapna) to keep it on table. Mukhi ji will eat them in some time. Sapna does as told and leaves. Virender is irked. Everyone has been telling me to spend some time with my wife since months and now everyone is coming to bother me when I am with my wife! Prakashi says no one has a problem with it. You are too eager. You will be together for forever in 2 days but we must follow traditions till then. Bride and groom cannot meet or see each other till the wedding. You must follow this too. Virender tries to argue but she insists that they cannot help it. She tells Purvi to stay in this room. I will take Virender to another room. Virender leaves reluctantly.

Anjali asks Prakashi why she had to bring Sakshi to Goa. Prakashi reasons that she can keep a tab on her this way. She might have run away if I had left her back in Rewari. She might have told her truth to someone or tried to reach Virender. She would have spoiled my game. Her hideout is a little far from here. We will be able to watch her. She asks Bhuri if Anjali has told her what needs to be done. Bhuri nods. Prakashi tells her to execute the plan then. Prakashi and Anjali leave. Bhuri throws something in a bin.

Bhuri asks Sakshi how she reached haveli. Sakshi says I don’t know. Bhuri is relentless. Sakshi shares that a girl took her there. Bhuri asks for name but Sakshi has no clue. Bhuri thinks that a villager might have seen her roaming in the town. She might have taken Sakshi to haveli on Holi. She leaves.

Haldi Celebrations are on in the haveli. Everyone is dancing. Priyu asks Prakashi if they can call the bride and groom. Prakashi nods. Arrange a curtain between their tents. They cannot see each other after all. Priyu agrees. Prakashi tells them to bring the bride and groom. I will arrange the curtain. Virender tries to look at Purvi but the curtain is not letting him see anything clearly. Prakashi applies haldi to Purvi. Purvi hugs her. Virender keeps trying but fails. Purvi gets emotional. Anjali applies haldi to her next. Manas tells his Baba he is cheating. Juhi seconds him. Dadi told you that you cannot see haathi. She is not looking at you. Priyu and Sudha apply haldi to Purvi as well. They all apply haldi to Virender one by one. Virender thinks this tradition is no less than a punishment for him. I cannot see my own wife. I could see Bawari in every 2 minutes. How will I manage for 2 days? I feel like removing this curtain right away!

Virender calls Purvi. Have I gifted you this phone to talk or to hear the ringtone? I have been calling you incessantly. She says I was getting ready. Why did you call me? He says I was missing you. I have to spend my life with you. I should get used to her non-stop chatter, her stories about Tau after all. She asks him to end the call if it bothers him so much. He denies. I was kidding. Truth is, I don’t have the habit of staying away from me. I want to meet you. She reminds him of Ma’s words. It wont look good if we will meet stealthily. Let it be. He says love increases that way. Everyone applied haldi to you except me. I am coming to celebrate the ritual with you. She does not want anyone to see them thus or they will be in problem. Ma said this is inauspicious. I don’t want anything to go wrong. Let’s cancel today’s plan. He agrees for her sake. Sleep tight. She is confused as he ends the call abruptly. I said no and he agreed? I was just throwing some tantrums. He could have tried to pacify me. I want to meet him too but he does not know how to convince. She hears a knock on the door and opens it. It is Virender. She asks him to leave as someone might see him. He says let me come in for that very reason. He tells her to close the door. She complies. Please leave. Someone might see you. He says I just wanted to see you. I feel relaxed now that I have seen you. I wouldn’t have been able to spend my night otherwise. Prakashi knocks at the door just then. They both panic.

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