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Mere Sai 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandra vows to meet Sai

Mere Sai 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ram ji (Chandra’s husband) is speaking to the Bade Babu. They aren’t eligible to work in the office. They take bribes so I have decided to dismiss them. Bade Babu says I agree that they have made a mistake but it is human to err. It will affect your health if you will lose your temper like this. Learn to control it. They have accepted their mistake. If we will start firing people like this then we will be left with no one. Ram ji says this isn’t their first mistake. I have found out that they are doing this since long. Bade Babu is not surprised. Everyone is doing it. Ram ji calls it wrong. How can you support them? Bade Babu looks at him pointedly. Who are you to question me? You work under me. It is your duty to follow my orders. I order you to forget about firing those 2. Learn to control your temper if you want to do something. Everyone is bothered because of your anger. You might end up losing your job if that does not happen. Take a day off. Come back with a cool head tomorrow. You can forget about your job if that does not happen. Ram ji makes a fist as he walks out of the office angrily.

Those 2 guys are discussing about Ram ji. Ram ji will just walk out of the office quietly. Bade Babu will silence him. How can Bade Babu dismiss us as he takes a share of the bribe too? Ram ji taunts them and leaves. They aren’t bothered though and smirk.

Sai is collecting alms.

Ram ji tells his wife that everyone is corrupted. I have to work with those people! I feel like
Chandra tells him it isn’t healthy to lose his temper like this. I have told you to control your temper but you don’t listen. He refuses. Why does no one tell them to control on their attitudes? I am working honestly there. Wont my blood boil if I will see how corrupt they are? I am the only one who is working honestly whereas everyone else is thinking about themselves. Chandra says that’s why you are different from the rest and I like you. You told me last night that God gives us both good and bad. I know that those people don’t care about your dedication and honesty but I am a part of your life too. I am thankful to God for making me your wife. You are walking on the right path. Please continue walking on it without any anger towards anyone. Ram ji reasons that he is all alone on that path so he loses his cool sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I should leave everything and go away. Maybe that’s why God dint bless me with any kids. I am free from those responsibilities. She asks him if he has no responsibility towards her and the society. You are God for me and also for those who you have helped. One honest person is way better than 100 corrupt men. The society will be doomed if everyone will become corrupt. Society needs honest people too. You wont go anywhere. You have to stay with me for me and help people. Ram ji says that’s why I am here. I don’t know how to bear this injustice though. She is sure they will find a way out of this. Just learn to control your anger. I know that you were and you are right even today. I am afraid of your anger though. Ram ji turns silent.

Savitri says your husband was right. It was a dream. How can someone light diya’s with water? Chandra says I remember everything vividly. I cannot forget that Fakir’s face. Savitri asks her what was so special about Him. Chandra thinks of Sai. His aura was amazing. He dint appear to be a normal human being but a divine power. We can easily forget our pain by meeting Him. He can help us be at peace. I want to meet Him and talk to Him. I think life will become easier after meeting Him. I feel a strange pull towards Him. It feels as if He is calling me. I cannot find the way though. Savitri asks her who He was. Chandra says I don’t know. I was just walking towards him when! Savitri says now I am sure that you were imagining things. She goes to give veggies to their friend, Yashoda. Sai calls out to Chandra just then. Chandra looks at Sai. Sai says I have been waiting for you only. Chandra begins to walk towards Sai when Savitri calls out to her. Where are you going? Chandra says He is the same Fakir who I was talking about. Sai has disappeared by now. Savitri looks at Chandra worriedly. Chandra wonders what’s happening to her.

Sai opens His eyes in Dwakarmai.

Chandra keeps a bowl of water on the table. She stops in her tracks in surprise when she notices Sai’s reflection in the water. There is a knock on the door. She is shocked to see Sai standing outside. The postman waves at her to shake her out of her reverie. He hands her a letter. She is able to see Sai everywhere. Ram ji notices her distracted and asks her. She looks around puzzled. She hands him lunch and leaves. Later, she looks at the moon and is able to see Sai’s reflection in the moon as well.

Chandra wonders why she can see Him everywhere. Ram ji says I am fed up of your imagination. How will I not lose my cool now? She insists this isn’t just her imagination but he tells her to stop it. I don’t have time after what goes on in the office. Forget that Fakir or keep it to you. Don’t involve me in this nonsense! He leaves for work.

Chandra is with Savitri. I don’t know what to do. He isn’t understanding my point and I cannot find that Fakir either. Savitri says I don’t have a solution for you but I go to Vitthal Mandir when I am restless. You should come too. Maybe you will find peace there.

Baizama asks Sai why He is making this rakhi when the festival has passed. He says relations don’t pass like festivals.

Savitri and Chandra are in Vitthal Mandir. Savitri says He answers all the questions. Pray to Him with all your heart. You will find your answers surely. Chandra steps forward. You (God) know everything. I cannot see what lies ahead. I cannot ignore the signs I am getting. I am not able to find that Fakir either. I don’t know who He is but you do. I can see Him everywhere. She can see Sai in Vitthala. I was sure you are not an ordinary Fakir. I wont be at peace until I meet you now. I wont go anywhere till I meet you!

Baizama asks Sai to tell her who He is making this rakhi for. Sai replies that someone’s wait and worry will get over today. A new relation will be born soon. This rakhi is to welcome that relation only. You will know when it’s time.

Precap: Chandra and Savitri are in the Mandir. Sai’s disciple is singing Sai’s bhajan and has kept Sai’s portrait in the front. Chandra walks towards the portrait mesmerised and looks at Sai’s portrait.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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